Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 204


Compared with the darkness of the past, the underground world has finally become more lively thanks to the efforts of the Scourge. The Miner King who once ravaged the underground world has been defeated by the Lich King, making all those mineral spirits submissive to Lucius. So he could come back here again without any hindrance even though he was surrounded by all of these spirits.
Today, Lucius came back to find Arthas. Lucius ordered Alex to deal with the matters on the ground. And under Lucius’s guidance, Alex swallowed a demon archduke and obtained temporary command. And all the resources of the demon army.
As for things in the underground, Lucius really curious about the equipment that turned Xerath, a pure arcane being, into a Transformer-like machine form. If you insist on making a definition, it is an artifact enhancement device. The world was not as simple as Lucius thought.
Then Lucius shuttled through the already a city-sized scourge station towards the cemetery of the Lich King’s dormitory. Only just as he passed the stargate, a somewhat familiar figure carrying a large pile of packed items walked out of it.
“Yuri, what are you doing?”
Of course, Lucius recognized the short figure, the core of the entire black light virus-infected body. “And what is this dress? Wearing a dress from the inside of the stargate and holding a large pile of strange delivery boxes…..”
 “M-master Lucius!!!”
Yuri was startled when she ran into Lucius, immediately she bowed to Lucius to express respect, but she was holding stuff in her hand so she couldn’t do it properly, so Yuri instinctive movement made all of those 
boxes sitting on her head became unstable, and like dominoes, they all tumbled down and hit Yuri.
Although Lucius did not know where these express mails came from but with Lucius’s excellent reaction ability, he quickly caught a few of those boxes falling from the sky while watching Yuri fell to the ground.
She wore a slightly modern skirt …… akin to a mini skirt, it was a pretty cute costume to wear here.
Although Yuri’s appearance was suitable for her to wear this kind of clothing, it didn’t feel right as a virus mother. You could just stay in the core, so why do you come out and wear these cute clothes?
Perhaps seeing Lucius looked a little mad, Yuri immediately got up and apologized to Lucius in a panic.
“Don’t say anything if you apologize. I just want to know where does these things come from? Where did you just come back from?”
Under Yuri’s gaze, Lucius helped his companion to get on her feet and reorganized all of those boxes.
“This, this is…”
Yuri didn’t even know how to explain it to Lucius.
Lucius didn’t know where the Star Gate connected to, but it’s gotta be between two worlds.
‘Could it be a parallel plane of the earth?’
Lucius glanced at the Star Gate and found out that a familiar figure walked out of it. “Kurumi, can you explain it?”
She came to this world with Alex, but after completing her mission, he lost contact with her.
Kurumi was wearing a casual dress, not the gorgeous Lolita dress she usually wore. It was possible that she has just returned from somewhere.
“This door leads to a world very similar to Earth, so on a whim I dragged little Yuri to go shopping.” Kurumi impulsively took Yuri’s hand as if to steal her from him.
Lucius has nothing to punish this group of family members who were not doing their jobs properly. It was their day off anyway, and they were not Lucius Blood Puppet. They have their own will and thoughts. As long as they don’t violate the rule, they were free to do anything.
“So… did you buy these things, Kurumi?”
The stacks of boxes wavered slightly as Lucius asked her about it.
“No no, all of my purchased goods are right here” Kurumi pointed at the small bag she held in her hand.
“Then, Yuri?” Lucius turned his eyes to Yuri, and Yuri’s small body suddenly trembled.
“Your eyes are scary ……”
Kurumi recently seems to get along with Yuri. She probably made Yuri to be her dress-up doll, Lucius thought.
“It’s not Yuri’s belonging either.” Kurumi shielded Yuri with one hand and explained for him.
“Could it be Ar’s?” Lucius asked Kurumi with a somewhat serious tone.
“It’s hers, we just brought it for her.” Kurumi nodded and expressed her affirmation. “Ar has been on an online shopping free these days.”
Lucius glanced at the nearly two-meter-high boxes and sighed, “Well, you guys, just go ahead to the city. I’ll send these over.”
“Ma… Master Lucius, I will come with you.”
Yuri was always eager to help Lucius because she respected him and a little bit scared of him.
“If you are the one to help me, these things will surely fall off and instead making more mess, just get some rest, soon a big battle will happen.”
After saying that, Lucius left the easy-going duo, with large sets of boxes in his hands, walking toward the Lich King’s chambers.

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