Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 234


“The Celestials are the biggest enemy of our Federation at present. Their hatred with the Federation can never be resolved. Because they have the ability to assimilate machinery to their use, it makes them a very tricky enemy to fight. When you enter the battlefield in the future, you will most likely fight against them.”

With the development of science and technology, it could have been entirely replaced by machines to impart knowledge to humans. Still, from the beginning to the end, machines were emotionless. Humans had more flexibility when it comes to teaching another human. Knowledge alone was meaningless. A good instructor would benefit people for a lifetime, so the Federation did not implement a policy of remote mechanical teaching and still retains the knowledge imparted by human elders to those young people.

The projection on Lucius’s desk was all about celestial intelligence. 

In the eyes of the Federation, the Celestials were a group of country boomers. As long as they did not openly confront the Federation, they would not fight them.

The so-called celestial beings were probably the only race that could threaten the Federation.

They were born in the hands of the Federation. About three hundred years ago, it was said that there was a scientist who was more intelligent than the upper species. To resurrect his beloved, a taboo experiment carried out has created a powerful scientific and technological method. The core of vitality, a human, was resurrected, but the soul was no longer there.

At that time, the experiment site was located on the first artificial planet in the Federation, the planet “Ixion Garden” composed entirely of machinery.

Then something terrible happened. It assimilated with the entire planet after losing its soul and becoming another kind of life. The upper level of the Federation was shocked and sent an army to try to erase this existence. Unfortunately, the “Ixion Garden”, a crystallization of the Federation’s science and technology, was too powerful, and their fleet was no match.

But realizing that this was just a misunderstanding. “Ixion Garden” disappeared from the territory of the Federation and became a legend. However, after more than ten years, it once again appeared in the military garrison of the Federation, giving the Federation a head-on attack!

In the second appearance, an unmanned fleet swept through an important military base of the Federation.

And after first obtaining communication with this group of beings that the Federation believed to be mechanical creatures a few years later, they were shocked. The communicator sent by this group of beings was not a machine, but a girl of great beauty, if you ignore the shimmering core on her chest, of course.

The negotiations, of course, ended in a collapse, and being the high pride of the rulers of the galaxy, the Federation could not accept the unreasonable request of this group of machines.

And so the war began, a hundred years-long fight, the Federation survived on a battleship. Their enemy who flew in space was called Celestials.

And the crystals on their chests were representative of their race.

Lucius finished reading these articles with a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he did not bring Naiya. He was now certain that Naiya’s race was no longer a human or vampire, but a scientific name for a creature called celestial.

Given the bloody history between the Federation and Celestials, if Naiya were here, she would have been in danger.

After summing up the recent history of the Federation, Lucius intended to pack up and go back when the class was nearing its end, but a message came in on his Sky Phone.

Lucius opened it and saw that the signature on it was unknown, and checked the content of the message ……

Hey, is your body okay? Is it healed? If so, Can you walk with me for a while after class?’

After feeling a slightly familiar gaze, Lucius looked up. He saw the young girl sitting at the front of the classroom, with her long, dark hair falling naturally, looking back at him.


If it were this world’s Lucius, if he received this news from Jeslyn, he would probably go crazy with joy. However, the current Lucius feels that he could die a miserable death, and the reason was…

‘Miss Nacht!’

‘The entire classroom of more than 300 people is only here because of you, don’t you know?’

‘So what the hell do you mean by not looking at them and just waving at me? And smile?’

Jeslyn completely ignored the people around and nonchalantly waved her hand to Lucius. At once, Lucius felt that the killing intent from all 298 people inside this classroom.

This was not a date invitation at all but an invitation to death!

Suddenly there was another message.

“Hey kid, see you at the usual place after this class, if you’re not there, you’re dead.”

Lucius held his forehead, looked at the message, and glanced at the classroom corner, where a group of actual combat class students was sitting. They did not care about the lecture. They were just here to mess around with beautiful women.

‘School bullying incident?’

‘The invitation of the goddess and the threat of bullies.’

‘Which one do I have to choose….’

‘Of course, the latter ah……’

Lucius casually sent a message over.

Oh, that’s fine, but I think you’ll have to deal with that Miss Nacht first.”

Now, this class finally ended. Lucius packed up his things and organized his collar, and walked out of the classroom door as if nothing had happened.

The First Military Academy of the Federation was an excellent school. There were plenty of assignments after every class, meaning that the students would never be idle. They always have something to do, or even when they have no assignment, most students have jobs to do… but still, those students who ditched class and skipping their assignment exists, the people who called him might be one of those.


At the lake next to the willow tree.

Well, there were too many lakes on this planet. Lucius spent a little time looking for this small park under a willow tree. He found several practical department students who seemed to be of poor character.

“Our Lord Lucius is here!”

In his memories, Lucius remembered to have been bullied by them.

Except for the student dormitories, almost every inch of the air on this planet was monitored. This was the future of the Federation… No matter how remote the place was, it was still the same. Lucius still has more than a week in the Federation archives until he was eighteen years old and awaken his psionic energy.

So now, he was only able to use his fist.

‘Physical combat?’

Lucius didn’t think vampires would lose to humans.

“I don’t know what you guys want to do, though.” Lucius swept a glance at these seven or eight people who surrounded him

“I’m sorry can you give me all your credits? Otherwise, I will not be able to afford my lunch……”

This was the reason why Lucius was idle. He has no job! He was penniless. All of his money was spent on that trip to another planet with his goddess, Jeslyn Nacht.

Vampires have to eat too! It’s okay to eat bread without drinking blood. The problem was that Lucius didn’t even have the money to buy bread. He has no choice but to treat these people as his ATMs.

After they heard his words, they looked at each other and laughed out loud.

“After a plane crash, you’ve gotten bold, don’t get too carried away, kid!”

Bad boy number one used a straight punch towards Lucius, and he was ready to break this guy’s fragile wrist when ……

A pure white figure suddenly broke into his eyes. A beautiful whip leg and a fluttering skirt made people felt warm. The bad boy No. 1 was knocked down to the ground by the sudden appearance of the figure.

“Do you want to be disciplined and then ordered to withdraw from school?”

An angry rebuke came from the mouth of the person who was blocking Lucius’s body.

Only then did Lucius get a good look at the dress of the person coming.

‘Wedding…wedding dress?’

Lucius was taken aback.

Wearing a white and solemn suit under her golden hair, which looked like a wedding dress in every way! Because he was facing her back, Lucius couldn’t see her face clearly.

“Lord… Lord Laisser…, sorry, we ……” they became very frightened after seeing the visitor’s appearance clearly.

“Leave. I’ll pretend it didn’t happen.”

When the group of delinquent boys fled in the dust, the visitor turned around. She has the same scarlet pupils as him, as well as that exquisitely beautiful face, looked particularly entrancing under the reflection of the wedding dress.

“Lucius, didn’t I tell you, if you are bullied, you can come to me.”

The other party seemed to know him.

Lucius thought about the memory. Well, he really knows this guy.

The super genius of practical combat and theoretical subjects, the second in command of the Laisser family, Laisser Mille…

His father was one of the four marshals, Laisser Grant.

Well, it’s ‘him’, not ‘her’.

The person in front of him was a boy.

Likewise, he was the only friend of this world’s Lucius in this school.

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