Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 241


Some people may ask when is the most beautiful time in a girl’s life?

That must be when she wears a white wedding dress to stand in the wedding hall to receive the blessing.

What about men?

Nobody knows.

“If the groom is more beautiful than the bride, it would be pretty weird.” Lucius watched the live broadcast of this wedding through the sky phone. Wearing a wedding dress Jeslyn stood by the side of Mille, while his appearance completely overshadowed his bride.

Those who didn’t know the situation couldn’t tell which one was the bride and which one was the groom.

“Fell in love with him?” At Lucius’s side, he heard a voice with a teasing tone.

“Joking should be done in moderation, Naiya, but as far as tools concerned, I like it.”

Lucius sat on top of the Naiya, the space inside this battlecruiser was not large. Still, at this time, there were only Naiya and Lucius here. The central holographic projection was put on the whole live broadcast of this wedding.

As far as tools are concerned? Naiya didn’t know why she felt an inexplicable pain in her heart. Sure enough, this man regarded everyone as a tool.

“What’s wrong? Naya, I can see your troubled expression.”

“That’s none of your concern” Naiya stayed in Lucius’s side for a long time. She knew how badly Lucius deceived her and made her believe that his smile was real. She knew it, yet every time she remembered his smile, she felt an inexplicable pain in her chest.

This is enough, just being his tool was enough if she could stay by his side.

“Okay sure?” Lucius leaned on the chair, not paying attention to Naiya’s small movements. He watched the smoothly going wedding on the holographic projection and was about to find a rice cracker to chew, but found that Naiya seemed to give the snack to Arthas, and Ar was far away in the sun on an entertainment planet.

“I thought you were going to stop the wedding.”

What Lucius has done recently in the Federation can be seen in Naiya’s eyes. As a celestial being, she has many amazing abilities. Among them was being the contact center between Lucius and his other subordinates. This function was excellent.

“Stop?…… why should I stop that?”

The bored Lucius did not know what to do and started to play chess by himself.

“Don’t you have a plan? I thought this wedding was part of your plan.” Naiya’s face showed a surprised look. In her memory, Lucius was a truly meticulous fellow who always had a plan……

“I’m not as clever as you think, Naiya.” Lucius picked up the black knight that he had eaten with his pawn.

“In fact, so far I have not thought of a good plan, I still lack a key pawn.”

“You know what?” The king with the black square in his hand took a step forward.

 “This wedding is attended by the entire Federation’s top brass, nine of the twelve chancellors were present, two of the four marshals were present, and various races attached to the Federation also sent representatives, it was more a meeting of important people rather than a wedding.

“How small do you think we are in this universe? A single fleet of the Federation is enough to drive us to extinction and I have no reason to fight the Federation.”

Lucius’s goal was to find the god who could manipulate time, and it was absolutely unwise to make an enemy of the Federation!

“This wedding is irrelevant with my goal and I will not risk our survival just for that.”

“So, for this wedding, I will be a bystander looking for opportunities after joining the Gods Hunter.”

When Lucius took another step, he found that the black king had been surrounded by the white army, and only the black knight remained above the board.

A checkmate!

Lucius was planning to use the white soldiers to observe the black king.

“This fake wedding …… will only make people suffer.” Naiya hopes that she will one day be able to wear the same white-colored wedding dress as the woman in the video, but it was just her dream.

“Human beings are like this. For their own desires, everything can be a bargaining chip for them to exchange.”

The camera suddenly waved over the image of Christoph Nacht and Laisser Grant shaking hands, behind him stood a young girl with silver hair reaching to her waist, clutching her hand as if she was holding back something, the camera waved over at once, and with the eyesight of ordinary people, there was no way to capture the figure of that young girl.

“She wanted to stop the wedding!”

Naiya froze. Her intuition as a girl was sharp. Naiya clearly understands what the young girl’s goal was.

But, what made Naiya feel more uneasy than that was…

“What’s wrong? Naiya?” Lucius pushed back the black queen with the white soldier and looked up at a somewhat flustered Naiya.

“No-nothing.” Naiya shook her head.

“It’s not a good habit to lie, Naiya.” Lucius’s tone became lower, and this familiar feeling made Naiya’s body shiver.

He was still him, and would not change, the one she feared but was attached to.

“A Celestial.” Naiya was taken aback.

“That girl is a celestial being! I feel the aura of the same race in her.”

They both went completely silent.

“Heh Hahahaha.” Laughter came out of Lucius’s mouth as he covered his forehead, “So that’s it? Laisser Mille? So that’s how it is! I can’t believe it’s like that, that’s why you care so much about the celestial being!”

Lucius looked at the board where the victory had been decided, the black king was cut down by the white soldier, and the only remaining knight among the black seemed to be mourning somewhere!

“Victory and defeat …… have not been decided yet!” Lucius picked up the black king, raised it high, and then dropped it heavily! Instantly the board broke apart, and the white pieces were reduced to pieces!

“Everything went according to your plan huh? Mille! Your Highness, the knight who protects the princess!”

Lucius could no longer suppress his laughter.

“Nine of the twelve members of the Federation have arrived? Two of the four marshals have arrived? Three hundred races each sent a representative to attend?”

Lucius looked at the live broadcast narrating the most spectacular guest list ever.

“The top brass of the Federation! What would happen if, all of them were killed? Naiya, I remember that the Celestials haven’t officially declared war on the Federation yet.”

“…a war…”

The memory of when she was still in the Central Capital once again surfaced in Naiya’s heart.

“Then today is the day when all-out war breaks out!” Lucius clutched the lacquered black king

“The celestials and the Federation true and total war! Let me light the fuse!”

Far away from the foreign land, a swarm began to stir, and a tiny wormhole outside this planet of flowers was slowly generated.

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