Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 240


Earth, the mother of all mankind, after the birth of Gaia, the planet’s consciousness, Earth’s ecology and human technology have formed a balance, interdependent between the environment and technology.

Humans living on Earth were not unusual in the Federation.

The smile on Lucius’s face instantly froze after he closed the door of Mille’s house.

Looking at the familiar moonlight outside the window, Lucius connected to an account that would never exist in the Federation.

“How is it, master? Any plans yet?” Icy and calm, Alex’s voice rang in Lucius’s ears through the Sky Phone.

“How many ways do you think there are to destroy a person?” Lucius followed the path and kept walking with the moonlight at his back.

“Too many to estimate.” Alex’s voice was still so cold, calm to be exact.

“For me, there is only one.”

Lucius walked into the street. Because of the advanced space technology, there were not many pedestrians walking on the road at this time. Lucius then spotted a building that led directly to the sky and continued to walk past.

“Did you… do it?” Alex asked suddenly.

“…” Lucius was silent for a moment

“You seem to have made a mistake.”

Lucius walked to the door of this mansion that looked magnificent even in the dark.

“It was not me who started, but the Federation. I just gave them a chance to do it.”

After saying that, Lucius walked towards the door of that building.

As Lucius was approaching the building, a two-person tall humanoid machine wearing a suit that looked funny stopped Lucius with its giant hand.

“I am very sorry, gentleman, you are not a VIP of this company and have not gained access.”

The machinery repeated the instruction, the crowd coming and going at the entrance of the building and inside the building turned their eyes to Lucius with a look of ridicule.

“Alex, I’m blocked by your home machine. Give me permission.”


A moment later, the crimson glow on the bodies of these machines changed to azure, and the closed-door opened for Lucius.

Lucius walked into the lobby of this building.

“Welcome to the headquarters of the Ringworld Travel Company, this place will provide you with the best quality travel service, please ask……”

Just as he stepped into this place, a sweet female voice came from among the Sky Phone.

This was the headquarters of a travel company, almost a top ten entertainment organization in the entire Federation.

Lucius took a glance at the location of the spatial leap point and walked over there with confidence.

“The highest floor”

“Sorry, you don’t have the access……”


The azure glow of the spatial leap point flashed by, and Lucius’s figure disappeared into it.

When Lucius was able to see everything around him again, he found that this was a very traditional-looking office.

And behind the desk sat a balding, pot-bellied middle-aged man.

“How does it feel to be in the president’s seat? Alex?” Lucius watched as a scarlet glow flashed out from the middle-aged man, changing into Alex’s figure a few seconds later.

“It’s a gamble. The Federation’s technology for gene detection is not as advanced as we thought, and we won the bet.”

Alex, wearing a black jacket with a hood, stood up, he played the identity of the boss of this company. But, as a boss sitting under the company of five-star entertainment planets, his influence wasn’t that great.

As for why he chose the travel company, that’s for Alex to ask.

“Technology is not everything.” Lucius walked to his desk and used Sky Phone to tap on the holographic projection. What was displayed on it was a thumbnail of the galaxy, and Lucius expanded it to zoom in to a certain planet.

“Tomorrow..  there will be a grand wedding held here.”

A planet not far from the Earth where flowers blossomed all year round, but because there were no resources that can be mined except for the luxuriant flowers. The entertainment planet known as the romantic flower was slightly less developed than the Earth.

“The Nacht Clan has been arranging it for a long time.” Alex’s hand pressed on the desk several times. A large string of numbers was displayed.

“The credits they paid were enough for this company’s total profit for a year, and the price was to charter the planet so that no one could enter the planet’s interstellar orbit on that day except for the people on the invitations.”

Charter the whole planet? That’s quite a big deal.

“It’s kind of a show-off, but unfortunately I’m not the person on the invitation.”

After Lucius pulled the thumbnail of the galaxy bigger, he once again changed it to the galaxy near the Milky Way.

“Yuri. Or rather my lovely pets now, how are they?”

“The development of the insect race…” after Alex organized his words for a while

“makes me feel a little scared.”

“Scared?” Lucius looked at the Black Light Virus controller in front of him, who was fearless about anything

“It’s just a combination of the Black Light Virus and the bug genes, you… why are you afraid?”

“The black light virus is using the devoured genes for itself, but after combining the genes of the insect race. Mutations began to expand, a low-level protozoa could already devoured a rabbit, and now it is able to evolve to a hundred times stronger than what it ate.”

“Does that mean that the devouring ability of the Black Light Virus has been completely strengthened?”

“To be precise, it’s an enhancement of the acquired ability.” Alex knew more than the Black Light Virus

“Now this race, except for water, has almost no weaknesses.”

“That… is enough.”

Lucius did not care what this race will eventually develop to. With their reproduction speed, it may eventually become unrestricted and spread throughout the universe, right?

Lucius hand zoomed the thumbnail of the Milky Way and asked without thinking.

“What about the others?”

“Do you want to ask, the situation of Miss Naiya?” Alex didn’t beat around the bush as Lucius did.

Lucius’s hand stiffened mid-air.

“Ah… indeed, she’s very important now… Celestial being, you’ve heard of it, right? Now that Naiya seems to have turned into this kind of existence, I think that the potential in her will turn into a great weapon if she was trained a little.”

But the look on Alex’s face seemed to be hinting something.

Did something happen?

“According to my sister, Miss Naiya’s health doesn’t seem to be very good lately.” Alex replied indifferently.

“Sick? I don’t think ships get sick, or are they under enemy attack? No one in the universe seems to have noticed us yet, right?”

Lucius turned off the holographic projection and gazed at Alex.

“No matter what, she must be healed quickly, her role is infinitely magnified in this universe.”

“The only one who can cure Miss Naiya is you, Master Lucius.”

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