Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 211


As of now, Lucius served as the young master’s personal bodyguard.
The Prince’s son’s identity was so important, these bands of knights were counting on him to enter the Obsidian City.
This retreat route, Lucius did not know whether it was the arrangement of the Knight Captain a or b; in any case, Lucius has never heard of his name, just some nobodies. As for the reason why this route was chosen, it might be because the demon trails on this highland appear to be the least.
Well, Lucius wouldn’t say that he transferred away the demon army stationed in the highland.
In fact, Lucius didn’t think that this particular route will be chosen for this retreat.
Demons and virus-infected bodies are the best hunters for hunting humans. They are cold and ruthless. They have a highly sensitive perception of the existence of human beings. As long as the infected body touches human wounds and spreads the black light virus into the human body, that guy will die instantly.
When facing a creature with its consciousness, the demon will exude an aura of inexplicable fear.
As the name implies, demons themselves belong to creatures composed of chaotic and dark energy. When they were close to humans, this chaos will affect human thinking and make humans feel fear, terror, and trauma.
This is why the human beings who survived the cities swept by the demon army are approaching insanity one by one.
Lucius was able to completely wiped out any human in the city. But instead, he let some of those humans survive his slaughter. Xerath and Alex were ordered to do just the same.
They were true ‘survivors,’ they were deserters who run to another city, seeking shelter. Those who have seen absolute despair will spread the onslaught and, in turn, spread terror amongst other humans.
The emotions between people were contagious.
So.. you might call them “Lucky”, because they were indeed a survivor.
Under Lucius’s order, Xerath is now serving as radar at an altitude of 10,000 meters, commanding the demon army across the west. This some kind of all-seeing eye was able to create all kinds of “coincidences” for this retreating team.
And all kinds of “Luck”.
The distance was not that far—about three hundred miles or so. But the reason they weren’t able to reach the Obsidian City faster was because in order to show the knights’ compassions, they brought along civilians, horses, and other means of transportation was certainly not enough to accommodate all these people. And the sky harbor was already occupied when those demons invaded in the first place.
They were only able to walk on foot.
The Prince’s Son, of course, enjoyed special treatment. Although he was riding on a horse, he walked at the center of the group. Around him were several knights, including Lucius, who were eating some candy nonchalantly.
Lucius glanced back at this massive amount of people. This was the first time Lucius saw humans making such a migration movement. The crowd was so long that there was almost no end in sight.
There was a little fear and anxiety on everyone’s face.
On the highland where the road was not so smooth, human beings in this world are able to maintain such a fast pace. But, of course, those who were weak and left behind can only accept the fate of being abandoned. No one will sympathize with them.
Including Lucius.
Right now, Lucius’s goal was to deliver Lorna safely into the hands of Prince Lodhran, not the inhabitants of the city!
This group of deserters was almost a hundred thousand people already. If they were brought to Obsidian City, no matter how high Lorna’s status was, it would be impossible for them all to move in.
Some of them might have to die, I guess…
What a coincidence, Lucius conveniently has the way to reduce the number of humans in this group. He has an army of hundreds of millions of hideous giant mouths who were waiting for fresh and tender human flesh to fill it.
And Lucius thought that it’s such a waste not to savor the meat when there were plenty of them in his sight.
“Xerath, the first wave of invasion begins.”
Lucius ordered Xerath, who was flying in the sky and act as a wireless radio.
“Dispatch one of the seven deadly sins, the Gluttony, order 300 ordinary-level demon rangers to attack from the rear, twenty elite-level demon rangers face the enemy head-on and give orders to those ordinary demons to kill them at the fastest speed. Every single one of them.”
Lucius instructed Xerath through telepathy. He did this, so he was able to chat idly with Lorna, who was sitting next to him on top of his horse.
The Prince’s son was apparently unlike other nobles who were acting arrogant without anything backing them up, Lorna was indeed arrogant, but he has the reason to be arrogant since he was the son of the Prince. However, he was also a very humble person. Otherwise, he would not have lowered his status and come to this city in the middle of nowhere as an unknown soldier.
“Is that group of demons really scary?” On the way, Lorna asked almost all the news in this regard.
Lucius was a little annoyed to hear it. But Lucius still answered Lorna with the tone he thought was appropriate, “If I can, I want never to meet them again.” “Is that the case? Then ……”
‘So many questions… feel it for yourself!’
Lucius suddenly grabbed Lorna’s hand that was grasping the reins, and before the little guy could react, he ripped him off the horse with tremendous force!
‘What the hell?’
Lorna was surprised, He almost fell headfirst to the ground, but Lucius was able to catch him. Then, just at that moment, there was a sound of blood splattered!
Lorna looked up and found the rider sitting on a horse behind him, had his head burst open like a watermelon, and the headless dead body fell to the ground.
Growing up, Lorna had seen dead people, but it was the first time to see such a horrible death! His face was white, and his lips were trembling a little when he moved his gaze to Lucius.
“Here it comes, the group of demons.”
The rear side of the group was already in a state of disarray. Screams were heard all over the place.
Sure enough, it had begun!
Lucius was pushing himself forward with a considerable force that almost made Lorna fall again.
“What are you doing?” Several times in a row, he toppled Lorna over, making him a little annoyed.
“Do you want to be a partner of justice and fight against the demon? Then go on.” Lucius laughed somewhat sarcastically.
‘Underestimate me?’
As the Prince’s son Lorna’s pride definitely would not allow him to be underestimated by anyone.
“I will tell you, that group of demons are no better than me!”
Lorna waved the knight’s sword in his hand, forcibly broke through several knights and ran towards the location where those screaming sounds were emitted. But when Lorna crossed the crowd, hot blood splashed in all directions to his face. Lorna froze and looked at the huge creature in front of him.
It seems to be made up of a large number of human limbs. The bloated body is surrounded by twisted and deformed human limbs, hands and feet. The six pairs of small eyes on its face glared at Lorna after seeing him rushing out of the crowd. He crushed and swallowed the human bones and then let out a ferocious roar at Lorna!
“Lord Lucius, save me!”
Fuck this wannabe hero……
Children are children, after all.

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