Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 201


In the past, Xerath obeyed Lucius’s order to identify a treasure dug up by the Lich King. This mission, however, led to his evolution!
Lucius raised his head; the view of the fallen Court of the Gods was spectacular. —Above the sky, those guys who overlooked the crowd with an arrogant attitude died one by one, precisely what Lucius wanted to see.
But despite the catastrophic scene unveiled before him, the small figure of Xerath floating mid-air was more interesting for Lucius.
The current Xerath has now become an ancient wizard spirit!
The first machine of the Transformers brand!
The external sarcophagus that imprisoned Xerath’s power was covered with unknown metal, and tiny parts of those were squirming in Xerath’s body as if they were a living organism. And the attack that Xerath had just unleashed to destroy most of the Court of the Gods was the energy from one of his hands.
There was residual energy that has not yet dissipated coming from his palm.
“Xerath, you’ve evolved?”
Lucius subconsciously asked the system about Xerath’s level and found that he was still on the seventh level.
“No, summoner. What the Lich King under your command found in the underground is far more terrifying than you can imagine… I just borrowed the items left behind by the beings that created that underground ruins.”
Sure enough, it’s full of godly equipment.
Perhaps the equipment that exuded a dark blue glow was a one-time use. After Xerath relied on this equipment to shot his arcane energy ten times stronger than before, the metallic luster covering him was shattered, leaving behind a trail of remains.
‘Something from the underground ruins?’
‘I guess this little cat who always stays at home wasn’t just playing all day, huh.’
Seeing that this equipment can amplify Xerath’s power to such a horrible degree, Lucius was intrigued.
But the most important thing at this stage was to plant the seeds of despair in the hearts of everyone in this world!
In fact, after Xerath destroyed the Court of the Gods that people had longed for in their hearts, all shattered.
That myth and legend, people aspire to be there, wailing the moment it fell to the ground, almost at the same time, everyone’s dreams were shattered with the fall of Court of the Gods.
Plus, the gods they revered were slaughtering them in a frenzy!
Almost most of the people in Central City were in a state of madness or insanity. The feeling of shattered faith was enough to drive everyone crazy.
The order of the central capital had been completely lost the moment the Court of the Gods fell.
Now… It only takes a little fear to plunge these chaotic people into the abyss of despair.
The wails of the undead suddenly resounded throughout the central capital. Finally, for the first time, the legions of natural disasters set foot on the land of this world, strolling frost and death into this world!
At the same time, the Black Light Virus-infected poured in endlessly from outside the city’s gates, blocking every entrance out of Central City.
Above the sky ports located in Central City, several massive bone dragons were perched in the sky above. Flames were spreading… dark smoke enveloped the skies above Central City.
Calm… would never exist again.
‘This world, the collapse finally begins.’
Lucius leaped into the Church of the Divine Dragon and stood there.
The undead had already begun to take up the decaying butcher’s knife to slaughter those humans wherever they went.
The virus-infected people were having a rave party.
No one would resist. No one dared to resist. When their own faith and beliefs betrayed them, what was left?
The knights who had the strength to fight may have picked up their swords and started to defend themselves instinctively, but in front of the demoralized humans, these emotionless monsters were able to slaughter them with ease.
The projection over the central capital changed from a coronation ceremony to an absolute massacre.
The whole world was watching what was happening in Central City.
And now, Lucius only needed to bring down the last pillar of humanity.
That was the emperor who had lost his kingdom!
“His Imperial Highness! His Imperial Highness!”
In this moment of chaos, the strongest knight, Don Quixote, guarded the emperor’s side without moving an inch, and several corpses of infected bodies and disintegrating skeletons had piled up in Don Quixote’s annex.
Even if the number of cataclysmic legions and infected bodies was large, it was only a tiny fraction in front of the tens of millions of people in the central capital.
Food was almost all over the streets, and as long as there were infected bodies with some intelligence, they wouldn’t touch Don Quixote, a difficult bone to chew.
Behind Don Quixote, there was Dodran the Great…
He looked at the view of the black-colored dragon destroying every building along the way and devouring every life he stumbled upon and fell into silence.
No matter how Don Quixote tried to dissuade him, he did not respond.
The Royal Knight Guard was already fully armed around the emperor.
But it didn’t manage to give Don Quixote any sense of security!
‘What will happen to this world in the future?’
Don Quixote looked at the terrifying creatures flying through the sky and the wails of the undead and infected on the ground intertwined together.
He was confused.
‘Where the hell did these things come from?’
‘Where should this world go from here…?’
Soon… Don Quixote got an answer.
Because he saw a familiar yet unfamiliar figure, a figure that should have died.
“Long time no see, the strongest man in this world, as well as the emperor of this world.”
Lucius easily passed through the wall of flesh and blood that surrounded the knights who were there to protect the emperor.
The Lucius that appeared in front of Don Quixote was not the Lucius who wore a deacon’s outfit, much less the dress of the mourner that Don Quixote initially thought was his true identity.
What Lucius was wearing now was his clothes from Earth. —Very ordinary. Even Lucius didn’t wear white gloves to cover up the eye-catching six-pointed star mark on the back of his hand.
The moment Lucius stood still in front of Don Quixote, the knights in heavy armor who were behind Lucius was turned into a pool of blood. Their knights’ armors fell to the ground.

