Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 202


There might still be some people who were trying their best to fight.
But when Lucius used his lance—inspired by his inherited memories—he pierced the corpses of the strongest knight and the emperor from their feet to their brain and laid them out so that people can see, as if to crucify them.
The people who were fighting finally fell to their knees.
Once upon a time, there was a mighty vampire. This vampire by the name of Akat has an alias, The Impaling Duke. —It is said that Lucius’s ancestors used to take their dead enemy’s general and intimidate their subordinates by running a lance through their bodies.
Not only the Central City, but the entire world felt fear for the emperor’s ruthless and grotesque method of death!
The scourges were unstoppable all the way, trampling every inch of the land where humans lived, wholly covered their path with desolation!
The empire’s great power is gone!
For the ensuing massacre, Lucius didn’t even need to get personally involved anymore.
“System, despair value?”
“Obtained despair value of three hundred and twenty thousand and is continuously growing upwards.”
With the shattered faith, almost every second, someone died with despair.
Now Lucius just waited quietly, waiting for the scourges to slaughter all the humans in this city.
“Prompt, if the host opens the dark dimension that seals the demons, the decaying aura carried within the dark dimension will help to increase the despair value to a certain extent.”
Hearing this prompt from the system, Lucius remembered that it did give him such an extinction program at first.
The condition for activation is a being from the dark dimension…
Lucius raised his head and looked into them. He saw his creation spreading its wings and flying high. From time to time, the black dragon spat a few dragon breaths below, changing the topography of the central city.
It was an existence from the Dark dimension.
But suddenly, Lucius felt as if that black dragon’s dragon pupil locked him as its target.
‘What happened?’
Lucius froze and found that the connection between his brain and this black dragon had been severed!
“Ma… Master Lucius! Oooh! An infected body seems to have…seems to have…broken free from my control! I’m really sorry!”
Yuri’s weak voice suddenly spoke in Lucius’s ears.
Lucius ignored Yuri’s words. He raised his head and looked at the black dragon that was swooping down towards him.
This virus-infected body does not know how many lives it has swallowed. It kept devouring lives after lives until it finally evolved into a super individual capable of getting rid of the control of its creator. —Just like Alex, the perfect creature evolved under the black light virus.
‘You finally broke free of my chains that fettered you! Have you started to act according to your own wishes?’
‘No longer… a puppet under me.’
The black dragon roared and swooped down the moment it opened its huge mouth. Aiming at Lucius. The black dragon’s huge body stroked past Lucius’s side.
The ground shook, and its heavy body landed heavily beside him. At the same time, one of Lucius’s arms was bitten by the sharp teeth of the dragon.
Lucius did nothing. There was not even a reaction at all. The black dragon’s sharp claws swung, easily grabbed the small body of Lucius into its hands. It stood up straight with its strong and powerful legs. —The dark golden pupils gazed at Lucius, who was caught in its hands.
Both Xerath and Alex saw what happened to Lucius and tried to rush into his side. But Lucius ordered them to stand down.
Lucius ordered his scourges to do the same.
He couldn’t move his limbs, and the arm that was bitten off was painful. But Lucius just gazed at the hideous monster at such close range, the gentle smile on his face…did not change.
“Want to eat me, Naiya?” Lucius asked in a soft voice.
The black dragon let out a roar laced with pain and seemed to struggle.
The ear-piercing roar caused Lucius’s ears to ring for a while. The arm that was torn off by the black dragon was already starting to heal… Lucius stretched out this hand, resting on top of the black dragon’s mouth right in front of his eyes, touching its cold scales, as well as the bloodstain on the edge of its mouth.
“It’s painful, isn’t it? This feeling….”
The black dragon let out a low cry from its throat, and a tear actually spilled out of its dark golden dragon pupils, but it was a crocodile’s tear.
The tyranny of the black light virus once again took over, the black dragon hissed in a low voice, the last struggle released the sharp claws clutching the body of Lucius, and then the dragon fell to the ground.
Human consciousness was surprisingly able to fight against the black light virus.
‘Sure enough…very good, Naiya ……’
Lucius stood in front of this black dragon that had fallen to the ground. He kept watching it without moving.
The black dragon screams violently. If it were translated into human language, it would definitely scream hoarsely and seemingly asked Lucius to leave.
But … Lucius did not leave.
Instead, he stood in front of the black dragon that could swallow him in one bite. He stretched out his hands and gently embraced the black dragon …
He pressed his face to the black dragon’s cold scales.
