Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 208


‘So cold…’
The boy covered himself with the armour of the Knights of the City Guard, which was not enough to insulate him from this cold weather making his whole body shiver. He looked up at the gloomy sky. The fluorite lamp in his hand seemed to be weakened by the grim light of the sky. Finally, he leaned against the wall, and it was his turn to watch for the night shift.
Three days have passed since the time that everyone called, the change.
Panic has spread throughout the world, and dozens of cities have been reduced to rubbles under the trampling of those invaders.
The city closest to here has also been destroyed.
‘Could this city hold, I wonder?’
This Eastern Light recruit knight glanced at the top of the city wall with some anxiety. The giant strategic energy-concentrating cannon that has been fully erected was now in a state of high alert. Otherwise, it would not be here at midnight. Patrols can be seen everywhere on the wall.
This place was located on the west side of the mainland, and it should not be this cold, unlike the northern region. He breathed out a white mist and rubbed his hands, hoping that this would make him warmer.
This coldness came from human souls. Since the invaders come, the territories they have ravaged will fall into this and endless winter.
The temperature of the city dropped so quickly this evening
“Should not this city also”
He didn’t dare to think about it. Not long after being dispatched here as a recruit, this world-class disaster occurred. He had never fought those invaders before, only from the cities destroyed by the invaders in the past. The soldiers who escaped. Learned the horror of those demons.
Even if those knights were lucky enough to survive the battle and came to this city, the expressions of fear on their faces were so horrible… This was what worries the young knight the most.
Trying to torture a person’s spirit to the point of collapse was not something that a simple battle can cause.
And those knights even called that battle a one-sided massacre.
“This weather is really cold… normally, at this time, I must be at the dinner table drinking ale and getting drunk.”
The whining voice rang in his ears as he glanced at his fellow officers who were patrolling with him. A middle-aged man in his forties, wearing a somewhat torn knight’s armour with his broken and bandaged left hand, seemed to be named Coltrane. He was obviously wounded, but he still took the initiative to join the city guard—what an extraordinary person.
But who wouldn’t want to return to the warmth of home and rest at this time? He has been working here continuously for a whole day.
A patrol was the most boring activity. To make it worse, the young man also hated boredom the most. So he inadvertently asked a question to his fellow officers.
“Uncle, what is the injury on your hand? Did you fall and hurt yourself?”
The middle-aged, strong man named Coltrane suddenly stopped and looked back at him only to find Coltrane’s confused expression.
“This?” Coltrane replied to him with a slightly bitter smile: “You know what, teenager? My home is not in this city, but in that small city, two mountain ranges away from this city.”
He heard those words and fell silent.
If he remembered correctly, the small city that Coltrane was talking about had lost contact three days ago, which meant that it had been trampled into pieces by those invaders.
‘Is Coltrane a survivor of that city?’
The teenager looked at Coltrane with a slightly apologetic look in his eyes, but the older man didn’t seem to care much.
“I’m a deserter,” Coltrane said frankly about his true identity, which was only a fancier term for a survivor.
“After seeing that group of monsters broken through the city gate, I gave up. I’m running from my duty to protect the city and even abandoned my wife and my daughter. But, unfortunately, my cowardice made me run away and continue to linger in this place.”
A very calm tone, but from the way Coltrane’s only remaining arm was constantly trembling, this middle-aged man must’ve felt an indescribable pain.
Human survival psychology, cowardice.
Cowardice will make them do a lot of things that they will regret in the future. Now Coltrane seems to be regretting the choice he once made, so Coltrane appears to want to make up for it by patrolling this city.
That group of invaders, is it really so terrible?
The cold sensation seemed to have thickened a few more, cold enough to make his heart tremble.
“Oh, is it?” The young knight wanted to soothe Coltrane, but he couldn’t think of any comforting words. He had not seen the so-called hellish view in the eyes of these survivors, so he was not qualified to evaluate the look of fear in this group of survivors.
Compared to the knights in the shelter in a complete mental breakdown, this calm middle-aged man seemed to be more fortunate than them. But, at least, Coltrane was still able to maintain a calm way of thinking.
Under the cover of nightfall, the weather has become colder, a thin layer of frost started to form on the surface of their armour.
It’s weird, definitely weird. The temperature here can’t have dropped this low!
“Here it comes …….” Coltrane’s whole body shivered, as if sensing something, and looked towards the walls
“They are coming!”
“They? Who?” He took out the magic cannon, and looked at Coltrane’s nervous and mouldy expression of uncontrollable fear, and began to feel the tension inside!
Coltrane shouted out loudly, not with the command to fight but to run away!
The whole city suddenly sounded an ear-splitting siren! The sirens pierced the silence of the night, signalling the incoming danger!
The young knight was a little dizzy. Then, just before he could react, he suddenly noticed that the sky lit up. The sun rose on the horizon, and the light shone in the darkness of the world!
No, that’s not the sun’s light!
