Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 191


Well, Lucius himself admitted that his sword techniques are very underhanded. And by doing so, he could easily split his target into two.

But Lucius misjudged the length of the Yamato Blade, as well as the range of the shadowless sword that exploded after the Yamato Blade was filled with energy.

The result was a fierce counterattack from his opponent!

One arm was cut off, yet Alphonse’s movements did not stop.

The commander of the knights was two meters tall. He was originally a strong man. He stretched out his other hand and grabbed it. He roared and threw Lucius’s body and then hit the city wall heavily.


Lucius felt the pain in his back, and this is probably because Lucius underestimated his fifth-level life form opponent because Lucius could directly manipulate their blood as long as they entered his attack range. Once that happened, it will be a one-sided slaughter.

Crushed heart, reversed blood flow, burst blood vessels, and other fatal injuries were just a tiny example that Lucius could think of.

Life forms on level 5 or below were just cannon fodder for Lucius.

Above level 5, however, might pose an issue, a being of pure energy, bloodless beings……

Lucius could not directly manipulate their blood.

Although Lucius usually relied on blood to form weapons to throw or turned it into a blood plague of destructive power to deal with his opponent. This time because Lucius was pursuing a one-hit kill, he did not use his Dead River.


Lucius knelt.

Lucius was not good at hand-to-hand combat!

This knight leader was exceptionally good at using his fist to give terrifying damage to the opponent in close quarters.

Alphonse concentrated his fury into his knuckle, and suddenly, a tiger-like palm appeared in his hand, and his fist came down on the fallen Lucius!

Under this punch, blood splashed all over ……

Indeed, blood was splashed everywhere…

Alphonse’s pupils condensed slightly, and he realized that he had not hit this unknown enemy who had suddenly attacked.

“How long has it been since I’ve experienced pain?”

The blood on the ground formed the form of Lucius unsheathing his Yamato Blade.

When Alphonse raised his fist and wanted to attack again, an azure glow flashed faintly.

Alphonse’s huge figure was frozen in place.

Lucius, still holding the Yamato Blade, then reached the scabbard using his other hand, unsheathed the blade. The body of the two-meter-tall giant man in front of him split in two and fell to the ground along with blood, oozing a large puddle of something unknown the instant Lucius unsheathed his blade.

The leader of the Central City knight, Alphonse….


Lucius rubbed the back that was hit hard when he was thrown. He felt pain.

Because he could not die, Lucius’s own battle has become much laxer without any pressure because his life is not on the line, yet still, his opponent died without much effort.

The humans in this world were not weak, and if he had just nuked the city with his spiritual energy storm, it would alarm those who are patrolling back and forth under the city.

Before coming, Lucius used his bewitching blood mist to hypnotize the guard to leave the city…

Assassination is a technical job. Attracting unneeded attention would be troublesome.

Although in the past Lucius needed to run away from a level 5 opponent, he is now able to easily defeated a level 5. Lucius has gotten much stronger since then. However, Lucius himself is more suited to fight a high number of enemies rather than one-on-one.

Imagine the scene where the Black Watch was once slaughtered…

But this time, Lucius had to continue to fight one-on-one with various experts in the Central City, on a battle to the death so he can go undercover and did not attract any attention from the royalty. If he thought a sneak attack was not very effective, Lucius resorted to assassination instead.

Speaking about assassination….

Currently, in Lucius’s assassination catalog, there are three or four Knight Leader in control of the Central City, all of whom are no weaker than 50th level.

Lucius’s combat power, in comparison, was between the fifth and sixth levels.

On the range of the destructive power, Lucius was probably on the sixth level, but if he was forced to fight hand-to-hand relying on the vampire’s physique and Yamato Blade, he was just on the fifth level.

Lucius waved his hand. The corpse lying on the ground suddenly burst into a puddle of blood.

Then under Lucius’s control, this puddle of blood plasma once again formed a human body whose life he had taken before.

The Blood Puppet.

Lucius once used this ability to replace the Pope and the head of the Knights Templar.

Today, the Pope and the head of the Knights Templar were almost gone, their existence was utterly wiped out, and there was no soul left.

This was the price of the Blood Puppet.

After Lucius gave his orders to this Blood Puppet to destroy the cores of the various defensive mechanism in the central city stealthily, he then left without saying a word.

With the respected guard knight leader as his puppet, this kind of thing was straightforward for him.

The defensive equipment has been declared obsolete.

Lucius stood on top of the city wall and looked down at the bright sun shining in the central city. The night will come soon. His body once again sank into the shadows and disappeared above the city walls.

This accident made Lucius much more cautious.

The night is the best home ground for vampires. Lucius intended to go into the night before continuing this assassination plan. Before that, he needed to collect some more information.


In order to gather information, Lucius bounced around on the roofs of houses in the central city. He then went to the bookstore below to buy a magazine introducing the major knights orders in the central city.

