Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 206


Numerous relics were carved on the wall of this cavern-like building where the powerful Miner King once ruled before the Lich King defeated him.
But the spirits inhabiting these caverns were still present until now, even when the Miner King was already gone. These rampant underground mineral spirits were not naturally evolved but were bred. The purpose of breeding these spirits was probably to guard this relic against intruders.
Lucius initially thought it was some abandoned structure from ancient times. However, when Lucius arrived at the relic entrance, Lucius felt that this relic does not even belong to this world with the current world level of this world!
From the architectural style, indeed, it was very similar to this world. Even if the surface of this cave formation has been sealed for an unknown number of years, there was still light shining from it, almost acting as a mirror that reflects any light source.
The gate was thirty meters high, enough for an army of soldiers to step in.
Lucius felt something strange as he stood in front of it.
‘This building is alive!’
There are so many things that Lucius can’t explain in this world. One of them was the top tower in Central City. —Lucius once searched for the related history of this top tower by absorbing the memories of the residents of the Central City. He found out that everything could be traced back to the existence of the Dragon God. People believe that Dragon God built this tower.
Lucius really could not think of anyone who can create such a terrifying building.
‘What about this relic in front of me? Did the same Dragon God also build it, just like Top Tower?’
“Ar, where is the entrance?”
Although this was a door, the owner of the relic is not very welcoming to outsiders. The door is tightly closed, and so many mineral spirits are kept outside the door, presumably wanting the relic to remain sealed forever.
The first thing you need to do was to get a good idea of what you’re doing.
The black-coloured heavy armour on Arthas’s body was recently surrounded by the frosty aura of death and a few kilograms heavier, giving a silent sense of majesty. The ground surrounding Arthas was covered by thin ice.
Arthas did not say much, silently pointed out to Lucius to a small inconspicuous corner.
Most of the underground world is filled with loose soil with no value. Only some ghouls occasionally dug up some rare ores. Because the mineral spirits use common iron ore as food, the content of the underground deposits should be rich in iron which made these spirits consume the ground soil to live, which made these underground caverns into some kind of interconnecting pathway, forming a strange ecosystem for its inhabitants.
In the location that Arthas pointed out, a pile of mud was excavated from the ground.
This relic was not only big on the surface, but it also extends underground.
In the small pit, Lucius saw the remains of the pure white smooth wall, which was corroded inside out. Probably the creatures in this relic dug through this passage to get out.
“Have you sent someone to explore?”
Currently, there are tens of thousands of ghouls in the necropolis. They would make a good group of pathfinders.
Arthas gestured, pointed to the door then shook her head.
“Wait for the master to return to ……”
What Arthas wanted to express was that the exploration should wait for his return.
Please do not ask how Lucius understood what this Lich King wanted to express, maybe because he has good intuition.
“Then I will go down to see.”
Xerath entered this relic and found a magic that turned him into a machine. But, of course, Lucius already knew about Xerath’s transformation, so that doesn’t excite him.
Arthas followed behind Lucius obediently and walked down into the ruins.
Upon entering this building, Lucius felt a cold wind surrounded him. The frozen metal covered every corner of the space. Not only he felt cold from the temperature, but he also felt a chill from his soul.
This building used to be alive, but now it is dead.
As for the chill that he felt inside of his soul…
This is definitely not something that this world can make!
Lucius squatted down and stretched out his hand to touch the ground. He found that there was no way for blood to penetrate the soil. Lucius could feel that every inch of land he stepped on was more complicated than he had ever imagined.
 “Who made this?”
Amid the darkness, Lucius’s vampire ability made him able to see clearly.
Arthas, the Lich King, also has the same ability.
This was a long and narrow corridor. The walls, ceiling, and ground are all made of unknown metals. There were a bunch of lines embedded on the walls and the floor. Lucius believed that this thing transmits information like a rune.
It was not magic. It was more similar to data.. Electrical information transfer system!
Lucius didn’t know where this corridor led. When he walked to the end, a huge black shadow at the corner made him stopped at his track.
Arthas tried to rush to Lucius’s side to protect him but was stopped by Lucius.
“Calm down, Ar, it’s already dead.”
Lucius carefully examined the black shadow lying on the metal corridor. This was the corpse of a present-day creature. Lucius would not believe that this creature created this relic because it has a pair of hideous giant pincers, as well as sharp six feet and crimson hardened shell. This creature was an unintelligent destroyer, not the creator of such a magnificent relic.
