Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 232


Lucius was not afraid of the technology in this world that could check out anything weird inside his body… Because the body of the current Lucius was no different from the Lucius of this world.

The dead river was the power from the soul, not the physical body, and what Lucius was using now is still a split out of the soul.

So the possibility of detecting it was slim.

Lucius used his manipulation of blood to simulate the various symptoms of human blood loss perfectly.

After going through an unknown number of leaps in time and space, Lucius finally felt a powerful restorative force surrounded his body.

Lucius used this cue to un-done his blood manipulation when the body was restored to its optimal state.

In order to cooperate with the other party, Lucius opened his eyes.

The feeling of weightlessness surrounded Lucius’s body, and a light green glow was attached to his body. These were the device that repaired his body.

“Well, I think you should be completely free of any problems now.”

Then, in front of Lucius stood a doctor wearing a white coat. Even in this world, the white coat was still the standard outfit of doctors.

This was a middle-aged doctor, looks quite honest.

After Lucius regained control of his body, following this sense of loss of control, he floated to the ground, gravity returned to Lucius’s body, and he walked out of the strange coffin-like treatment capsule.

“Using the Federation’s highest-grade recovery capsule to treat such a minor illness, only that thousand-year-old daughter of that family can do it. You’re a lucky guy.” The middle-aged doctor teased Lucius, but he ignored his words and looked around the room covered by the clean white metal.

“What? Looking for Miss Nacht? Wake up, she already pays for your recovery, don’t ask too much.”

“Is that so…” Lucius nodded thoughtfully.

Ugh…young people…”

Lucius didn’t know what this middle-aged doctor was thinking. He waved his hand at Lucius.

“Come on, your Sky Phone is completely broken. You need a new one embedded on you.”

The Sky Phone signal represents the identity of each person, which the federal police department should have done, but the hospital also has this ability to bestow a federal identity for Lucius.


Lucius was taken out of the room and walked into the hospital, surrounded by various holographic projections of announcements.

In the hospital lobby, people come and go, perhaps described with people come and go was a little arbitrary.

The human Federation was a human first federation, but humans were not alone in the universe. All kinds of alien creatures walking around alongside humans in this hospital seemed to be a common sight.

“Canstar, help this poor little guy to re-embed a sky phone.” The middle-aged doctor, upholding the style of quality service, guided Lucius to a long metal table.

Lucius looked up and found that the one sitting behind the long table was not human, with blue skin all over, pupils without eye whites-only pitch black, a being with a face similar to a human but with hair made of tentacles, and three thumbs subtly holding a pen made of light, she also looked up at Lucius in the same way.

Lucius searched the memory in his brain, the superior galactic species … one of the races contributed to human species success, at the beginning of the human race into the universe, they were weak, they were able to develop to such a strong fleet because of the acquisition of the technology of this race.

Sky News was the technology of the superior species. Still, their numbers were so few because their reproduction method was so complex if they were to reproduce amongst themselves … but at that time, a reproduction between that species and human species occurred.

After successful breeding, there was no mutation, except that the superior species lost some of its natural abilities.

The rest was preserved intact, so this group of creatures of superior intelligence chose to merge into the human race. It was better than became extinct. They shared the technology. Then, the human race leapt to become the first galactic Federation.

The pure, superior species was like Xerath, a being without a physical body. An existence of pure energy like the person in front of Lucius was obviously a product of humans and that superior species.

In fact, after thousands of years of change in human aesthetics, the superior species in front of Lucius looked kind of pretty.

Unfortunately, Lucius’s preference was still earthlings. Looking at the tentacles behind her head was a bit weird for him.

The warrior, in the beginning, was really too great.

“Please extend your hand… don’t be afraid.”

The superior race named Kanda spoke to Lucius with a very soft and calming tone.

The superior species were wise creatures because of their racial gifts, and frankly speaking, the males were well-mannered scholars, and the females were generous and motherly-like characters.

Lucius touched her fingers, which were not warm, just like amphibians.


When he touched her finger, Lucius felt her dark eyes flashed.

“What an active life force…” she sighed; her other hand brushed Lucius’s finger.

“Child, have you not yet awakened your psionic energy?”

‘psionic energy?’

Lucius once again recalled the memory in his brain, found that psionic energy was almost the same existence as magic. The rules were similar. The more psionic energy you have, the more powerful you become. Lucius’s memory showed that his other self went to the academy planet to learn and awaken his psionic energy.

“No.” Lucius shook his head.

“What a surprise, no awakening of psionic energy, yet the life force in your body is breathtaking. You have an immeasurable potential.” She released her grip on Lucius’s hand: “Dr. Chota, forgive me for being unreasonable, but this child’s resident level was only 1. I think this level is completely unworthy of his talent. With my rank, I was only able to raise his resident level to 2. Dr. Chota, can you use your identity as the number one doctor of this medical planet and appeal to the Federation with me?”

With that, she glanced at Lucius.

“And raise this child’s resident level to 4?”

“This kid? Is it worth doing that?” The middle-aged doctor was a bit hesitant.

“Of course it’s worth it, humans don’t reveal their psychic talents until they’re eighteen, and I assume you’ll be turning eighteen in a short while?”


Lucius thought for a moment, then nodded.

“Of course it’s worth it, humans are a life with unlimited potential, in order to fight the celestial beings, we need strong power, maybe soon this child will be another figure like the four marshals, we can’t let his growth path be obstructed by this.”

“Four marshals…”

He recalled the few people standing at the top of the Federation. The middle-aged doctor’s sweat dripped down from his forehead.

Well, well, you upper species are so obsessed with this kind of talents, I’ll see what I can do then.”

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

Then, after a slight salute, she looked at Lucius again. Between her three thumbs, the longest one tattooed a mark on Lucius’s palm.

The mark of the six-pointed star represented the Dead River, the family crest of the Acate family!

“Your mind tells me that this is the mark that represents you.”

Only this crest was pure gold, not a touching blood red.

“Go forth, your future is infinite, and the possibilities of surpassing your humanity were very likely to happen.”

“…… thanks.”

Lucius hadn’t figured out what was going on from start to finish, but the alien friend in front of him seemed to have given himself a very strong identity.

Finally, Lucius left the hospital under her watch and walked to the port where it was anchored.

This planet was a hospital, a medical planet.

Lucius was going to the Federal First Military Academy, also known as the Academy Planet.

The size of the universe was almost infinite, and human beings have not fully explored any corner until now.

When Lucius walked to the mooring port to see the ships coming and going and the comfort of the planet that made people feel relaxed and happy, he began to look forward to the world.

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