Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 207


“Ah, did you say Lord Lodhran? That fine-looking middle-aged man?”
Tokizaki Kurumi drew some kind of a runic circle formation to curse a certain vampire with a pen. She did not care about Lucius at all.
This was a small council chamber. Tokisaki Kurumi and Lucius sat face to face at both ends of the table while The Lich King stood beside Lucius. Although Lucius felt it was okay to let her sit down, the cat was insistent on standing next to Lucius.
“Pay attention.”
Lucius was not in much of a mood to joke with Tokisaki Kurumi right now.
“Lately, there is no sense of humour at all in this place, boring.”
Lucius’s scarlet pupils stared at Tokisaki Kurumi. Even if this girl doesn’t really care about Lucius, she should still understand that it was not the right time to joke around.
“Since the beginning, I intended to report to you about this existence,…… He is the only existence among the so-called powerful humans I have come into contact with within this world whom I cannot see through.”
“What about the strongest knight?” Lucius knew that Tokisaki Kurumi had come to Central City before Lucius.
“Oops. Do you mean the knight with the forbidden hobby? He’s at the same level as your Little Lich King without her fancy sword.”
The sword that Kurumi was referring to should be the Frostbite. Without Frostbite, she was not worthy of being called the Lich King.
Kurumi has such a high opinion of her. Lucius thought that Arthas would only be cute and not as powerful as her current form if she didn’t draw her sword.
If Lucius was not mistaken, she has almost evolved to the fifth level of life form. Recently nourished by the candy given by Lucius, she has returned to her own world for a trip, and it seems like she went there to take care of some things. Occasionally, she will continue to come over to give Lucius a hand.
God knows if Tokisaki Kurumi really believed the lie that Lucius would die if he didn’t eat the lollipop. Or maybe she just plays along with it because she was bored.
None of this matters. The point is how powerful Prince Lodhran really is!
“Summoner ……”
Just as Lucius was thinking, Xerath’s slightly dull voice rang in his ears.
“What’s wrong? Xerath, aren’t you leading the demon army to invade the western position now?”
“After destroying the third city along the way. We met an obstacle.” There seemed to be some hint of embarrassment in Xerath’s words.
An obstacle? Indeed a man from another civilization like Xerath should never have any trouble with those pesky humans?
“What hindrance?”
if it was Alex, Lucius could still believe that he might have some difficulties. Alex is better at fighting alone.
But that wasn’t the case with Xerath.
His power core was no joke. He was basically an unlimited small nuclear launch depot, able to survive under the arcane blast bombardment, coupled with the horde of the demon army. Lucius really could not think of a few cities in this world that can survive this onslaught.
But now… it’s happening!
“The City of Flare, the most prosperous city in the west, has a border surrounding the city with some kind of energy wall that I can’t crack.”
“Have you tried using brute strength to break it?” Since Xerath had no way to crack it, it meant that the energy wall was not arcane magic.
“No, even when I converged my power, it will only be able to tear a small crack, but it will be back as before in an instant. This energy wall’s ability to recover itself is far stronger than, well, any power I’ve ever known.”
Xerath’s pride would not allow him to admit defeat in front of this technology he thought was made by an inferior race, and he seemed to want to keep trying.
“You go to another city then, leave that one alone.”
Despair Points, under the frenzy of the demon invasion, Lucius’s Despair Points value was growing by tens of thousands of points. There was no need to let the main force waiting around on the outskirts of a city. There were many more cities in this world. After they conquered them all, they could concentrate on this western superpower again.
“Does Alex know about this?”
Xerath and Alex were acting together and only recently had split their forces for efficiency.
“And has Alex tried to infiltrate into that city yet?”
Lucius has absolute confidence in Alex’s disguise ability. Lucius could not simulate the appearance of others, Alex, however, was not only able to mimic their appearance, but he also could imitate their voices and habits. This is one of his strongest abilities, disguise.
If it’s Alex, there’s no reason why he can’t blend into that city.
“The enemies seem to be sensitive to that virus that you spread, and the virus carriers will be attacked inside if they are close.”
If Alex were able to sneak into that city, Xerath wouldn’t have to report to Lucius. That city would have become a dead city filled with virus-infected bodies.
‘In other words… it is impossible to break through?’
‘Then it looks like I should be the one to take care of this city.’
Lucius was not the blacklight virus-infected body, so it should be safe for him to enter the city without being detected as a virus carrier.
Lucius did not have any plan yet. He was not very good at simulating a planned attack without any intelligence of what he might face inside that city. Wandering around in the world of deceit and disguise, a little carelessness means death. Lucius must learn to make himself smarter and keep himself from being under suspicion by others.
He needed this to work out. No matter how vicious the plan was, as long as it could achieve its purpose, Lucius will do whatever it takes to accomplish it.
“Any new info?” Kurumi certainly knew who Lucius was talking to just now.
“What do you know about Prince Lodhran?”
“Other than his true strength, I know a little about everything else.”
This elf’s ability to gather information was not as excellent as Alex’s, but unfortunately, Alex was not with Lucius. 
“So, that Prince Lodhran, does he have an heir or rather… a cherished one?”

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