In fact, there was quite a lot of entertainment in this world, newspapers, and magazines have everything, covering various fields and ranges.

Anyway, it was in the afternoon, and the vampire could only exert its strongest strength at night. In order to pursue more insurance, Lucius sat on the roof of a civilian house and began to absorb information about the world.

According to statistics, there were a total of three Imperial Royal Guard Knights, respectively, the Imperial First Royal Knights, responsible for guarding the palace, as well as the safety of the royal family. Among all the Knights combat power, the whole continent Knights ranked in the eleventh, because as the strongest Knights in the Order of the Captain, Kenser Dodran’s heroic sacrifice, the overall ranking fell to about twelve, from the original three hundred or so.

This was a tiny number compared to most of the knights with thousands of people at present.

Less is less, but the average level of each member is around forty, which was enough to prove that they were worthy of becoming the royal’s family most excellent shield.

The second knights served directly under the royal family

The Central Capital Knights Order. —Other titles given to them were “Knights of Eating and Drinking” or “Knights of Loafing”. Because of the current situation of the empire uniting the world, there was no large organization that dares to attack the Central Capital. If you really do this, you would anger the entire world.

Because there are usually no quests, it is impossible to get a promotion to the rank of knight, so everyone who joins this knight order is basically a rookie.

The third branch is the Central Capital Guard Knights called the Vigilance Knights that can be seen everywhere in the streets.

To put it bluntly, it was the equivalent of the police force who managed the city security. The ranks of the members were not high, and the work they were usually responsible for was similar to that of the police, but the number was extensive. The number of members is about 10,000. After all, the population of the central city was also tens of millions.

The next target to be assassinated is the leader of this knightly order. He was known as the ‘One Heart Sword Saint’ in the central city. His strength was second only to the strongest knight Don Quixote.


“It’s really complicated.”

After he flipped through this magazine again, Lucius found that the power of humans in this world was much stronger than he had imagined.

Among the top ten knights groups alone, there were more than a dozen strong men above the fiftieth level.

This world was more than a hundred times stronger than the world where Lucius originally resided.

But so what?

In front of the coming extinction, everything will be crushed little by little.


Time passed much faster than Lucius had imagined, and the sun’s afterglow finally set gradually on the horizon.

The last trace of sunlight disappeared. Darkness once again enveloped Lucius’s whole body. This familiar feeling made Lucius stood up.

According to the information written in the assassination book of the pupil of the dark dragon, Lucius managed to locate the location where the next target was easily.

When he arrived at the location stated, Lucius felt that this building was more like a martial arts hall than the manor where the nobles lived. The place where the leader of the Vigilance Knights, known as the One Heart Sword Saint, Isshin Kenshin, lived.

Once again, the bloody mist spread faintly to drove away unrelated people as Lucius sneaked into this martial arts hall.

Lucius felt a little surprised because in the middle of this city, Lucius found a bamboo forest here ……

A verdant bamboo forest.

In the back of the martial arts school, there was a large bamboo forest.

‘Does this world also have bamboo?’

And the most potent aura emanating from this martial arts school also happens to be in this bamboo forest.

Lucius sneaked into the shadows of the bamboo forest and heard the sound of a sharp blade slashing through the bamboo forest.

When Lucius saw the figure clearly… He instantly felt like he was back on Earth.


Lucius frowned, looking at the figure standing in the bamboo forest.

His dress looked completely different from the full set of heavy plate armor or chain mail, similar to that of ancient European knights in this world. On the contrary, it appears to be a very light samurai suit similar to the eleventh district. If it weren’t for his dazzling silver hair, Lucius might have thought that his suit accidentally entered this world from the eleventh district of ​​the Earth.

It’s just that what he held in his hand is not a knight’s spear, nor is it a knight’s giant board sword, but instead, it was a five-foot-long katana sword. Similar to the Yamato Blade that Lucius had.

He was slashing around the perimeter of this bamboo forest with a sword. This slashing movement was the same as the fighting style of the samurai in the eleventh district in Lucius’s memory.

Because of the speed of the blade slashing through the air is extremely fast, each time he swung his blade, it broke the speed of sound and causing a dull sound as it slashed the air.

The man in front of him, who is in his twenties, is the so-called Isshin Kenshin?

‘What the hell is a samurai of the 11th district doing here?’

Lucius felt that this world was getting stranger and stranger.



The samurai noticed Lucius lurking in the shadows, and his gaze shot like lightning to the place where Lucius was hiding.

The long blade in his hand swung at the bamboo forest to the spot where Lucius hide! The length of the sword was far from touching the bamboo forest, but those verdant bamboos were cut off completely clean.

This reminded Lucius of something, sword qi.

Only now, there was no time to think. This was the first time Lucius was discovered while he lurked in the shadow!

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