Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 233


The Federal First Military Academy was an organization that delivers excellent fresh blood for the Federal Army.
There were two standards for entering this academy; you must reach a stellar score in the theoretical entrance test to join the strategic department or by having awakened psionic energy at the age of eighteen and scouted to join the combat department.
These were the two main departments, of which the department was divided into an unknown number of compulsory and optional minor subjects.
Anyway, Lucius was not interested in these.
The entire Milky Way galaxy has been divided into twelve major star regions by the Federation, spreading out with the earth as the centre. The First Military Academy of the Federation was located in the third-star region, and it was the fourth planet suitable for human habitation discovered by mankind so far. The area of ​​this academy was the entire planet.
Lucius arrived on the interstellar port of this planet in a communal ship.
After arriving at the planet, the text on the Sky Phone introducing the planet was skipped one by one by Lucius. The information displayed on the Sky Phone was very complicated, but Lucius chose the simplest option to go home, and soon after, a cursor guided him to his dormitory.
The planet had been completely transformed for teaching purposes, so the scenery along the way was based on light blue and white, with first-year uniforms being white, second-year red, and third-year blue, so it was very well distinguished.
Lucius wore casual clothes. He ignored the students’ eyes coming and going and followed the cursor to a fountain emitting a shimmering light.
In front of the fountain, there was a crystal similar to a Rubik’s Cube, Lucius’s hand gently brushed towards it, and the Sky Phone emitted the same light.
After the command was given, the scenery in front of his eyes quickly changed. He arrived in a small, ordinary room.
There was nothing to say in this room… Among the memories of Lucius in this world, he had lost both parents since he was young and lived on low income to survive until now, so he struggled hard to learn the theoretical aspects and finally got into the strategic department of the First Military Academy of the Federation, expecting his life to change.
It was also an ordinary story. But the setting of two dead parents was really convenient.
In this room of only twenty square meters, Lucius found a chair and sat down, and began to inquire about the planet’s will through the sky phone.
Although Lucius wasn’t sure about the existence of such an absurd god with the ability to control space and time, it was his only hope.
So… in order to talk to a god with a powerful ability like that, what could Lucius offer to him?
No, with Lucius’s current power, he has almost no ability to face a god of this level. That was why Lucius needs to acquire this kind of power……
“Star Spirit Restriction Program”
“The Magical ability of human species mutants”
Lucius’s eyes browsed through these articles…
In this world, the will of the planets was called Star Spirits, which was the unilateral scientific name of the Federation, and there were actually quite a few Star Spirits serving the Federation. They are seen as a race, so the Federation was more familiar with the name Star Spirit than God.
There were about thirty knowns Star Spirits and more than ten Star Spirits. They were allies of the Federation, the most famous of which was Gaia, the Mother Earth Goddess, the Star Spirit of Earth, the home planet of humanity. She was the first Star Spirit to appear hundreds of years after the human race entered the interstellar age and was also the opportunity for humans to speak with Star Spirits on an equal footing.
The strength of these Star Spirit made the human race become the weakest and most vulnerable race. Still, at the time of the appearance of the Mother Earth Goddess, a powerful race split among humans.
The Laisser family existed as dream-makers, and there were very few members of this family, only three survivors left!
And currently the strongest one. Was Marshal Laisser Grant, one of the four marshals, representing the most cutting-edge power of the Federation.
Limit the power of the Star Spirits and disintegrate the divine power of the Star Spirits. The so-called gods were no different from a baby in front of them.
Lucius needed this power badly!
So Lucius came here.
This was the place for Lucius to talk to those omnipotent gods. There was no invincible thing in the world. There would always be something to restrain them. And humans on this planet were obviously their weak point.
Lucius searched for the information of the remaining two Laisser family members. He found that his resident level was insufficient to access that information.
Residents were ranked from one to nine, and the fourth class was not enough to inquire about this information?
It really seems to be classified information.
For the human beings who could give those powerful Star Spirit shackles. The Federation was highly cherished, and the fourth marshal Laisser Grant’s character was notoriously unreliable and short-sighted.
No one wants to touch this man…
Therefore, it is not so much a human federation as it is a human empire. Compared to a federal system, Lucius only felt the bad hierarchy between its people.
After all, the emergence of spiritual energy, just like psionic energy, the difference between ordinary people and the psionic energy user was real, so people could not refute. Equality of this thing will never appear in human civilization.
Anyway, the time for evaluation ends here. All Lucius has to do now was to level up his resident level and then find a way to use those humans who could block the spirits for him, brainwashing or not, absorbing their abilities or not, by any means.
In between thoughts, a message came from Lucius Sky Phone, reminding him that he had a class to attend.
The ship crash back here was only a day which meant he was absent for about two or three classes. The Lucius of this world might already be in a state of panic since he believed that diligence could help his average mind.
But of course, the real Lucius didn’t care about that at all……
But when it became clear that what was written above was a brief history of the Federation, Lucius used the one-click change function, wore the blue and white school uniform representing the third year, and then chose to teleport towards the location of the lecture.
The Federation would probably also became his enemy in the future. He felt more confident in destroying them from inside than having to fight them head-on.
After he experienced the high-tech planet, the classroom where the lecture was given did not have any major high-tech look. It was your usual school classroom scenery, only the blackboard changed into a holographic projection, and Lucius’s Sky Phone was Lucius’s laptop.
This was an elective course. Even if you have completed your studies, you won’t add many credits. Still, there were a lot of people sitting in the classroom. For no other reason other than Jeslyn Nacht, she seems to liked federal modern history and ancient history. People flocked to this class just to see her, which made it hard for Lucius to find a seat.
After finding a suitable seat in the last row, Lucius opened his Sky Phone.
The touch of paper surfaced on the desktop, a pen composed of light appeared in his hand. The content of the lecture was presented in front of his eyes.
“The initial chapter of the descent of the celestial being”

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