Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 236


Lucius walked on the way back to the dormitory, using the Sky Phone to check the information about Laisser Mille.

The Federation’s level of secrecy was ridiculously high.

The power of the four marshals was probably matched with the 12 saints.

After all, the four marshals were the four most influential people in the Federation. In this Federation where human strength was paramount, power always meant everything.

Surely this kind of information needs to be personally explored by Lucius?

But he couldn’t recklessly move without information, completely from zero, but with this world’s Lucius and Mille were good friends that would make finding information about him easy.

He needed to find a chance to visit his house.

Lucius needed his authoritative ability to gather more information about the four marshals.

When Lu Qiu walked halfway.

Unexpectedly, there were men in black in this world…Are suits still popular?

Lucius looked at a group of bald guys with sunglasses and black suits walking towards him and surrounded him from all sides.

Has his identity been discovered by the Federation?

No… the Federation official would never wear those kinds of clothes.

“Our Mistress asks us to pick you up, Mr. Lucius.” The leading one, Wu, spoke to Lucius in a dull tone.

Pick me up? Mistress? That stupid woman? Lucius only thought of Jeslyn alone.

Wait a minute… Lucius suddenly recalled the strange look in Jeslyn’s eyes after seeing Mille. Maybe this woman knew something useful.

“Oh? Then please lead the way.” A trace of scarlet light flashed within Lucius’s pupils, and the black-suited people gestured him to follow them.

The Federation’s first military academy promoted equality. No matter how important your title was, if you wanted to stay here, you need to prove that with excellent exam points and talent in psionic energy. The dormitory of this academy was pretty much the same, the rooms were equally sized, but still there were some rooms that were slightly bigger than the average.

The rich family’s young lady’s room was obviously bigger than the penniless Lucius.

Before he arrived, this dormitory area was obviously tidied up. Probably this young lady has some strange hobbies and did not want people to know.

The group of bald bodyguards then left after they gave Lucius the direction to their Mistress’s room.

This academy had some interesting people flocking around Jeslyn. His visit here might stir up some trouble.

After getting permission to enter Jeslyn’s room through the teleportation node, the sense of weightlessness during his teleportation disappeared, and Lucius was inside of her room.

“Didn’t take the front door?” Jeslyn’s voice came out from the room.

“I was afraid that I would be dragged inside the alley before I could walk to the front door.” Lucius replied and then walked into the living room and saw Jeslyn, who was sitting on a chair, pastries, and confectionaries were placed on the table in front of her.

There were two cups of black tea, and the other party seemed to want Lucius to sit across from her.

“Eh, why would you be dragged to the alley?” Jeslyn had no way to understand Lucius’s words.

“……” Lucius stood silently in the front door. After a while, he asked.

“Why are you looking for me?”

“This ……” Lucius asked straightforwardly. Jeslyn was at a loss as if what she believed was wrong. She took a look at the current Lucius carefully.

I found that every time I saw myself in my memory,

The feeling of love or affection disappeared long ago.

“I…I want to know what you think of me.” Jeslyn hesitated for a moment and said it.

She looked like she wanted to confirm one thing.

She called him just for this matter…..

Lucius almost snapped at her, but he tried to be calm. He needed to protect his disguise. He couldn’t do reckless things.

“Well, it’s the type I like.”

“Is… is that so?” Jeslyn’s face turned red when she heard such a straightforward confession from him.

Unfortunately… it’s the Lucius of this world, not the Lucius of now.

Lucius looked at Jeslyn, who was blushing, and suddenly felt that this woman really didn’t seem to have any use.

“Okay…well…actually Lucius, I came here to tell you something.” Jeslyn’s expression suddenly became serious.

“What is it?” Lucius used his spiritual power to probe the room, hoping to find any useful information, and she had indeed tidied up the room before coming.

And Lucius seemed to have found a book under the cabinet by the door.

Paper books? How strange.

“That actually…I…I have a fiancé.”


“I’m getting married after graduation! And my fiancé is…Laisser Mille, he didn’t do anything bad to you, right?” Jeslyn mustered up enough courage to say it.

Lucius was taken aback, unable to understand the thought of this woman. Although a little rude, Lucius used his power to directly toss out the book under the bookcase.

And when Jeslyn saw the familiar cover of the book wobbly floating to the hands of Lucius, she suddenly panicked and all her elegant expression disappeared as she rushed to Lucius, attempted to retrieve the book.

But there was no way she could take the book from Lucius.

After easily dodging Jeslyn’s surprise attack, Lucius read the contents as if no one was watching.

“Don’t look!” Jeslyn said sadly

“Hmm? It’s a novel? The plot is about a noble girl from a famous family who falls in love with a commoner boy, but because the noble girl is already engaged to a rich family’s son the commoner boy’s involvement with her made him endanger himself?”

Lucius hastily swept through the entire content of the novel and then closed the book, looking at the kneeling figure in front of him. She was crying.

This woman, did she made herself into the heroine of this novel?

He couldn’t understand it. It’s stupid and delusional. Has the technology of the Federation made her IQ dropped so low?

Lucius sighed. Although he was trying his best not to snap at the crying woman, she realized that this woman was easier to handle than he had thought.

“Let me see… the ending must be that the commoner snatched the noble girl from her fiancé at her wedding and then they lived together happily ever after.”

“Do not say it ……” Jeslyn covered her face to hide her embarrassment.


Lucius threw away the book, bent down slightly, and raised Jeslyn’s chin with his right hand.

“I will go.” Lucius’s scarlet eyes stared at her, “Your wedding, I… will definitely go ……”

“Eh…eh?” Jeslyn only felt that the only thing in her line of sight was Lucius’s scarlet pupils, and her heartbeat started to rise.

“But, before that can you tell me something? Miss Nacht.”

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