Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 210


Before evacuating, the two knight captains first did a small registration of the members who were not within the knightly Order. The son of the Lord of the West, who was a savior in the eyes of all, Lorna was by Lucius’s side and by doing so, he was able to prevent the knight from coming to ask about Lucius’s identity.
Lucius had just bandaged his arm, and before he had a few words with Lorna, a knight came forward. After paying a respectful salute to Lorna, he looked at Lucius.
“Your Excellency, I have seen your heroic prowess outside the city just now. Can you let me know where you come from?”
When the city was invaded, the other crowd was occupied with escaping with all their might, but this knight actually had the time to observe him. Lucius couldn’t help but glance at him more. Lorna also looked at Lucius curiously.
Lucius opened his clothes slightly, revealing a medal worn under his trench coat, depicting a soaring eagle. The knight who came to check at him looked very old and mature, and he lit up when he saw the medallion Lucius was wearing on his chest.
“I am the deputy leader of the Nightwing Knights. The whole group received a mission to crush the magical beasts in the magical beast forest near here a few days ago…so ……”
Lucius stopped there, his fingers tightly clasped his medal and lowered his head.
‘Could it be… the mission failed?’
This was a blow and a shame for any knight, watching the knight order and their subordinate annihilated.
“I can’t believe it’s the world’s famous Nightwing Knights’ deputy leader, the Touch of Denial, Lord Lucius!”
Even though he was already over thirty years old, a glint of admiration flooded this knight’s eyes. In this age, when the rankings of knight groups were published in magazines, it was normal to aspire to enter a well-known knight group and to worship a powerful knight.
Joining a top-ranked knight order is an honor in itself. The Nightwing Knights are ranked around the top twenty in the continent, with more than 2,400 members, with average ranks hovering above the 30th level, and the rank of the army chief and vice chief is the 50th level.
In fact, compared to the army chief of the Nightwing Knights, the deputy chief’s name is more famous, mainly because of the special abilities he possesses.
It was claimed that in the past knight’s jousting tournament, absolutely no one could touch this knight, so the title “Touch of Denial” has gradually spread.
Whether it’s a sword or a storm of psychic energy, it’s impossible to reach him.
The knight seems to know a lot about the Order. He’s obviously old but still had the energy of a young man when he and Lorna explained the story about the Order.
Lucius only had a bitter smile.
“Ugh …… sorry for the intrusion, Lord Lucius!”
“It’s okay.”
Under the eyes of Lucius, that knight hurriedly ran to his military leader.
As long as the knight has captured the fiftieth floor of the Top Tower, then it qualifies to become a knight commander and was a truly recognized strong person in this world.
Now, in addition to the two knight commanders present, there was a strong person as strong as Lucius, and people around here became more confident about their survival.
“What are you going to do next?”
Although the two knight leaders were discussing with each other, the one who finally gave the Order was the Prince’s son, Lorna.
Lorna was still young, at most a year or two younger than Lucius, but his level is about the 30th, this age, for this strength, in this world was also considered a genius. After all, he is the Prince’s son.
“Of course, we go to Obsidian City,” Lucius told his purpose frankly
“My knight group was on a mission when that group of demons suddenly rushed out and killed us by surprise, and the chief sacrificed himself to protect me, to let me escape. So I had to survive.”
Lorna frowned, probably also a little disgusted with this kind of behavior as a deserter. However, he has the power to kill demons; why not contribute to saving the human race?
But even if Lorna was arrogant, he also had the self-awareness that he was not qualified to judge Lucius. Instead, he still needed to seek Lucius’s protection now so that he could reach Obsidian City safely.
“What about saving me?” Lorna did not think that Lucius would appear in front of him so coincidentally and protect him from that terrifying outburst.
“Do you want to hear the truth, or do you want to hear a lie?” Lucius’s head lifted, and the gloomy expression on his face disappeared.
“Both are fine. No matter what your purpose is, I will definitely repay the kindness of saving my life. “Lorna nodded very generously.
“Well, the lie is actually, I saw that young knight who was ignoring his own life in order to save people. At this moment, I was moved by your spirit. My blood surged. I immediately rushed forward and stood in front of you. At that moment, I really felt that the hope of saving the world fell on your shoulders. The world needs a good boy like you. So it’s worth sacrificing my own life!”
