Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 235


Lucius was inside a bakery similar to earth.

Although the space technology in this world had been developed to a very advanced level, you could easily order food from your Sky Phone. It will be delivered to where you are no matter what food you asked.

Some people preferred to eat in a restaurant such as this.

“It’s really rare. The arrangement is so nostalgic.” Lucius sat on a wooden chair, biting on wheat bread and looking at Mille, who had changed to the same academy uniform in front of him.

Of course, the money for the bread was Mille treats. Lucius was penniless.

Lucius did not have any means to obtain despair value. The Federation was like a hornet’s nest. Once stabbed, it means full-scale war. Lucius did not have this kind of power to challenge the Federation head-on yet. His insurance might be the person in front of him…

“After all, there are many things in the ancient earth that are popular with people nowadays.” Mille placed a cup of coffee in front of him, took a sip, and added a spoonful of sugar…

“Then, are you too?” Lucius talked to the person in front of him as a friend. —After all, in the memory of Lucius in this world, Mille, as his only friend in the academy, had a very good relationship with him. It’s a pity that the identity gap was too big. Apart from their appearance, Lucius in this world had nothing comparable to the person in front of him.

Because Mille’s theoretical scores dominate this school throughout the year, coupled with the Laisser family’s outstanding talents and not to mention in actual combat, he was the most likely to inherit his father and become the fifth marshal of the Federation.

Ah… you were asking about the wedding dress, eh?” Mille mentioned this and blushed for a moment.

“It’s just… because I joined the drama club and had to act in a play before I wore it. It just so happened that the rehearsal location was nearby.”


Lucius listened to his words, casually summoned the Sky Phone holographic projection of the entire college map, then pointed to one end of this map and pointed to the other end of the map.

“This is the location of your drama club, this is the location of that small park…and then, what do you think?”

“What… what’s wrong? It’s…close.”

As if to conceal his inner guilty conscience, he sipped his coffee, but then his face turned sour, he added more sugar to his coffee…

Seems like the coffee was too bitter.

“It’s very close indeed. For the Temporal Transition Ship, it is indeed a very short distance, but for humans, it’s a little too far away… to sum up, a conclusion, Mille, did you follow me?”

Pfft …...”

Lucius reflexively took out the menu to block all the coffee spewed by the other party.

“How… how is that possible! I don’t have time for such a boring thing!” Mille seemed to have no intention of admitting it at all.


Because this world’s Lucius was too cowardly, he was often bullied inside the school, and then the person in front of him would be the first to arrive at the scene every time ……

After Lucius erased those idiotic thoughts of his own in this world, he put the wet menu on the table.

“This is the end of these idle chattering.”

Lucius did not intend to waste time on these boring talks. Mille also wiped the corners of his mouth. After calming his breath, he seemed to give up pretending to be mature in front of him.

“What are you going to do after graduation? Will you still join that special team?”

Lucius was now going to talk about business matters. The person in front of him was the second member of the Laisser family. His body also definitely has the ability to imprison the gods, so no matter what method was used, He needed his power.

But the other party is loyal to the Federation, so Lucius must find a breakthrough point.

In Lucius’s memory, as a very prestigious member of the Laisser family, Laisser Mille relied on his father to reach his position. He did not need to go to this school and could still obtain a very high position in the Federal Army. But getting the ranks in the federal army was not that easy. No matter whose son you were, you still need to reach the ranks step by step.

“That is why I’m here in this school.” Mille nodded firmly.

“Even civilians can be selected for a special team as long as they have enough talent. After being selected, their resident level is raised to the highest level. It is really a good condition. For me, but for you, it seems that you are not interested in this? “

The higher the rank, the more benefits they got.

“I don’t care about status or anything.” Mille’s scarlet pupils flashed some incomprehensible light, “This unit is the only existence that could fight the Celestials head-on.”

“The vanguard army of the federation against the celestials, the Gods Hunter?”

Lucius searched for memory in his mind because Mille often chattered about this unit in his ears, so this world’s Lucius wrote down a lot of news about this unit.

The most terrifying thing about the Celestials was that they could control any machinery. Even the Federation’s warship could turn their backs and sided with the Celestials as they controlled it.

The only ones who could defeat the Celestials are the Psionic Energy user, the powerful psychics, who relied on their own power to fight the Celestials, and the Gods Hunter was a group of powerful psychics who were created to crush these Celestials.

Fortunately, there were only a few Celestials existed. Their number was small. The Federations relied on their technology. Once the Celestials appeared, it could spell disaster if they only had their high-tech warships with them, so in order to avoid this disaster, a special unit was formed.

Lucius still doesn’t know why Mille had such a big obsession with Celestials. His goal now was to figure out all the secrets of this guy, no matter what method was used.

“I will also participate.” Lucius suddenly spoke up.

“Gods Hunter.”

Eh? But you’re not …….”

Lucius shook his hand slightly, and the entire menu floated on the table; the water stains were completely separated. Then a brand new menu floated in front of Mille.


Psionic energy!

There were only one criteria for Gods Hunter to participate. That was the talent of psionic energy must be absolutely strong to the extent that mortals look up to. Every hunter among the Gods Hunter possessed an absurd amount of psionic energy.

And the power that Lucius showed just now was the proof of his powerful psychic talent.

“Have you awakened?”

“Well, I am not weak anymore.”

Between people interacting with each other, they must have equal status to proceed smoothly, and now Lucius had the same status as him.

“You have this kind of psychic power just after awakening, and you can definitely join the Gods Hunter, but…” Mille seemed to hesitate.

The benefits of this unit were definitely first class in the Federation, but behind the superb benefits was also a superb rate of death.

Celestials were absurdly strong.

When Lucius tried to reassure that he will not die, the bakery’s door was opened.

The bakery was popular with the group of literary teenagers in the strategic department, and the traffic was relatively high. Still, this familiar footstep made Lucius paused for a moment.

“Lucius, so you are here ……”

‘Is that woman here again?’

Lucius turned his head to look at Jeslyn, who was walking towards him. But when she saw Laisser Mille sitting across from him, her expression suddenly stiffened for a moment.

And Mille also had an embarrassed expression on his face.

Lucius saw something fishy and didn’t say much.

“Let’s talk about the details another time. I’ll leave first.”

Lucius stood up and walked towards the door of the bakery.

Eh, Lucius, wait.” Jeslyn wanted to catch up to him but found that his figure disappeared in the blink of an eye, and then, Jeslyn looked at Laisser Mille, who was sitting there with a hostile look.

“Good afternoon, Miss Nacht,” Laisser Mille smiled, and she glared back at him.

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