Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 231


The hypothesis of the parallel world has been proposed for a long time.
In another world outside this world, there might be another you, with the same appearance and voice, but embarked on a different kind of life and developed a different personality for various reasons.
This hypothesis has been confirmed today.
“Your name is Lucius, right?”
In the shadow of the dust, Lucius looked at the startled individual with interest.
The other party rubbed his eyes. He thought he had a hallucination caused by walking in the sandstorm for a long time.
It was a pity that this was not an illusion.
“What…. How… who are you?”
The other party looked at the man whose appearance was identical to his own, with little difference except for the colour of his pupils. He was dumbfounded.
“It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that soon, you’re going to become me!”
Before the other party could react, Lucius reached out and grabbed his neck. Blood gushed out on Lucius’s body. It turned into sharp tentacles that pierced into the poor guy’s body, and in just a moment, his body turned into a wisp of smoke and disappeared in front of him.
“Hoo ……”
After absorbing the other party’s memory, Lucius confirmed that he was indeed a resident of the Federation. But, a particular accident made him stranded at this barren planet, as for a reason……
“What a cowardly fellow, huh.”
After reading his memory for a few minutes, Lucius sighed and went back towards where he flew.
Fortunately, except for the slightly higher temperature of the yellow sand throughout the day, the climate of this planet was similar to that of the earth, and it would not have any harmful effects on the human body.
After the sandstorm stopped, Lucius saw a thick black smoke floating in the sky, and under the thick smoke, there was a damaged ship.
The model was a small passenger ship. It was possible that this ship was struck down by the insect race inhabiting this planet, and they deemed this ship as a threat.
The power of the insect race could attack targets outside the planet, but for some reason, these insects were not able to reproduce power as strong as described in the game. It seems that they were restricted by something, which made the three kingdoms of humans, gods, and insects situation did not happen.
Now the situation in this universe was only the unilateral dominance of the human Federation.
Lucius leapt down the hole that was created when the ship was falling and hit the ground. His memory led him to the pile of metal scraps in one of the cabins.
With a gentle wave of his hand, the existence buried under the rubble was revealed, a human, it seemed to be a female with good appearance, normally it would make a great meal for Lucius to consume, but unfortunately, he found more efficient use for this girl inside his memory.
In Lucius’s memory, his other self seems to be a student of some planet academy. He was here because of the mission he accepted during his study. If Lucius went back alone, it was inevitable that people will be suspected of something.
Then Lucius would need a witness. What a shame. Lucius was embarrassed with the fact that his other self, instead of helping this poor girl to get out of this pile of metal, he instead ran away.
If Lucius weren’t here, this girl would have died of thirst inside the ruins.
Despite the fact that she was his other self’s crush, with a two-year classmate relationship, cowardice made him do a very stupid move.
“No matter what, I will not let this girl die.”
Lucius took out a bottle of water from the spatial device that came with him.
It wasn’t for her to drink. After Lucius gestured for a while, the bottle in his hand turned into a giant basin!
The clear water, which was extremely precious on this planet, splashed on this sleeping beauty.
And then!
“Who?!” She woke up surprised.
“Awake?” Lucius leaned against a metal pile and looked at the young girl who had awakened.
Her name was Jeslyn Nacht, and according to Lucius’s memory, she seemed to be the heir of some powerful business family, definitely an existence that his other self could not hope to climb.
“You? Lu…cius?” She instantly recognized him, and after a moment of confusion, looked at her wet body and tried to stand up, but a sharp pain came from her leg
“Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch ……”
The impact of the fall seemed to have broken her leg.
Lucius tilted his head to look at this young lady’s expression, and after thinking for a while, “Stay still”
Lucius took out a bottle of first aid spray and handed it to her.
After feeling the pain eased a little, she snapped out at Lucius.
“Did you save me?” She was a little sceptical.
“Isn’t the answer that you are alive enough? It matters not who saves whom.” Lucius shrugged.
The reason she was kept alive was so that she could become his alibi.
“That’s… true.”
Lucius’s answer took her by surprise. Although not formally expressed, she felt that Lucius had some feelings for her. But in her school, many people also liked her. After all, excellent females were the target of males everywhere.
Then ……
“Use your Sky Phone, Miss Nacht. It shouldn’t be broken yet.”
Lucius didn’t wait for her to speak before he went straight to the point and pointed to her palm.
The human Federation’s most conventional kind of communication tool, a collection of various functions into one, to the extent that you couldn’t go anywhere without this thing.
This was a kind of creation that Lucius himself could not understand. It was imprinted on the body, similar to the existence of tattoos. This was the only tricky thing that Lucius found. He did not have this on his body to prove the identity of being a member of the Federation.
‘So this young lady is my guarantee.’
“Where is your Sky Phone?” She always felt that the current Lucius had become a little strange and asked a question back for some reason.
Lucius did not reply and quickly pulled open his sleeve. After seeing Lucius’s arm, Jeslyn covered his mouth. Scarlet blood flowed down the arm. His muscle tissue was visible to the naked eye, reassuring Jeslyn that his Sky Phone was indeed broken.
If the Sky Phone was destroyed, the owner must have been very seriously injured. Such news would generally be sent to the Federation’s terminal network at the first opportunity. Still, with Lucius’s position as only a resident class, it was not the Federation’s responsibility to send a ship thousands of miles to rescue him.
Maybe the Federation will send a fleet if the Sky Phone of the young lady in front of him disappears.
“But…this…wait…wait a minute!
 No matter how arrogant she was after she saw Lucius’s injury, she immediately ran to his side, trying to use the first aid spray Lucius gave her…after a few handfuls of presses.
‘There is nothing inside ……’
“This is a small dose. Healing your wounds is already the limit.” Lucius’s face was calm.
He suffered such a severe injury but still gave her such a precious potion…sprain or something was completely unimportant, but his wound could kill him.
Jeslyn found out that this Lucius in front of him was indeed the Lucius she was familiar with.
‘Did he heal me instead of his own wound because he likes me?’
As a noble young lady, her pride would not let her abandon people in need, so she followed the example of the extra-terrestrial survival program and tried to tear off her clothes to make a cloth to stop the bleeding for Lucius.
But ……
“Miss Nacht, do you not know how expensive the clothes you are wearing? It’s okay, Tis’ but a scratch.”
This woman was so stupid he couldn’t even think straight. Lucius slowly observed the amount of blood flowing from his arm; the amount of blood should have been lethal for any human. Yet, this girl failed to notice this strange phenomenon.
“Then…then what should I do!” Jeslyn was crying uncontrollably now.
“…… Where is your Sky Phone? Miss Nacht, could you send some help here?”
Lucius had her on the top of his palm. He played with her emotion and led her to do what he wanted without her knowing about this.
“Yes, the Sky Phone, right away! I’ll call someone right away! I’ll get you the best doctor in the entire interstellar world, so no dying, you hear me?”
“At the rate of human blood loss, I have ten minutes before I die, and now, with the amount of blood I’ve lost, it might be in a matter of second before I faint?”
“Fainting?” Jeslyn froze.
“Aah… i….”
After saying that, Lucius’s body collapsed on the ground.
“No… no.. nooo! Hey! Hey! Lucius, wake up!!!” Jeslyn panicked and shook Lucius’s shoulders.
If it was an ordinary person, he should’ve been died due to the tossing and turning that this girl done to him accelerated the loss of blood.
Jeslyn might be an elegant lady from an aristocratic family. Still, her behaviour under pressure only presented Lucius with one word to describe her.

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