Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 238


All third-year students were required to attend the graduation ceremony. The technological advancement of the Federation made students able to join a classroom via their room using video calls or teleconference. This kind of gathering was quite rare.

That’s why this crowded and merry scene in the college meeting hall always occurred annually.

After the student representative’s speech, students generally have the option to pack their bags and leave their alma mater, but most of them still stayed because this was the best time to apply to join the troops of their choice.

Because of the tight front-line warfare, the welfare of the federal army was hundreds of times better than that of other industries.

The space inside the lobby was very spacious. Lucius sat inside an inconspicuous corner, with the Sky Phone in hand, browsing the recruitment requirement of various troops.

“The death rate is usually around twenty percent. Geh, what an easy war.”

Because of the emergence of such systems as spiritual links, humans were not directly involved in the war but rely on more efficient remotely controlled mechs to log into the battlefield, but in the face of the Celestials, all mechanical products were basically their plaything, and only the strongest among humans could fight with the Celestials.

“Gods Hunter  troops? A fifty percent death rate, Now we’re talking.”

Lucius looked at the unit with the lowest number of enlistees, the vanguard army against the celestials, the Gods Hunter, which in a sense was the gathering place of the strongest human in the Federation.

When Lucius was bored browsing a lot of meaningless news, Jeslyn found Lucius sitting in the corner. Just as she was about to wave his hand, the crowd suddenly became rowdy.

“What’s going on?”

There were few escorts who surrounded Jeslyn, mostly consist of men, they already knew that Jeslyn was engaged, but they still flocked to her regardless. Fortunately for Lucius, he wasn’t the one who attracted the crowd, this time, their eyes were drawn to one person.

“There’s a fight! That genius chief student, Laisser Mille, and Captain of the Gods Hunter got into a fight!”

There were a lot of people in the hall, and young people just love to get up in arms. Regardless of the era, people loved to see someone fight.

Fighting? After Lucius heard it, he looked towards the place surrounded by the crowd.

“That Lucius…” Jeslyn walked next to Lucius

But she saw Lucius hinted something to the crowd and suddenly, the crowd made way for him to walked inside the crown. Seemingly to avoid Jeslyn, he disappeared from her sight.

Private fights have happened more than once at graduation ceremonies. The principal of this college said that only young people who released their instincts were the ones with the most potential, so it was not forbidden to fight privately with the army at the graduation ceremony. Young people need to prove themselves. This was the best time.

There was even special protection set up for this purpose.

Lucius walked to the front end of the crowd. He looked at Mille, who was wearing a third-year school uniform, and the male standing opposite of him, dressed like a classical, medieval gentleman.

Gods Hunter was an oddity amongst the Federation army. This force did not have a uniform. What kind of clothes their soldier wore did not matter much because the person who joined the Gods Hunter was a genius and highly talented individual. Having strange hobbies and tastes were normal among these people.

So the Gods Hunter in the Federation has another name, army of freaks.

Lucius raised an eyebrow. Mille’s opponent, who wore that uniform looked very out of place.

“Although we hunters recognize your talent, but you’re still young, no matter how much talent you have, you still need to accumulate enough experience.”

“I don’t care, you are able to make the call, right? If I win against you, let me see Marshal Garnett!” A faint glow emerged from Mille’s hand, a symbol of spiritual energy.

One of the four marshals of the Federation, Garnette the scorching inferno, was also the army chief of the Gods Hunter, the highest-ranking commander, an existence equal to Mille’s father.

“Then prov e your value, the Gods Hunter, Charlotte engaging!”

“Laisser Mille……” as they both stated their names, the spiritual energy on Mille’s hand instantly formed a sharp blade.

In the information that Lucius was able to gather, Mille’s ability was an ability to create any weapons he could think of using his spiritual energy.

“Oh? Interesting.” Charlotte waved his cane, a dark mist filled his side, and his figure instantly disappeared.

Similar to Lucius’s Ability.

Both sides were approximate at the fifth level, the power level which ordinary people had no way to reach. With Lucius’s extraordinary vision, he could clearly see how terrifying the speed of the two exchanged blows. The ground was cracked from the impact.

After more than ten seconds of continuous collision.

“You…lost.” The figure of Mille appeared on the spot. His scarlet pupils looked at the other party with an overriding condescension.

“……” Charlotte’s somewhat staggering figure took a few steps back, and the next thing he knew, he didn’t dare to move another step because around his body, thousands of swords of different forms were aimed at his body, and if Mille were to move his finger slightly, he would completely turn into a hedgehog.

