Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 209


The city, having been overrun, fell into complete chaos just like any other city, a prelude to collapse.
Now there were only two choices before them, either carry out the glory of the knights and fight to the end or run to other cities like the deserters they mocked and use this chance to ask for assistance.
In the array of guards stationed in the rear, the two knight commanders in charge were arguing.
The young knight who survived watched the scene in silence.
“We cannot possibly defeat those demons. It is suicidal if you want to continue fighting! Retreat to other cities to regroup and get more reinforcement is the best option!”
“Retreat? Retreat to where? If every city is like us! Sooner or later, the invaders will take over all of our territories, and then there will be no place for humans to escape!”
The two and different opinions were supported by other people.
Some knights tend to value their glory more than their lives. So just how much of that glory is left in the face of fear?
The young knight was sitting on a bench. On his side was a man wearing a black trench coat. This man suddenly came out of nowhere to shield him from the ray of destruction and fended off those demons. He carefully surveyed the man’s appearance and found that he was not old, but instead, very young. And his skin color was white.. pale white, and unblemished, just like a nobleman. Blood was flowing from his left hand.
The man was injured. However, no doctor came to help. In this period of turmoil, no one has time to care for people other than themselves. No matter how the young knight asked the people around him, they all ignored his plea.
And the two knight captains argued more and more fiercely.
“If we continue like this, those monsters will have to break through the defensive line and attack here.” The new recruit said.
“Do what you can do.”
He turned his head to look at the two knights who were arguing, and after making up his mind, took off his own armor representing the lowest rank of the city guard, taking a medal and walking forward.
“What are you doing, new recruit?” The two knight captains were getting a little annoyed and cranky, but they froze when they got a good look at the teenager’s true appearance.
Golden shiny hair, a pair of heterochromatic pupils, one was as pure as the azure sky, and one is burgundy. Blonde hair was not that rare in this world. However, only one person possessed such stunning eye color.
The Lord of the West, Prince Lodhran!
But Lodhran should’ve been more than forty years old. The person who stood before him was way younger than that.
“My name is Lorna, Lord of the City of Flare, the only son of Prince Lodhran! This city is under the supervision of the Lord of the West.
The teenager took out a medallion engraved with a golden lion and spoke coldly to the two quarreling knight leaders.
“Now, as the Prince’s son, I order you to abandon this city and take all the survivors and retreat to the rear.”
He shed his obsequious posture, revealing his own originally born superior arrogance.
The two knight commanders glanced at each other, and now they dared not continue arguing. Instead, they immediately knelt on one knee and lowered their foreheads.
“Yes, Lord Lorna!”
The City of Flare was now the hope of mankind in the entire western region because the city is located on the route of the invaders. Everyone thought that the city would fall, but no one expected that under the Lord of the West, Lord Lodhran, the city did not fall but instead repelled the almost unstoppable invaders!
If you enter the City of Flare, you won’t have to worry about your corpse being eaten by those monsters.
Unfortunately, the road to the City of Flare is now filled with demons and monsters.
But the Young Lord of the City of Flare is here!
There were no parents that did not care about their own son. The arrival of Lorna in this city might imply that Lord Lodhran himself could be on his way here too to make sure that his son is safe.
Lorna’s appearance brought hope to the people of the city.
There were not many people on guard duty. Most of them were knights. Many civilians escaped through the other side of the city gates; only a few chose to stay.
Now that Lorna gave them the order to retreat, those knights thirst for glory finally decided that it was more honorable to follow their Lord’s order.
There was nothing wrong with knights protecting their homes, but suicide was not an intelligent option here. It’s a waste of manpower.
Under Lorna’s orders, the two groups of knights left in the middle of the city began to quickly reorganize and count their surviving personnel and supplies. Then, they began to lay out a plan of retreat.
After revealing his identity, Lorna was treated significantly better, not only with food but also with warm clothing.
Between the crowds coming and going, Lorna grabbed a knight with a medical kit in his hand.
“Is there any order? My Lord?” This knight did not dare to make a move in front of this prince’s son, even though he had a very youthful appearance.
“Give me the medical kit.”
Lorna gave the order in a cold tone. When he was in the City of Flare, no one ever dared to refuse his order, so he developed this character.
“Yes, My Lord.”
There was not much shortage of medical equipment, plus there were several priests, so after the knight handed the medical kit to Lorna. Lorna walked over to the man sitting on the bench, the man with a somewhat tattered pitch black trench coat.
“You flattered me, son of the Lord of the West, Lord Lorna.” He spoke lightly.
“Never mind who I am, I haven’t been able to thank you for saving my life.”
Lorna seemed to have no idea how to use the medical kit, looking at the content inside and frowned.
The man in the trench coat took the medical kit and skillfully took out the bandages and potions in it to bandage his wounds.
‘Are those hands really male hands?’
The pale white skin was so flawless.
“May I ask what your name is?” The strong must be respected. Lorna knew this, so he subconsciously used honorific words to speak to the man.
“Lucius.” He narrowed his warm vermilion pupils with a strange smile
“Lord Lorna, it is fine to call me that.”

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