Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 200


Lucius could hardly describe the beauty of this creature that appeared before him!
Black scales covering its whole body. Its eyes made anyone unfortunate enough to gaze into it tremble in fear, spreading out its wings almost covered the entire sky ……
It…was almost like God itself came down to the Central City.
The God of this world!
The flag flying above the rooftops of this city, the creature is embroidered on the flag.
The God worshipped by all…
The dragon!
A giant dragon.
After the awakening of his pupil, Lucius can now also transform into a giant dragon, and with the help of the black light virus, Naiya managed to evolve into this creature that is worshipped as a god by this world.
The black-coloured dragon descended here, and people don’t seem to fully understand what had transpired in front of them.
They were shocked.
“Dragon God…? Your Majesty…is the Dragon God…?”
“It’s the messenger sent down to earth by the Dragon God-sama!”
They seem to have regarded this dragon as their God! Even if it wasn’t a god, at least it looked like it had some connection with their God.
All of them worshipped the dragon in a pilgrimage posture, and some of them even cried out its name!
The black light virus-infected body that appeared in the form of a dragon completely set off a storm in this world that could not be extinguished.
The brilliance of the garden of the gods floating in the sky seems to be dimmed by the appearance of this giant dragon.
As of this moment, God was right in front of them, and the faith makes the people unswervingly believe that a glorious future awaits them.
But… is that really the case?
“Slaughter them.”
Lucius snapped his fingers and gave an order to the giant dragon.
Except for Alex Mercer, Lucius can control all the black light virus-infected bodies! —And the dragon is forever at his command!
The figure of Lucius has once again stood at the very top of the Church of the Dragon, with an overlooking posture, taking in all the scenery of the central city.
These people believed in God. They entrust everything to it.
….but what about this “god”?
Today was Lucius’s happiest day!
“The slaughter of all creatures will start now! The extinction of this world has begun!”
The black dragon roared as if in response to Lucius’s order. Still, those foolish people below not only did not escape but buried their heads even deeper. Their belief hid the truth of this God.
Human beings are foolish, brainwashed by their faith, even forget the importance of their own lives.
‘Since they have disregarded their lives, then give it all to me!’
The black dragon’s mouth gathered a power that distorted the space around it, an unknown power that belonged neither to magic nor technology!
Rather, it was a force called life.
It was not a real dragon. It was an infected body! The strongest infected body ever evolved from the black light virus. And now, it was using its own life to destroy everything around it! —Energy called dragon’s breath.
After gathering this force, it burst out violently!
In front of the black dragon, those ignorant kneeling humans seemingly vanished by the time this dragon unleashed its fury!
The blinding light was visible to the whole of Central City!
The dragon’s breath did not stop. After it had killed hundreds of thousands of people, it still continued to wreak havoc on everything that stands before it before disappearing into the sky after penetrating the huge walls of the city of Central City.
The surviving humans have long been thrown to the ground by the storm caused by the dragon’s breath.
They were stunned…
They looked at the disastrous scenery of the central city. In the straight line where the dragon’s breath had ravaged, it was burnt to a crisp and tens of meters deep.
They couldn’t understand…
They could not understand why their gods would do such an act.
A furious dragon roar raged in the sky over the entire Central City. Everyone’s expressions were frozen in fear because of this monstrous roar, and a feeling called fear spread through their hearts!
Another devastating dragon’s breath, tens of thousands of people turned into dust and disappeared from this world forever! At the same time completely shattered everyone’s remaining sanity.
People started to run away.
But this black light virus-infected body is hungry!
The black dragon opened its bloody mouth and bit dozens of people in the middle of the mouth, chewing and swallowed it.
Blood flowed down the long neck of the black dragon.
Not enough…
It is still hungry!
Again and again, the predator stared at the ignorant humans.
“Help! Ahhhh!!!”
“Don’t… don’t come near me!”
Order has completely disintegrated, or rather there is no order left at all.
That was it…
Lucius looked down at the scenery below. His body couldn’t help but tremble. Lucius’s scarlet pupils emitted such ominous light and were comparably terrifying.
‘Finally unleashed, huh ?’
‘This feeling!’
“Eat!” Lucius waved his hand and gave a new order to the black dragon: “Eat them thoroughly! Devour their bodies, their souls, their hopes, until nothing left.”
Once the God you believed in, now, will be your doom!
“Retreat quickly! To the palace!”
The black dragon, which was gradually gaining wisdom, blasted all humans who dared to stand up against it with another dragon’s breath.
The chaotic scenery continued.
The feeling of crumbling faith is… wonderful!
No one is able to pity others for no reason! Those so-called good people are to satisfy their own complacency!
Good people and gods are the same. They are strong, more powerful than the weak, so they are qualified to pity these weak people. But, unfortunately, this also means that they can use these weak creatures for whatever they want…
The gods you believe in now want to kill you all!
If you don’t run quickly, you will be eaten!
“Dear God, please rest your anger!”
Some fanatics, however, remained on their knees and did not run away. They must have thought that God, because of some reason, was angry.
But this God was not out of anger. It’s just simply…
Simply because…
The taste of human flesh is delicious!
That’s all!
With wings covering the sky, the black dragon soared through the heavens, pouring out one dragon’s breath after another with the power of a nuclear bomb blast into the lower reaches of the central city!
“Great saints! Please calm the wrath of the gods!”
The believers below eventually began to turn to the Court of the Gods floating in the sky for help. They were the gods that truly existed in this world, and the Dragon God was nothing more than a nebulous existence.
How can the court of the gods allow their people to be harmed by this black dragon?
Below the hovering city, the metal structure under the city suddenly converging a force similar to what the black dragon shot before but a magnitude stronger than the dragon’s breath aura!
This was the power…that once killed the saint who had defected.
Gods judgment!
Seeing that power, many people in the central city rose up with new hope.
But ……
‘Are you qualified to call yourselves gods?’
Lucius opened his arms and closed his eyes, greedily absorbing the smell of blood and the smell of death that permeated the air.
“Xerath…I…want more.”
When Lucius opened his eyes, what he saw in his pupils was the court of the gods suspended in the sky.
“As you wish! Summoner!”
The majestic voice of this being made up purely of arcane arts resounded in the middle of the sky.
“Let’s show you the power of the ancient world!”
The moment Xerath’s words fell, Lucius felt his breathing had stopped.
—Or heaven and Earth, all existence stopped moving.
Only the light that enveloped the entire world, the arcane energy surging from Xerath’s hand, covered the entire world. The furious arcane energy converged into a single point, easily tearing through the protection of the Court of Gods!
Next, a scene that even Lucius was surprised to see!
The inner city, which was originally the same size as the central capital inner city, was wiped out by Xerath’s blow!
This… was beyond the scope of what Lucius knew.
Xerath has power equal to that of a nuclear silo.
However, the power of this nuclear bomb couldn’t be compared to the Earth’s nuclear bomb. It was as strong as the Nuclear Plant from the Human Federation in WarCraft!
Lucius could not understand why Xerath’s power rose significantly.

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