Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 205


Lucius arrived at the end of the long and dark corridor, the room of the Lich King Arthas. In Lucius’s memory, this door could be opened by pushing, but now, it needed to be pulled instead. So Arthas must have modified this door at some point, right?
That said, why did the kitty adjust the door herself?
When Lucius pulled this door open, he found that what Arthas did was really right.
Rumble Rumble Rumble.
When the heavy stone door was pulled open, the noisy sound of various items falling down rang out in front of Lucius’s eyes. Among the doorway slid a lot of the similar-looking packages with the one in Lucius’s hand, some already unsealed, some haven’t. Now Lucius finally able to see what lies beyond that heavy door.
This room couldn’t be called a bedroom or living room anymore… more like… a storage room?
Tumbling across the room were boxes of parcels as far as Lucius’s eyes could see. Lucius felt like a thirty-year-old mother who went to her children’s room, ready to pinch the disobedient child’s cheeks, scolded her, and told her to tidy up her room.
‘Might as well add some animals and it will likely become a dog house. Full of useless item that the dog picked up when it roamed across the street.’
But it’s not very accurate to call this a dog house… more like a cat house, perhaps.
Arthas seems to be a mix of cats and wolves. She has the ears of a cat and the tail of a wolf. Okay, forget it. No matter what species Arthas is. First things first, Lucius needed to find Arthas, who might be buried under these piles of boxes.
Fortunately, Lucius’s keen eyes made him able to locate a bed. He thought that this cat might still be in her bed, lying around.
“Ar?” Lucius still couldn’t see her, so he called out her name again.
The kitty heard that its master had returned, and sure enough, there was a reaction. The bed that had been piled up so high by these packages suddenly rumbled, and from under the pile, Arthas leaped to shake off all of these boxes and managed to get to the surface.
Now Lucius saw clearly the person lying on the bed wearing strange pajamas.
It was Arthas.
She was holding a bottle of what was visually estimated to be milk in her hand where she was drinking. Her expressionless face stared blankly at Lucius. But her cat ears wiggled non-stop, and her wolf tail also shook happily, seemingly betrayed her blank expression.
Surprisingly on top of Arthas’s white skin, Lucius saw a flush.
It was the kind of flush that only creatures in heat would show ……
Lucius walked to the side of Arthas’s bed. He noticed the hint of panicked movements underneath Arthas’s calm appearance.
“Ar, what are you doing?”
Lucius felt the need to warn this lazy meow king. Otherwise, it might not only be her bedroom that would be flooded by all these shopping boxes, but the entire scourge legion quarter might also become a mess.
—And not to mention the money she spent to buy all of these things. So before the cat’s online shopping spree syndrome evolved into wanting to buy everything in sight, Lucius had to put a stop to it!
The voice was still cold, but it was hiding something else.
Lucius looked at a package that had been opened on the bed. He stretched out his hand, trying to reach it.
Arthas also reached into the same direction where Lucius’s hands were moving, trying to snatch the thing from Lucius’s hand. The Lich King’s reaction ability is at least a dozen times faster than ordinary people’s, but the physical quality of Lucius is definitely stronger than the Lich King.
Arthas’s posture at this point is really like a cat pouncing on a mouse when Lucius’s hand changed its target and grabbed the thing hidden behind Arthas.
The moment the thing was caught by Lucius, Arthas let out a sad cry. She flung herself on the bed, immediately jumped off the bed, trying to continue to snatch that thing from Lucius’s hand.
‘What the hell is it?’
Lucius raised his arms high. Unfortunately, due to the height difference, no matter how hard Arthas tiptoe, she could never reach Lucius’s hand holding the thing.
‘Even if you jump, it’s useless!’
Finally, Arthas gave up, her cat ears and tail went limp, and her cheeks flushed. During this time, Lucius had time to look at what she tried to protect with all her might. But when Lucius placed it in front of her eyes and examined it, her face immediately turned gloomy.
It was a book of instructions for use and a pink oval object.
Lucius, who had experienced midnight life, of course, knew what this was!
‘You… little girl….’
‘This Ar is actually playing with a vibrator?’
Lucius had the impulse to smash the controller. However, looking at this was not yet loaded with batteries, and it was straight from the package with no trace of being used before; Lucius thought Arthas still has not stepped into the world of adult women yet.
‘… does this cat currently in heat?’
Lucius looked at the icy aura emanating from Arthas and took another look at the description of this item. This noble and cold Lich King would definitely not like these accursed things.
