Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 237


Lucius walked out from inside Jeslyn’s quarters and looked at the lavender sky at sunset unique to this planet, with giant flying stars occupying a large part of the planet’s sky.

Although that woman was indeed a bit stupid, Lucius still obtained some helpful information.

Laisser Mille did not stay in the dormitory because he had a sister who lives on a distant Earth, so he needs to care for her.

Even with the time jump, it was still a tedious expense to return to Earth from here.

And I heard that his relationship with his father, Laisser Grant, was not very good. If the Federation to grant a person the most irresponsible father award, Laisser Grant would have taken that award anytime. He only came home once every five years.

So.. Laisser Mille and his sister were dependent on each other at home.

This situation was slightly similar to my own, huh.

However… this was not a reason to pity him.

Let’s go to his home sometime and visit him.

Lucius returned to his dormitory, used the Sky Phone to simulate a virtual book, and started flipping through it.

The first was to raise his resident level. Before he was able to visit Earth, the birthplace of mankind and their home planet, his resident level must reach level five first, he was only one level away, as long as he graduated with top-five rankings of this college, being promoted to level 5 is a breeze.

And if he were to enter the Gods Hunter, no matter how knowledgeable he was in the theoretical department, it would still not be enough. Lucius needs his psionic talent to reach the peak level. If the vampire’s power of death could be counted as psionic energy, Lucius was not worried about such things.

There were still seven days until graduation, so let’s take advantage of this to experience the feeling of being a student.

When Lucius was immersed in the sea of books ……


The Nacht Family, one of the top business families in the entire Federation, has businesses in almost every corner of the universe.

On an entertainment planet in the universe, Christoph Nacht, the patriarch, booked the best room in this top hotel. One of them wore rimless glasses with broken golden hair and was wearing a dark military uniform. The male sits in front of him.

The door was knocked, and after the attendant opened the door, a nervous Jeslyn walked in wearing a very formal costume. Behind him, Laisser Mille, who had an expression of a dead fish and still wearing the college uniform, walked in willingly. 

“Marshal Laisser Grant, this heir of your family is still so unique.” Christoph laughed loudly, as if ignoring Mille’s stare, and said to Jeslyn on the side

“Why don’t you quickly greet your father-in-law?”

Jeslyn looked very cautious, and when she was about to speak, she was stopped by the person sitting opposite her.

“Don’t call me that, it feels like a man who did some unreliable work in the past.” The pupils under the rimless glasses were always squinted, and he looked at Jeslyn, who was dressed in formal attire and looked charming

“Tsk, Nacht family’s heirs are also lovely, they look very good.”

“If even Marshal Grant feels the same way, then I won’t say more. She really is beautiful, and she could be your family in the future!” Christoph raised the wine glass in his hand.

While the other party still squinted his eyes and smiled,

But he shook his head. “Sorry, I don’t drink, Patriarch Nacht, and I think Mille should not drink either.”

The glass froze as soon as it was raised in the air, and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward, but Christoph didn’t care…

This false banquet continued like this, and finally, Christoph took the initiative to leave with Jeslyn first due to business reasons.

The man who had been leaning against the window with his eyes closed opened his eyes and looked at her father.

“Don’t show such a horrible look, I am your father.” Grant’s smile remained the same, mischievous.

“Five years without coming home, and the moment you return, you give away your own children as trade goods, what kind of father is that?” Mille snapped.

“Isn’t that little girl quite nice? I think you should be fond of her.”

“You don’t get to decide on my lifelong matters.”

“Then, I can dissolve this marriage, but only if you don’t join this army of Deity Hunters!” Grant faintly opened his pupils, and the faint light shaped like a snake shined against the rimless glasses.

“……” Mille was silent for a moment before…


“I think… Hope should be close to reach adulthood, am I right?”

This sentence of Grant seemed to touch something terrifying. Mille’s figure instantly appeared in front of him, grabbed the man’s collar, and lifted him up with a surprisingly strong force.

“If you dare to touch Hope, I will kill you ……”

The scarlet vertical pupils flashed in anger.

“Do not be so angry, Hope is still young, of course I don’t want to do anything to her as her father.”

“……” Mille loosened his grip on Grant’s collar.

“But I’m serious, Mille, this unit of Gods Hunter is something you’d better not join.”

“Why?” All this time, his father never allowed him to touch anything about the Celestials, let alone join this troop dedicated to the Celestials.

“Because, you will regret it for the rest of your life, it’s a curse if our family had anything to do with the Celestials.” Grant said indifferently.

“Curse…?” Mille shook his head.

 “You are afraid, right, father… mother has died for so many years, and you still can’t forget her?”


This time it was Grant’s turn to be silent, and Mille did not say anything else, glanced at this old man, and finally stepped out of this room.


Learning this kind of thing was definitely a more than simple thing for the hundreds of millions of souls inside Lucius’s brain.

The intelligence of hundreds of millions of people was gathered. There was almost nothing that Lucius can’t read and understand.

He did it to reach the highest score in the theoretical test. If he succeed, it will raise his resident level.

In seven days, the First Military Academy ushered in the biggest annual celebration.

The graduation ceremony of the third-year students.

Under the reflection of the purple moon of this planet, Lucius looked at his score of the theoretical subject, ranking second in the whole year.

“Huh.. I still can’t beat you after all?”

Lucius looked at the name of the one who dominated the whole year class first in practical and theoretical subjects and felt that hard work couldn’t beat talent.

At the same time, this was also the best time to recruit new blood for each unit of the Federation!

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