Those undead and infected bodies also gathered here…
When an infected body resembling a hunting dog saw the scene, it ran to Lucius’s hand very docilely, allowing him to touch the back of its forehead.
Even if Don Quixote is stupid, he instantly knew that all this disastrous scenery was planned by Lucius.
‘When? Who the hell is this guy?!’
The number and strength of the surrounding undead and infected bodies are enough to rival most of the knights. If they were allowed to spread out, it would be a disaster for the entire world!
‘Is he the mastermind of all these tragedies surrounding Central City?’
Don Quixote tried his best to search for an answer in his mind and found out that he could not find a clue at all…
Impossible, even the few large knight orders or organizations that were second only to the royal family under the central capital could not possess such power.
“What… is your purpose in doing this?”
There was no longer any point in asking about Lucius’s identity. Don Quixote could see Lucius’s thoughts, and he stood tall, immovable, as if he tried to protect Dodran the Great who was standing behind him, even in the face of tens of thousands of pairs of dead spirits emitting ghostly fire gazing at him, the strongest knight still didn’t have the slightest intention to retreat.
“Do you want to overthrow the empire and then claiming the throne?”
Don Quixote could only think of this possibility.
‘If that is really the case, he had already done it.’
The fall of the Court of the Gods represented that the inhibiting force governing the order of this continent no longer existed, and this world would turn into a crucible of magicians.
A piece of chaos.
“Me? Become a king? Heh… hahahahaha!”
This time, Lucius laughed out, his scarlet pupils flashing for a moment!
The sense of danger within Don Quixote suddenly exploded violently, and he stretched out his hand to block the emperor’s face but was too slow!
With a flash of blue light, behind Don Quixote, one of Dodran the Great’s arms flew into the sky!
“You bastard!” Don Quixote’s icy face became twisted. If it weren’t for his protection, Dodran’s whole body would have been mutilated by Lucius’s swift slash!
“This is the one ……” Yamato Blade was slowly glowing in Lucius’s hand, then Lucius pointed it at Don Quixote’s twisted expression.
“My goal.. this is it! Let you humans show this expression, and then kill all of you without leaving a single one… I’m not interested in ruling the world at all. I’m only interested in reaping lives.”
Lucius extended the six-star mark on the back of his hand, which shone with a magical glow that caused a burst of uneasiness to flood Don Quixote’s heart.
Don Quixote did not rush in. In order to protect the emperor, he was observing Lucius’s movements while waiting for him to strike.
“Are you waiting for the others to support you?”
Lucius read him like a book.
“But unfortunately…” Lucius spread his hands. Those infected behind him suddenly stirred, “Those teammates who fought alongside you have all died.”
Lucius turned sideways, allowing Don Quixote to look at the view behind him.
Heads, bloody heads, thousands of heads were thrown here by the infected bodies from their mouths.
Don Quixote recognized those familiar faces. All of them were comrades, friends who had fought alongside him…
Even if the strongest knight is calm, seeing this scene, his pupils were filled with blood.
“What will you do, the strongest knight? Revenge?”
Just as Lucius said these words, the silent Dodran, who had been standing behind Don Quixote, staggering and suddenly spoke.
“So.. you are the Demon King of Extinction, huh? To think that you were the deacon who worked beside my daughter…”
Dodran’s body swayed, relying only on his sword to support his body.
“This kind of script…who actually wrote it? Who cares ……”
“Hey, Don Quixote, how many more of us are left?”
At this last moment, Dodran the Great finally had a chance to show his might.
“Your Imperial Highness, the twenty-seven surviving royal knights present, myself included, and all of them will gladly sacrifice our life for you. We will protect you!”
Don Quixote tried to extend his hand to hold Dodran’s body, but he pushed it away.
“Protect me? The empire has become like this. What’s the importance of my safety as the emperor!”
Dodran shed the air of decadence from his body… at the very least, he was still a king!
“Damn, in my previous life, I was a coward all my life, in this life … I can not continue to be a coward! Isn’t it just the Last Demon King? And the scourges? The zombies?”
Dodran glared viciously at Lucius. He drew his sword, aimed at him, and spoke loudly.
“This old man used to be an 80th-level alliance shield fighter! I don’t know how many times I have leveled up in the Lich King’s lair back and forth! Even if you change SS this time, this uncle will still knock you over with one hand!”
Nobody but Lucius understood what he said.
The knights who have been following the empire for so many years unanimously confronted Lucius in a fighting posture. They were ready to die in battle.
“Should I say that you are asking to die?”
In a rare moment, Lucius responded to Dodran.
Sure enough, hearing Lucius’s lines, Dodran’s volition was also made clear.
This emperor has his own way of fighting!
“Everyone form a group! Priests ready your buffs, warriors take the front! Mages pay attention to the area, knock down the enemies in waves!”
But the reality was cruel.
Dodran drew his sword and rushed towards Lucius. The knights behind him followed their emperor and rose to the occasion.
For Dodran, this world was just another game.
Unfortunately, no matter which game, after death, there was no way to resurrect again!
At least in this world, Dodran was no longer a white-eyed online game loser. He was an emperor and a hero with a group of comrades who are willing to go to battle with him.
The Yamato Blade in Lucius’s hand shook slightly. Blood spewed like flying flower petals, blooming in a beautiful arc around him.

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