“Who, who told you to use this?”
Arthas was such a pure child. Who on Earth was trying to taint her innocent mind?
Lucius did not like to have his subordinate be played by others.
“Master ……”
Arthas regained her composure, raised her head or without a trace of expression, and looked at Lucius with her burgundy eyes.
‘Still trying to cover up?’
“Ar, not telling the truth is a bad behaviour, if I know that you are telling a lie then I will now delete the World of Warcraft characters inside your computer!!!”
Lucius swore it was the first time he had seen the great Lich King look so frightened. The cat’s ears and tail were sticking up high…and she immediately jumped up from the bed.
“Who is it?”
Arthas seemed to be struggling, struggling between selling her teammates and keeping her Warcraft account. Finally, Arthas chose to sell her teammates. She seems to be ashamed of this as she was not good at expressing herself in words. She found a small notebook and then took a pencil.
After using the pen to write a few words in the small notebook, she carried it over to Lucius to see.
[It’s…Miss Kurumi.]
Lucius did not feel any guilt from Arthas’s face, but her mood was all shown on her cat ears and tail.
‘Is it really that girl? She’s been doing useless stuff again after not being properly trained recently!’
“I understand.” Knowing who the real culprit was, Lucius did not continue to pressure Arthas.
But Arthas still seems to want to defend Kurumi as she pulled Lucius’s sleeve and handed a newly written paragraph on the notebook for Lucius to read.
[Miss Kurumi said so that I can become an adult.]
How old Arthas was, Lucius does not know. But definitely past the age of legal adulthood on Earth. However, she just looks and behaves like a child.
But.. is the only way to become an adult is by using a vibrator?
So pathetic, it sounded really sad.
“Why do you want to do that?”
Age doesn’t do anything for the Lich King, an ageless, immortal creature, right?
“Well ……”
Being asked by Lucius like this, she was surprisingly a bit speechless for a moment.
After hurriedly writing out a paragraph on the book, she handed the small book to Lucius without looking at him in the eyes. Lucius read what’s written on it and seemed conflicted.
‘Because… she wanted her chest to become bigger?’
Lucius surveyed Arthas’s barren figure. This was a very suitable body type for a warrior. So why do you want a bunch of extra fat on the chest?
Arthas saw Lucius’s puzzled gaze and quickly wrote another paragraph. But, unfortunately, even the original graceful font was a little distorted now.
[Miss Kurumi said that the master likes girls with big breasts.]
So drinking milk just now is also for this?
What kind of prescription is this.
Lucius held his forehead.
“Hm?” Hearing Lucius called her, Arthas stood up straight.
Lucius’s hand rested on Arthas’s forehead and stroked her long, silky hair. “Listen, do not doubt your charm, you as a Lich King… that temperament and posture is already perfect for the battlefield.”
When he saw Arthas looked a bit down, he thought that this was a good education for her, but Arthas wrote another paragraph and made Lucius completely speechless.
[So.. master likes small breasts and little girls? How about catgirls? And maid uniform?]
My Ar is really a bit strange lately!
Outside the Great Cemetery, in the middle of the Underworld.
“Oh ooh, emitting such a cold killing aura, even the undead wouldn’t dare to approach.” Kurumi was recklessly flirting with Lucius as if not responsible for Arthas’s behavior just now.
There was not a hint of anger on Lucius’s face. Instead, he just handed Tokisaki Kurumi a piece of paper and a pen after speaking to her.
“When you came to this world, I gave orders to you and Alex to explore and gather the information about various forces in this world and collect information on the strong. Now, I order you to give me all of the information that you had gathered to me before I leave this place!”
Kurumi’s face changed when he heard these words.
“Hey, are you questioning my intelligence gathering ability? If you summarize it, there are at least hundreds of thousands of words!”
Kurumi was not all lazy. She has traveled this world even more than Lucius. If to write out these insights and intelligence in detail, her hands will break!
“I’m not questioning your ability to gather information, that’s why I’m letting you write it out! Listen carefully, if there is a little less, the punishment will be something you have no way to imagine.”
Lucius’s scarlet pupils looked a little frightening to Kurumi.
“About your memory, your blood will tell me without a single lies being concealed.”
Without good discipline, she will become more and more unscrupulous.
After Kurumi collected those pens and paper, Lucius felt it was almost time to go to the underground ruins to see the treasures that Arthas dug up.

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