“Young people nowadays, are absurdly powerful, there is a saying that there are talented people out of the mountains ……”

“Then just go back to the mountains!”

A voice instantly shattered the long sword constructed by Mille, and then Charlotte’s head was slapped by a folding fan, which made him fell to the ground.

A red-haired young girl of only twelve years old appeared by Charlotte’s side and stepped on Charlotte’s head with her foot. Charlotte could only endure this young girl’s rude behavior.

“It hurts, Ma cherie.”

“If it hurts, don’t discredit our troops in front of so many people!” having said that, the girl smacked her folding fan into Charlotte’s head once more.

“Laisser Mille, right?” The red-haired girl stared at the standing Mille, who looked at her with dead fish eyes

“You are able to defeat this dumb Charlotte, you are qualified to join our troops, kid, but your power is not enough to grant you permission to meet the army chief.”

After staring at the young girl for close to three seconds, Laisser Mille asked to Charlotte behind her.

“Your daughter?”



After a bizarre silence close to a second, the entire lobby was suddenly covered by terrifying pressure.

“Listen up! This lady, Ekaterina is one hundred and seventy-four years old! Kid! Enough to be your grandmother!”

She was at least at the seventh-level. This little girl in front of him was an existence on par with Xerath. As he observed the girl, he also noticed her pointy ears.

An elf?

The third intelligent race that humans came into contact with was the elven race because it looked too much like the legendary elves.

“Anyway, there are so many people here who wanted to join the army, but only this kid is worthy, what a let down!”

The red-haired young girl mocked the freshmen present without mercy. But none of them dared to say anything. Because their level was only at third-level at best, they didn’t dare to challenge them.

“Wait a little.”

“Finally, a brave fish who do not fear death?” This red-haired young lady seemed to like causing trouble. It couldn’t be ruled out that her taunt was deliberate, but when she turned her head, she looked at Lucius, who walked out with a slightly embarrassed expression in the middle of the crowd.

“If you want to enter this force, is it enough to defeat Sir Charlotte?”

“Lucius! Your opponent is a member of the Gods Hunter!”

Mille tried to stop Lucius’s reckless behavior, in his eyes, Lucius was only a scholar who was good at theoretical study but not with practical combat.

“Oh? Thinking that just because I lost to your honor student, you thought I was weak, brat?.”

Although Charlotte didn’t show it on the surface, he was seething on the inside, after all, he had lost a lot of face in front of everyone this time.

“If you win I’ll let you join, but if you lose, I cannot guarantee that you will be able to recover from your injury quickly!”

Charlotte walked out of the crowd, and Mille tried to stop it, but in a flash.

“Can I…join the Gods Hunter now?” Lucius’s smile remained the same, watching his opponent’s surprised expression freeze on his face.

The winner, the moment Charlotte agreed to this challenge, had already been decided.


Lucius finger rhythmically moved, and Charlotte’s body was pulled upward like a puppet on a string.

“Do I need to shed your blood to prove it?”

“Enough!” Ekaterina, the red-haired girl’s hand suddenly glows red. As she swung her hand, a pilar of flames engulfed Charlotte and made him fall to the ground.

Then Charlotte knew exactly what had happened to his body. Silk threads, blood-like silk threads, bound his body in layers and came close to cutting his throat.

“You do have the qualifications to enter this unit, but I hate the smell of you.”

Ekaterina stared closely at Lucius. The elves were more sensitive than humans. She felt that the aura emanating from Lucius was too dangerous, dangerously frightening. What was hidden behind this man was definitely the most terrifying existence she had ever seen.

“I need to test, I personally will be the one to test you, if you pass, you will be allowed to join our troops, I have not thought of the specific content, I will come to you in three days.”

“Then, I’m in your care.” Lucius’s smile remained unchanged.

“Let’s go, Charlotte, the Hunter’s face is disgraced by you!” The red-haired girl dragged Charlotte by his collar and left this lobby.

And this graduation ceremony ended with this jaw-dropping result.

The information that Lucius, an ordinary theoretical science student who had the power to defeat the members of the Gods Hunter, was submitted to the intelligence terminal of the Federation.

But all this has nothing to do with Lucius.

The day of graduation, happened to be this world, Lucius’s birthday. And today, he received two Sky Phone messages, one from Laisser Mille and one from Jeslyn Nacht.

Lucius slightly thought about it and then deleted Jeslyn’s message and opened the message from Mille.

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