“It’s really excellent, Naiya.” Lucius closed his eyes and felt the creature’s exuberant life force: “But, you must be in a lot of pain right now, right?”
“I will soon… Set you free…”
Lucius continued to speak softly.
The tyrannical emotion completely controlled the black dragon again, it opened its huge mouth and tried to swallow Lucius in one bite.
But at this moment, a purple and black sword appeared in Lucius’s hand!
This is Naiya’s sword, the Indestructible Aarondnight!
“I forgot to tell you, Naiya, the owner of this sword, in addition to being the strongest knight, also once… killed a real dragon! Today, this legend, I’ll prove it to you!”
The Indestructible Aarondnight has special bonus damage to beings with dragon attributes.
Coupled by the fact that Lucius knew the structure of this dragon very well…
One sword!
Only one sword was needed.
A torrent of blood erupted in Lucius’s hands and poured into this dragon’s body as it opened its huge mouth. A force almost beyond even Lucius’s control penetrated the dragon’s body!
The Indestructible Aarondnight pierced into the black dragon’s body!
And then…
The huge body of the black dragon turned into a decaying statue, gradually dissipated by the breeze blowing by.
When Lucius killed the black dragon, he also killed the owner of the sword!
A long black-haired figure reappeared in Lucius’s eyes, but the dazzling sunlight shone through its body that gradually became transparent, her existence… will soon be gone.
Naiya, this young girl who had broken free from this hideous scaly dragon shell, finally returned to this world again.
But…there wasn’t much time left.
The Indestructible Aarondnight mercilessly penetrated her heart, the most important organ for the vampire race.
The hilt of the sword was in Lucius’s hand.
It was the last sword that Lucius wielded.
Naiya faintly opened her pupils, which were no longer radiant, and the rampant virus made her lose all senses, darkness. Only endless darkness surrounded her. She could not even feel the pain, could not hear any sound nor see anything.
Amid the darkness, she reached out in confusion…
A ray of light, Naiya finally saw that ray of light. This was probably what this little girl really wanted in the first place. Naiya reached out and took that warm ray of sunlight into her arms with a strong grip.
Naiya felt his presence. She wrapped her arms around Lucius’s neck and buried his head in Lucius’s shoulder.
“Good girl…good girl…” Lucius quietly stroked the long, silky hair on Naiya’s back.
This is what Naiya pursued. She didn’t want to go back to the life of being regarded as a monster and being cast aside by others, and she didn’t want to fall into that kind of loneliness ever again.
Until she met this monster Lucius … she was finally able to rely on someone.
“You’re the best, Naiya.”
Lucius whispered in Naiya’s ear, even though she could no longer hear.
The young girl should have died three days ago, but Lucius gave her a new life and kept her alive.
‘How does it feel to face death?’
Lucius felt Naiya’s even breathing and found that this girl was asleep.
Lucius gently brushed Naiya’s soft hair, but then his gentle eyes suddenly froze.
“System, use this life as a medium to open the channel of the dark world.”
‘People who can sleep well are the happiest, Naiya… Good dreams.’
Lucius grasped Naiya’s hand and loosened his embrace from her delicate body and finally, a large amount of starlight overflowed from Naiya’s body, gradually becoming transparent and disappeared in front of Lucius.
“Point exchange completed.”
“The Second World Extinction Mission has officially begun! “
“Category: demon invasion.”
“Planet destruction progress: 11%”
The system’s voice was still cold.
Among the bits of stardust flying apart in front of Lucius, He did not reach out to grab any traces of it… Because, in Lucius’s hand, there was a crystal that seemed to be condensed from blood.
“Every drop of your blood, every inch of your skin, every trace of your soul is mine, and no one can snatch it away, right?” Lucius said indifferently.
No one is allowed to snatch it away, no matter who it is, not even the system!
This crystal was the heart of Naiya.
As a human, the heart of purity and kindness.
Lucius took this crystal into his space.
Then suddenly, black clouds gathered in the sky!
The dark red thunder and lightning raged wildly up above
Steeply, the canopy was torn apart.
A pitch-black gate then formed in the sky from which appeared a god of death, clad in dark miasma.
The tyrannical and murderous being suddenly approached Lucius, and a seductive whisper sounded in Lucius’s heart.
“Hand over your soul, I… can fulfill any of your wishes…”
 Lucius heard these words and suddenly wanted to laugh.
‘Does this guy want my soul? Good, ten million resentful souls on the dead river happened to be hungry.’

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