‘An insect?’
After seeing this creature, Lucius first associated it with this.
A fierce and dangerous insect.
‘Could it be that it is a creature from the ground that was defeated by Xerath when he went here?’
Lucius wanted to touch the hard shell of this insect. However, when his hand touched the shell, he found out that it was unexpectedly fragile. In the next second, the giant insect’s body turned into dust and disappeared in front of him. It looked like it had been dead for a long time.
‘This insect, is it really from the ground?’
‘Did it come from this relic initially, or did this relic’s inhabitant were slaughtered by this insect?’
Lucius followed deeper and found more and more insect corpses of various shapes and sizes falling down the corridor, their external appearance was hideous, but the wounds were even more chilling, some seemed to be split in two by some sharp blade, and some were blasted to slag by a destructive explosion.
In any case, this was not Xerath’s doing. If Xerath were the one to fight against these creatures, then the whole corridor would be wiped out instead of slash. There would be no trace left of these creature remains.
Lucius suppressed the doubts in his heart and continued to walk into a small room.
In this place.. Lucius finally saw a human figure.
Of course, it was a human who had died and turned into a skeleton.
The body of a giant insect that looked like a praying mantis stood in the room like a statue. At the feet of this insect, a skeleton wearing an unknown garment fell.
‘How did this giant mantis die?’ Arthas looked around the room and felt puzzled. Obviously, the corpse was not the one that did it.
After a careful examination, Lucius locked his eyes to a metal round handle held by the skeleton’s left hand. Probably a guess, Lucius walked forward, picked up the metal hilt in the skeleton’s hand, tossed it on his hand a little, as Arthas looked at the metal thing on Lucius’s hand, a buzzing sound and a thin beam of dark yellow light ejected from the metal hilt then the light formed the shape of a sword.
Lucius recognized this blade. It was a Lightsaber.
Lucius wielded this sword and swung it around. Each of its swings was accompanied by the sound of air being cut. Lucius easily split the body of the giant mantis in two. It turned into dust and disappeared.
According to the memories of human beings on earth that he had absorbed in his head, Lucius could almost already tell what this underground ruin was all about.
After the mantis corpse that occupied most of the space in the room disappeared, Lucius looked at the view in the room. There were three objects that looked like coffins made of unknown metal and glass, placed in front of Lucius. Two of them were in the state of being opened. The remaining one remained closed.
Cryogenic hibernation capsule.
Lucius instantly figured out the function of these things.
It can maintain the survival of human beings with a minimum effort. Thus, even after a few hundred years, the human inside this capsule could still be alive.
The system provided all of the information to Lucius, so he knew about this.
This technology was on a similar level to the stargate that Lucius used.
‘What kind of advanced civilization is this?’
Lucius walked up to the two open dormant capsules and carefully surveyed these objects.
“Chief Petty Officer Martin Cainte?” Lucius looked at the name written on top of the dormant pods and read it out. Next, Lucius glanced at the corpse on the ground, in which a military plate was hanging on its chest. With Lucius’s eyesight, he could easily see that the name written on the plate was no different from the name written on the dormant pod.
What about the next one?
Lucius approached another open dormant cabin and realized…
The nutrient solution inside hasn’t dried up?
Lucius was taken aback. There was no trace of liquid in the other dormant cabin, but this one?
Lucius immediately looked at the name of this dormant pod.
“Young Chief Lodhran…” Lucius softly murmured out this name.
This name seems to be heard somewhere.
He remembered that he was able to recall all memories that he had absorbed inside of his Dead River.
A person whose strength was only seconded by the strongest knights, even those Mourner, could not achieve this title.
The Lord of the West, Prince Lodhran!
‘Is it a coincidence?’
Lucius didn’t believe in coincidences.
In that case, it explains this level of technology and all mysteries surrounding this place. Assuming that all the bugs outside were invaders, they were killed by this man because he woke up from these pods.
Perhaps the strongest being in this world was not Don Quixote.
“Ar, let’s go back. I need to understand about this Prince Lodhran.”
‘Why so urgent? Not looking for anything more interesting?’ Arthas was still curious about this place, but since Lucius ordered her to, she obediently followed her master.

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