Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 192


The vicious slash from the one-heart sword saint, Isshin’s sword qi, didn’t manage to hit Lucius.
Almost in an instant, when the sword was swung by Isshin, Lucius reacted and drew out the Yamato Blade in his hand to parry the sword qi with his side blade.
Alas, Isshin’s sword cut through the bamboo forest that covered Lucius’s body, exposing his figure completely to this Isshin.
“Sneaky nobody, what are you doing here?”
Being interrupted while he trains his swordsmanship seems to have enraged Isshin.
“You’ll be dead soon anyway. So I have no reason to tell you anything.”
After being discovered, Lucius had no choice but to engage him head to head. He originally intended to paralyze Isshin with his bloody mist, then decapitated him with Yamato Blade’s Shadowless Sword and ran away. —But since Isshin noticed his presence, Lucius could not assassinate him stealthily, and he feared that Isshin would call for reinforcement.
The best thing about this was that this guy seems to be a dueling maniac who usually likes to find people to spar in a sword match. The strongest knight, Don Quixote, has been made miserable by him.
So this time, if Lucius challenges him to a one-on-one duel, Isshin wouldn’t call for any help.
And sure enough, when Isshin saw Lucius’s stance while he holds Yamato Blade in his hand, Isshin’s eyes lit up.
“You want to kill me? That magnificent blade you hold, and your Excellency’s ability to easily block my sword, I admit that your Excellency might have some skills. Then I would like to ask which style of swordsmanship do your Excellency use? What is your Excellency’s name? I want to figure it out before I die.” 
Isshin didn’t seem to be wary of such behavior from Lucius. With his absolute confidence in his sword skills, he probably never thought that Lucius was capable of posing any threat to him.
‘What kind of swordsmanship style that I use?’
Lucius heard this question and glanced at his sword in his hand.
‘My style?’
Lucius went slightly silent for a while….
“It’s probably……””
This was really a tricky question.
“Probably?” But just in a fraction of a second when Isshin hesitated because of Lucius’s answer.
Then in an instant, a burst of force was unleashed…
Yamato Blade Infinite Dimensional Slash!
The moment the Yamato Devil Blade unsheathed from its sheath, it shot out at a speed that the naked eye could not catch!
Not even a light could catch up with its speed.
The space around Isshin suddenly froze, cracks appeared, space itself had shattered.
Crack after crack of silvery-white spread around the body of the One Heart Sword Saint, and the entire space was cut open.
But the Isshin’s body disappeared from the center of the shattered space.
‘The smell of blood….’
Lucius used his own instinct to block the deadly slash with the hilt of his sword at the moment it slashed him!
The body of Isshin appeared in front of Lucius. The clothes on his chest and abdomen were tattered, bloods were spilled in the wounds torn by the blade of Yamato Blade.
“The killing intent carried by your Excellency’s sword is truly terrifying! If your Excellency was unwilling to declare your style, I would show your Excellency my own sword art! “
‘Are all humans so fond of naming their stances before fighting?’
Lucius ignored the words shouted out by this what’s-his-name Sword Saint in front of him.
The truth is, he was relying on his vampiric instinct to dodged his opponent’s attack. The blade itself was not the most deadly. What Lucius needs to be afraid of is his invisible sword Qi!
Every time a slash hits Yamato Blade, the sword energy it carries will penetrate Yamato Blade, leaving several wounds on Lucius’s body. “Is your Excellency still not willing to tell me your style?”
‘Tell him what?’
With Lucius scum swordsmanship, what name could he take?
To be honest, Lucius had always used the Yamato Blade as a wooden stick for training because when Lucius was young, he often fought with others in the streets and alleyways. That is the only sword he had.
What style, what skill, in the end, he concluded that “scum” was the only word that could describe it because no matter what tactics he used and how dishonorable it might seem, as long as he wins, it doesn’t matter!
This is what Lucius’s childhood shaped him.
Lucius found an opportunity to kick Isshin’s leg and tossing his Yamato Blade aside. Lucius stabbed his chest with his hand!
Isshin’s reaction speed was not slower than the vampire Lucius. He finally realized that his opponent was a vampire, and his claws can be turned into a deadly weapon. How terrifying.
But still, Isshin managed to cut off one of Lucius’s hands.
However, when Lucius held Isshin’s body with one of his hand, the azure luster once again emerged above the Yamato Blade, as if space itself was slashed, a swift screeching sound can be heard, Isshin’s abdomen was only gently touched by the edge of the luster, but a large amount of blood gushed out from it ……
“This is my swordsmanship style…” 
Lucius, who lost one of his hands, stood in front of Isshin, who was supporting his body with his sword.
“Is it crazy….”
How could he expect Lucius to abandon his arm so easily in exchange for killing his enemy ……
But …… this is Lucius’s way of fighting.
Dead River gave Lucius the ability to regenerate and almost immortal. Lucius simply did not need to take into account his own lives.
Killing his enemy was the ultimate goal.
The only person who survives was the victor.
Isshin gazed at the person before him. The fresh mountain of flesh seemingly overflowed on top of Lucius’s severed arm and gradually formed a new hand.
“Who the hell are you….?”
He has realized that Lucius was not a human!
“Your angel of death.” Lucius smiled faintly.
It was no longer a matter of fighting between moves. What stood in front of him seemed to be a monster, Isshin tried to compress all of his spiritual energy and burst it all out, but it was useless!
Because a few seconds later, he was already dead.
Lucius was a vampire! Not a swordmaster, his blood was exposed in the air, and the blood mist surrounding Lucius was poisonous. At the moment this Sword Saint inhaled it, he was basically stepped into his own grave!
Under the gaze of Lucius without any sense of mercy, the magnificent azure glow of the Yamato Blade flashed once again!
This once famous sword Saint’s, leader of vigilance knight whose name was known throughout the entire Central City, has been defeated. A headless corpse fell to the ground, and blood trickled from it.
Lucius then used his own blood to manipulate this headless corpse, to turn him into his blood puppet.
Lucius took out the Dark Dragon’s Pupil catalog and started looking for his next target.
The next target was the expeditionary knights responsible for crusading against those magical beasts that were dangerous to the safety of humans or obtaining material for the royal family from those dangerous magical beasts and had the highest mortality rate.
They were the most experienced knights, as they were constantly wandering the edge of danger, hunting and killing those horrible magical beasts.
But ……
Their leader died?
Lucius found that several red circles had been drawn on the head of this knight order on the Dark Dragon’s pupil’s catalog.
The death rate seemed really high. Although the pay was rich and each successful return fetched prestigious merit and rewards, it was a very dangerous job.
But this quiet report has long been obsolete since the death of the pupil of the dark dragon.
Currently, this knight order has found a new leader.
Lucius recalled the headline written on top of a publication similar to a newspaper or something.
Fighting for atonement, the Vernet family’s eldest daughter, René Vernet, became the new head of the Expeditionary Knights.
It’s great, but also stupid.
How dare they intend to use this way to atone for the transgressions they have committed?
“However, tomorrow is the royal daughter’s enthronement ceremony, and this knight order, which is the best at fighting monsters, will also be stationed here for the royal daughter’s enthronement ceremony ……”
Lucius felt that all the members of this knight order would not survive his onslaught, including the young army commander.
“Let death continue to spread.”
Lucius did all this for the sake of her Royal Highness.

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