“What about the truth?”
“I want your father to owe me!”
Lucius turned his words and unashamedly spoke his true thoughts.
Lorna’s expression stiffened and suddenly became a little embarrassed.
‘This guy is too direct, right?’
“The City of Flare is the only city in the west that can withstand demon invasions, and I recognized you as the son of the City Lord of the City of Flare at first glance, so if I can save you, Prince Lodhran might give me the permission to stay in his city.”
The rumor that the “Touch of Denial” is a realist was true.
Lorna was a little annoyed, but he also understood that you really need to resort to this kind of trick to survive at times like now. At least Lucius confessed to himself, rather than in the city of Flare to those knight leaders under his command.
“Then you will always protect me on our way back to the City of Flare?”
“Of course, you are the son of the city lord. If you die, the city lord will definitely not let me, a stranger, enter.” Lucius shrugged.
“But you have the power to kill those demons. So why don’t you fight them? Don’t you want to pay back the humiliation of your comrades being killed by that group of demons?” Lorna remembered what Coltrane said.
“We might die if we fight, but if you don’t fight at all, then there is not even the slightest hope in achieving victory.”
Lucius obviously has a strong power to kill dozens of demons at one time. So why not go head-on to fight those demons to take revenge, but instead, he ran like a coward?
“My comrades sacrifice their life so I could survive. If I die, their sacrifice will be in vain.”
Lucius’s expression was cold.
“Lord Lorna, you have not seen how strong they really are, you’re still young, I just want to live, not thinking about how to protect others, I am not a hero of justice, I just want to live, is that wrong?”
Is it wrong?
No matter how you look at it, there is nothing wrong.
That’s the truth.
Lorna’s expression stiffened again, and in the end, he could not reply Lucius.
“Well then, Lord Lucius, if you can protect me safely back to the city, I will ask you for some positions from my father.”
The same goes for Lorna. He was powerless; didn’t he just run away and go home to his father?
“My pleasure.” Lucius saluted with a somewhat awkward knight’s salute.
After saying that, Lorna turned around and seemed to do something else. While Lucius continued to sit on top of the bench, took out a candy, tore open the package, a trace of scarlet luster flowed through the pupils.
After the sweet taste spread in the mouth.
“My real truth is actually …… want to invite you and your father for a day trip to hell.”
Lucius glanced at the medallion on his chest, which was just a convenient magic trick for Lucius.
Before Lucius came here, he did happen to meet a knight group that was on a mission in the middle of the forest, but of course, they were not on a mission to crush the magical beasts but to crush those newly emerged invaders and demons.
At that time, the demon army had not yet spread, so the Knights’ Guild issued a large number of tasks to crush demons, and the rewards were very generous. The knights in the top-ranking found that the level of the demons was not too high, so they call for more knight groups in the city to crush those demons.
Of course, the relationship between the hunter and the prey is obvious.
This is just the fishing net that Alex and Xerath cast together.
When the powerful knights went out to carry out crusade missions in large numbers, the demons under the command of Alex and Xerath wiped out each well-known knight in the world that was unfortunate enough to meet them.
This was one of the reasons why the demon army’s offensive was very strong in the west.
And Knights of the Nightwing was also thoroughly eliminated by them. Still, Lucius found out that their deputy leader had the superpower ability called “vector control”. Hence, Lucius absorbed him and gained his ability to control vector and imitate that guy to disguise himself.
Although he was just absorbed this ability, Lucius’s “vector control” level is already at LV4.
Part of it was because his psychic energy was enormous, and the other was because of this candy in Lucius’s mouth ……
You can actually get yourself into the ranks of the world’s top powerhouses just by eating candy.
This candy was the life of hundreds of people.
Lucius almost ate about tens of thousands of people. However, Lucius was not afraid of growing cavities, so he didn’t hold back on consuming these candies.
The level of vector manipulation also unknowingly raised to this degree.
But then again ……
“The destructiveness of that strike from Xerath was really terrifying.” Lucius took a look at his arm that was wrapped in bandages.
But then again, it was because he was trying to disguise himself so he could only use vector control to fight.
Lucius felt the strange power surrounding his fingertips and the speed of computing that was rapidly flowing in his brain.
‘Superpower, how intriguing.’

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