Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 239


Lucius is now on the home planet of the Federation, a planet Earth that could only be entered by a person with a resident level of 5 or higher. Lucius carefully recalled his memories in this world. He discovered that in order to make up for the travel expenses to the First Academy of the Federation, Lucius sold his house on an unknown small planet on the border of the Federation at a meager price.

This also led to the current situation that he was in. He had nowhere to go. Fortunately, after Mille learned of this kind of thing, he generously invited Lucius to his home far away on the earth.

“Sirion, if the temperature is a bit high just turn on the AC okay?”

Lucius sat in the living room listening to Mille’s voice from the kitchen, in the small living room that was somewhat warmly decorated ……

Sirion is the electronic housekeeper of Mille’s house.

“It’s really convenient.”

“Electronic housekeeper should be a very common thing in the Federation.” Mille, who was tossing something in the kitchen, walked out with a spatula wearing an apron

“Now technology is so advanced, haven’t you used some, Lucius?”

“Yes, technology is so advanced but you still cook manually.” Lucius stared at Mille, who now looked just like a housewife.

“Uh, it can’t be helped, my sister doesn’t like to eat mechanically synthesized food.”

“Your sister…?” Lucius turned his head and looked at a room on the other side of the living room. The door of that room opened with a small slit. When Lucius looked over, the door was slam shut.

“Ugh…sorry, Hope is a scaredy cat…” Mille looked a little embarrassed with how his sister behaved.

“It doesn’t matter, as an older brother, you must unconditionally accept your sister’s shortcomings.”

“That’s a good point.” Mille untied his apron and walked out with a few dishes that looked very appetizing.

Looks like he cooks regularly.

Lucius did not make much comment on this meal. He silently watched Mille carry part of the food and walked to his sister’s door.

“Hey, if you’re hungry, it’s better to open the door.”

“……” The door was opened again with a very small gap, and a white hand snatched the food out of Mille’s hand before slamming the door again.

After scratching his head helplessly, Mille glanced at Lucius and smiled dryly.

On top of the cleaned-up table, Mille and Lucius were sitting face to face.

The posture of the two people was very similar to the posture of the commander in EVA. Laisser Mille with rimless glasses, which was his only weakness behind his perfect student charade. Seems like his vision wasn’t that good.

And Lucius also wore a glass to match the academy setting, making sure his disguise was impeccable.

“You really surprised me Lucius, choosing to join the Gods Hunter.”

The reflection of both sides’ glasses made it so that neither could see each other’s pupils.

“I just awakened my psionic energy today, and I’m not proficient in mastering it.” Lucius said nervously.

“This talent, makes me feel a little scared too, but the focus is not here now.”

In front of Lucius, the intelligence information about a member of the Gods Hunter was projected.

Ekaterina, the red-haired young girl of the elven race.

“According to my investigation, she is the adjutant of the Gods Hunter’s Army Chief.

As the army chief’s adjutant, it can be said that she is responsible for most of the things among the troops. I don’t think this test of her is that easy.”

“This information is not easy to get, right?” Lucius looked at the information written on it about the barren three sizes of this young girl.

“That was irrelevant, the key is how you pass this girl’s test.”

Mille tapped the table, indicating for Lucius not to change the topic.

Was this the so-called friendly advice?

“You don’t need to worry about such things.” Lucius waved his hand, closed his heavenly message, took off his glasses, and wiped them on his hand

“Young girls are always young girls, and children are children after all. I have more than enough ways to make her submit to me!”

“What’s going on? Lucius, why do I feel that your aura just now has suddenly change?”

Laisser Mille looked at Lucius’s eyes that had become terrifying, and felt a chill throughout his body.

“It’s just your imagination” Lucius put his glasses back on

“Compared to the examination in three days, Mille, I think your wedding tomorrow is more important.”

“……” Laisser Mille fell silent. His eyes glanced at the room behind the living room.

Of course, this reaction was caught by Lucius.

“Wedding? It’s not a big deal, it’s something that people are going to experience sooner or later.” Laisser Mille leaned back on his chair. Looking at the ceiling, his eyes looked empty.

After Lucius’s cold and clear gaze swept between Mille and that room door, he asked him in a cold tone.

“That day, will your sister come?”


Two heavy banging sounds were instantly exploded. Laisser Mille, who was leaning on the chair, fell to the ground.

While the door of that room behind the living room was suddenly opened, a young girl with a petite figure and long silver-gray hair reaching to her waist fell on the floor.

“Hope!” Mille saw his sister fall to the ground, stood up, and wanted to help her.

But her sister was faster. She stood up, walked back into the room, and heavily closed the door.


Laisser Mille seemed down and sat on the ground.

Seeing this view, Lucius sighed.

“Don’t you think it’s pathetic?”

These two stupid siblings are hopeless. It looks like I need to educate them.

“Eh?” Laisser Mille showed a puzzled expression.

“Tomorrow is a wedding, but in reality it’s just a politically arranged marriage, right? And you are the victim of it, but you have no way to resist.”

Lucius half squatted down and stretched out his hand to pull up the fallen Mille.

“Humans, are a powerless creature, aren’t they?”

Laisser Mille lowered his own head.

“Then, how about if you give up the identity of human?”

His compelling voice rang over and over again in Laisser Mille’s mind.

“What?” He looked up in some confusion but found that Lucius was already standing in the doorway, intending to leave.

“Just kidding, Mille, I should go back, in the end…no matter what you become, I will always stand behind you, trust me, Mille.”

In the door window, the moonlight spilled down, reflecting on Lucius’s body. Laisser Mille was frozen in place for a while.

What would happen if… I give up the identity of human? A thought that keeps appearing inside of his mind.

When he came back to his senses again, Lucius had already disappeared.

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