He stared at the sky with his pupils wide open, then a fierce wave of air swept through the city. Dust rose up and blocked his view! He was knocked to the ground by the wave, but when the dust gradually subsided…. He clearly saw the radiant sun in the sky, except it was midnight now, so it should’ve been impossible for the sun to rise.
Furthermore… the light that the sun radiated was not the usual yellowish light. Instead, it was an azure-coloured glow!
‘What happened? What the hell is going on?’
The street was a mess, and he stood up to help Coltrane, who had fallen to the ground and glanced at the sun with a frightened gaze.
“Hurry up and go to the city wall to support!” Only when he followed Coltrane’s gaze and looked at the city wall that was originally 30 meters in height…
He couldn’t see any wall….
The forest outside the city shrouded in darkness was the only thing that he saw. The edges of the once familiar walls emitted a hot glow and melted away!
The city’s most important defence line was melted in an instant!
‘What happened?’
‘Damn it, what’s going on!’
He felt his brain couldn’t keep up with this sudden development, and common sense was gradually crumbling in his head.
A large number of knights rushed towards the ‘disappearing’ wall.
Then another azure beam of light fell as if it was a divine punishment falling to the ground from the heavens!
The sky was illuminated once again! The lives and buildings under the beam were incinerated and turned into lifeless debris. The aftermath of the explosion caused him to fell to the ground again in embarrassment!
‘Are we supposed to fight against that thing?’
This was the thought that came out of the young knight after seeing clearly that the radiant existence in the sky was not a sun at all but a living organism.
It’s impossible to win this war!
Human beings can’t win this battle!
Fled… the young knight remembered he despised this behaviour the most, but he will die for sure if this goes on.
Even the most twisted and ugly words in the world could not describe the creatures that came towards the city with hunger in their eyes.
He couldn’t move his feet. He was so afraid that he lost consciousness. Finally, he just lay on the ground waiting for his inevitable demise.
This is the scenery of hell! Creatures from hell
When he was frightened, a figure rushed towards the demon. It was Coltrane!
‘Why are you looking for death?’
He grabbed Coltrane’s arm.
“Are you crazy?!” His screaming voice was a little hoarse.
“I’m crazy? I was crazy the moment I saw my wife and daughter being torn apart and swallowed by these monsters, and all I could do was run away like a coward.”
Coltrane’s face was full of remorse.
“But you’re gonna die!”
“Death? My life was eaten up by these monsters long ago! All I want now is revenge!” Coltrane used his mouth and his only remaining hand to load his cannon
“I want to expel this group of invaders and kill all these monsters that destroyed my family!”
“There are too many of them!”
Even if a single bullet can kill one, the number of thousands is not something that one person can kill all of them!
It’s simply impossible to defeat ……
Before Coltrane could retort, there was another dull boom, and the world seemed to be split in two!
“Watch out!”
Because of the violent vibration, the house beside Coltrane collapsed and fell right in front of him. Half of Coltrane’s body was heavily buried in the ruins of the house.
The young knight could already feel the thirst for his own blood radiating from the group of monsters, but ……
“Wait, I’ll get you out in a minute!” He stood up and began to move the rubble that was pressing down on Coltrane.
“Boy!” Suddenly, Coltrane grabbed his leg, and with one force, he sat down on the ground, and before he could react, Coltrane grabbed him by the collar!
He got a good look at the middle-aged man’s scarred cheeks and the pupils that breathed fierceness.
“There are indeed many of those demons! But if we take up arms and resist and kill them, one day they will all be killed! But if we don’t take up arms and fight back and just run away, we will one day be killed by those demons!”
Coltrane stared hard at the young knight’s panicked pupils.
“If you really want to save me, then run away quickly! Stay alive! And then kill them! Kill them all and avenge me and the humans they killed! My life died three days ago! Not worthy to live in this world!”
The young knight froze ……
The moment a gentle boy becomes mature is when he discovers the responsibility that rests on his shoulders!
“I, understand!” He no longer hesitated and placed all the ammunition of the magic cannon he was carrying on the middle-aged man’s side.
“Don’t be scared!”
“I won’t…………”
He forced down the tears in his eyes and ran towards the back.
Just when he decided to turn back again……
Divine punishment descended on the world.
Another azure beam of light engulfed everything within his sight! Including himself.
Just like that, was it over? It was clear that nothing could have been done. The young knight was somewhat resigned to the moment.
However, a human figure clad in black clothing stood his way, protecting him from the destructive beam of light. “Hey kid, can you run?” 
He gazed dumbfounded at the back of the figure wearing a pitch-black trench coat and nodded.
“Then run quickly! Find a safe place to hide!”
Humans were not without hope.
At last, he saw hope. This man extinguished the white light that destroyed everything with a wave of his hand, and the monsters charging at the man were all also easily defeated by him, a huge stone crashing down towards those monsters as if that stone was a living being.
If you live, you can win!
Humans were not so weak ……

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