Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 203


Under the definition given by the system, it belongs to a demonic creature born from human sins. So in a sense, demons belong to a kind of energy lifeform, the same category as Xerath, composed of pure arcane energy. It’s just that these demons have flesh and blood bodies, and what constitutes them is the boundless human sins in this world.
How big are the human sins?
It was…
Beyond comprehension.
In this world, sealed within the dark world, tens of millions of demons have since long wanted to invade the main world, but the border between the world obstructed them from doing so. Thus, even the will of the dark world was not able to break through.
Today, this damn obstruction was finally gone. Although it was inexplicable, the will of the dark world was excited because they are finally free.
The hungry, reborn demons have not tasted human souls and flesh for a long time, but demons were not as chaotic as people thought, and class exists among them.
There was a hierarchy between demons.
Even if the world’s borders were torn apart, tens of millions of demons were just stupid and did not have any free will. They could only wait for their master’s order.
Now, the Sovereign, the most powerful demon in this world, was communicating with the one who summoned them.
There was a price to pay for summoning a demon!
The first meal must be tasted by the strongest individual of the race, and the Sovereign carried the power to control human hearts. The seductive voice that persuaded him to abandon morals and other concepts kept echoing in Lucius’s heart.
“Give me your soul, and I will give you supreme power…the boundary breaker.”
He himself is the manifestation of human sins. He knows the nature of human sins; even saints can’t resist his temptation, let alone this little guy who looks a bit slender.
Sure enough, this ignorant being, too, accepted this temptation!
“Supreme power? It sounds interesting.”
“No matter what power it is… I am able to give it to you!” The Sovereign suppressed its never-ending hunger and looked greedily at everything in the outside world. Greedily looking at the humans standing in the outside world. And the souls within their bodies.
“Power is always something that all beings seek, isn’t it? I’m no exception, so here you go, don’t remember to give me your power, yo.”
The contract was established!
The demon lord’s pupils have searched for its prey for tens of millions of years. Finally, another person has made a deal with a demon!
At the moment the other party agreed, the world’s inhibiting power no longer plays any role. After devouring this idiot’s soul, the demon could completely possess this Lucius’s body, and it could wreak havoc on this world. No longer was it facing endless darkness.
Wild laughter erupted out in the middle of the dark world, and with the gaze of his eyes as sharp as blades, the sovereign locked eyes with the fool standing on the ground who had sold his soul to the devil!
In an instant, his soul was dragged into the dark world.
‘How could there be several?’
The Sovereign looked at an extra splash of scarlet in the dark world. ‘Shouldn’t the normal soul form be blue? Why was it blood red?’
Probably being sealed in his world made him remember wrong. Anyway, this demon opened its huge mouth and devoured those few souls in one bite.
The taste was a little strange, but he still felt the growth of power.
‘This is a human soul!’
The demon sovereign was about to get excited to possess the body of the fool whose soul had been devoured and then carried out his rampage on this outside world.
‘Hmm? How come a few more of them appeared?’
A few more scarlet sprang up in the middle of the dark world.
It’s all just food anyway! To be able to grow its power, the more, the better! —It greedily opened its huge mouth, the size of two humans, and began to devour those souls.
Just as it swallowed, a smear of resentment gushed into its belly.
‘It isn’t finished ……’
A few more sprang up after it finished eating! However, the demon lord was so happy in his heart that he continued his gourmet feast without saying anything.
Dozens, hundreds of them!
It swears it has never eaten so comfortably in its life.
Tens of thousands…
‘What’s going on?’
The demon lord’s stomach gradually rumbled to have been unable to eat but still kept on gushing out those scarlet souls.
Its mouth did not stop for a moment. No matter what kind of life form, gluttony always has its limit!
After eating hundreds of thousands of souls, not only it felt its stomach bloated horribly, an unbearable sense of resentment began to spread through its body.
‘What’s going on?’
When the number of souls was on hundreds of thousands, the Demon Lord froze. But, then, he remembered that he had made a deal with only one person! So, why did so many souls appear?
They weren’t even human souls… but a group of ghosts imprisoned in this world with nowhere to go, spirits of grievance. Imprisoned in this world by endless torture, they only want to drag everything they see in their eyes into the same hell without salvations as them!
“Hateful human, what have you done?”
A river appeared in the middle of the dark world. A rushing river, a scarlet river made of the dead, a river that swallowed the body of the demon lord and drowned it ……
The hands of the undead grabbed the body of this demon and kept trying to drag him into the same world of suffering as they were.
The hissing sound resounded throughout the dark world. The demon lord struggled, but it found that the one that could bind it as the will of this world was the same as its existence!
These undead, the will of the dead! The will of the human race, the spirit of all creation!
Unable to break free.
The demon sovereign roared. But beneath his feet was the mire of death, and once he stepped on it, he could not break free ever again.
‘What the hell is going on?’
‘Why are there so many dead people converging here?’
‘Who is the guy who deals with me? Who!!!’
“Don’t you want my soul?” Lucius slowly stepped into this dark world, the surrounding air was covered with a strong smell of erosion and darkness, but when Lucius walked into this world, this world seemingly accepted his presence.
Lucius is a vampire, originally a creature of darkness … so this phenomenon is normal.
In this barren world, in addition to the pitch-black colored rock and dark clouds of lightning and thunder in the sky, there is nothing.
Lucius looked down with pity at the ground with a dark fog swallowed by the river of death.
The creatures within the mist. It was impossible to describe in words. He seemed to combine the organs of every creature in the world.
Lucius thought, but he couldn’t care less.
“This is my soul…”
Here is the world of his constructed soul. He invaded Lucius’s soul ……
—Or rather, He was like an idiot. Headfirst into the inside of Lucius’s Dead River!
There was an old saying that said, “There is a strength in number”. Lucius knew this very well. Dead River with tens of millions of souls inside of it, enough to gnaw this creature clean.
“Let me out! Damn it! I…I can give you more power!” His voice instantly became panicked.
It turned out that demons were also afraid of death.
Right, no one wants to feel like every piece of flesh on their body is being gnawed clean by a tiny worm.
“More power? What I want is your full power! All the power inside your soul! The power to rule this dark world.”
A harsh light bloomed from Lucius’s scarlet pupils.
The resentful soul had begun to gnaw at the pieces of flesh on it, and no matter how much he struggled, he could not resist the resentment of tens of millions of people.
“Demons… aren’t they always greedy?” Lucius waved his hand, and abruptly, the world around him changed!
Gradually rendered by the scarlet hue, the sky turned scarlet after the suffocating smell of blood perished. Everywhere underneath Lucius’s feet, as far as the eye could see, all was an ocean of twisted resentment!
“Welcome to my world.”
This is the world of the Dead River. —There was no time. There was no space. Only the dead crowding each other inside the space that couldn’t even accommodate their bodies, tearing and attacking each other, never resting.
“Then… I hope my soul makes you feel good, Mr. Demon.”
The demon sovereign let out his last roar and was then crushed by the huge waves raised in the river of death, gradually being dismembered by those undead.
Torturing a small demon to this extent, Lucius didn’t even feel he had achieved something great for it.
But… then it came.
Lucius covered his heart, this long-lost heartbeat…
The heartbeat of evolution.
Lucius just swallowed the will of the world!
Although it is just a small world whose area is estimated to be the size of two Central cities.
If not because of his own stupid invasion of Lucius’s Dead River, Lucius didn’t think that he could defeat him even with all of his army of scourges and infected bodies.
But greed was always the nature of the devil.
“Heh…haha ……”
The world of the Dead River also began to become twisted. The undead below let out a wailing sound.
Lucius was these undead. These undead were Lucius.
Lucius’s evolution also represents their evolution!
This process was not painful… Lucius just felt as if his heart was thrown into the lava.
Finally, after a short moment, a pair of bat-like wings grew out from Lucius’s back.
After a few powerful events, everything returned to normal.
Lucius gasped for breath.
The souls have also stabilized.
After calming down, Lucius checked his body. He found that his body as a vampire did not have any substantial improvement, except for a pair of bat wings behind him and the ability to fly. There was no further growth.
The vampire species above the True Ancestor was initially unknown. If he broke through the True Ancestor rank again, Lucius might have really transcended the identity of the vampire.
Lucius might not be the one to evolve the most, but the river of death…
The tens of millions of undead in the Dead River had a terrifying evolution!
Lucius’s eyes swept over the restless undead below. Before this event transpired, their power level was only at the second level. But now… their power reached the fourth level!
—And one of the fifth-level beings devoured by Lucius even able to evolved into a new life form.
Lucius was not sure if this new life form was going to betray him. But all Lucius could do at the moment was to wait and see. After all, the undead in the Dead River were all disposable items.
The fact that Lucius devoured the will of the dark world also means that Lucius has the right to control those demons!
Under the incitement of the bat wings behind Lucius, The Dead River space shattered in pieces, once again back to the desolated world.
Lucius suspended in mid-air, looking down at the creatures called demons below. Most of the demons did not have their intelligence. What drives these demons was not glory or duty. They simply want to kill! That’s all.
Lucius estimated the number of these demons, probably around 100 million. So the average level of each demon is probably more than three.
These groups of creatures of various shapes and sizes basically have one characteristic: their bodies are made up of two colors: dark red and pitch black.
Where Lucius hovered, they did not attack Lucius. Instead, they humbly submitted themselves to him.
‘These are just some low-level demons…’
Lucius could basically determine the race of these demons into seven categories from the shape of these demons.
“Outsider, what have you done?!”
A dull voice rang out in mid-air…
The demons were not all monsters. The figure wearing pitch-black colored armor rose from above the ground to a height where Lucius’s body was, from its form, it was indeed a human form, but this also meant that it… was a higher level demon, with its will.
“One of the seventh demons of this world, the Demon King of Jealousy, Leviathan?” Lucius recognized this guy’s identity based on the world’s will.
“Don’t think that just because you devoured the will of the world, you can enslave us!”
The Demon King Leviathan was a giant sea beast capable of dividing heaven and earth in the legend. However, in this world without water, Lucius did see a group of demons that looked just like sea serpents.
“Is that so? Do you know what I summoned you guys for?” Lucius looked at the demon archduke derisively.
The Demon Archduke did not dare to touch Lucius. Because he knew if he killed Lucius, this world could crumble.

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