Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 242


A strange smell of blood permeated the wormhole.

Lucius held Yamato Blade in his hand. Various colored liquids flowed all over the ground.

This was an insect’s blood and other unknown liquid mixed together.

Probably acid or something like that.

Lucius manipulated the blood and threw the corpses into a corner.

This world’s life forms were more vicious after being infected by the black light virus. Originally, the infected body of the black light virus on Earth would not attack him, but in this world, they attacked him.

Because it retains one thing, that was instinct.

Higher than the vampire instinct.

This came from the strange genes in the human body of this world.

The gene that can adapt to all foreign objects.

The smell of blood in the air was blown by Lucius.

Even Lucius, who had been accustomed to the smell of blood, felt that the smell of this blood was unbearable.

After Lucius finished dealing with the cave’s somewhat revolting smell, an extremely subtle fragrance made Lucius’s suffering sense of smell slightly better.

This is the girl’s body fragrance…

The girl who has just finished bathing was still permeated with the fresh smell of dew.

Lucius rubbed his nose.

“Are you done washing?”

Lucius walked to the nearest light source.

At the end of it was Naiya.

“Well…” Naiya covered her chest, her long black hair stretched to the back of her waist. There were still some wet traces. His face was blushing.

Probably because she had just taken a bath ……

She had her head down.

Therefore, Lucius could not see clearly the expression on her face…..

Being…watched…without moving a muscle…

Naiya’s heart was beating so fast.

In this dark space, a man and a woman were alone in a room.

In fact, when taking a shower, Naiya already guessed her fate. Naiya usually liked to read some biographies occasionally. She knew what captured women generally end up becoming in it, and now she was a captive, and his master doesn’t look like a good person at all!

But this guy’s appearance was not like those biographies villains who were ugly and perverted ……

Lucius’s appearance captured the hearts of many of the opposite sex, so Naiya didn’t feel that bad if it were to happen……

Lucius has been watching Naiya. His eyes never moved away. At this time, Naiya was wearing a black nun’s uniform, given to her by Lucius. Lucius’s gaze slowly swept from every inch of Naiya’s body.

Naiya felt that his gaze was like a snake that swirled around her body!

The shyness inside the young girl made Naiya finally make a move.

Sure enough… it had to be done!

Naiya’s shoulders trembled. She used her hand to slightly pull open the buttons above her shirt, revealing her tempting collarbone and neck ……

“I…um ……”

Naiya lifted her head. An unnatural blush surfaced on her face.

She waited for Lucius’s movement, but only after meeting Lucius’s eyes did she realize something was wrong.

“What are you doing?”

This…this guy ……

The words that Naiya originally wanted to say were momentarily stalled.

“You’re not…not going to…”

“Sucking?” Lucius spat out the two words she was thinking inside, and then Naiya nodded her little head. She felt like her face was already burning……

“First you told me to finish my bath and then told me to change my clothes, isn’t that what this is about?”

Some of the masters in her biographies had such a perverted hobby, so she tried to emulate the girl in those biographies.

“Ah ……” Lucius looked up and down at Naiya’s barren figure and sighed for some reason.

“….. Why…are you sighing?”

Naiya seemed to notice something.

Then Lucius looked at the overwhelmed young girl in front of him with a ‘you’re an idiot look.

“I’m talking about you.”

“….. what?”

“Are you planning to use your body to conquer the people on the Court of the Gods?”


“And if you want to seduce people, please let people be able to judge you a female from your breasts.”

After Lucius finished his sentence, Naiya’s forehead was smoking!

Lucius had no interest in this little girl’s body from the beginning!

This was all just a matter of Naiya’s imagination, so Lucius just played with the young girl’s pure feelings again.

After learning everything, her shyness turned into anger.

“Then just let me now first!” Naiya grabbed a huge stone from nowhere.


The stone block flew towards Lucius. Seeing that Lucius was about to turn into a meat paste, he slashed it with Yamato Blade……

Lucius drew his sword and split the stone in two. His figure also instantly appeared in front of Naiya ……

“I had thought you were just a docile little black cat.” Lucius grabbed Naiya’s hand, and his other hand cupped Naiya’s chin

“But I never thought you are a grumpy little wildcat.”

“You ……” Naiyo wanted to speak, but she realized that Lucius’s face was so close to her, those scarlet pupils seemed to have magic power, making Naiya’s brain dizzy.

It’s too similar……

Lucius looked at Naiya’s pretty face, let go of the hand pinching her chin, and gently stroked the soft black hair behind her……

Really too similar!

At this time, Naiya, who wore a Nun’s clothing in front of him, looked too similar to the most important person in Lucius’s heart.

His sister ……

But her purple eyes and strong character made Lucius realized that she was not her.

Lucius let go of Naiya’s hand…she rubbed her wrist, probably because Lucius’s strength was too much.

Naiya’s heart was a mess. Lucius had been sizing her from the start.

“What exactly do you want me to do?” Naiya questioned Lucius again.

“I can give you the power to kill those saints, but first, you must absolutely obey me! A cat that extends its sharp claws to its master is not a good cat.”

“I’m not a cat!” Naiya retorted.

“It’s just a metaphor, but I have a little white cat at home that is much more obedient than you.”

With a series of words from Lucius, Naiya was silenced.

“I already know my limit and you could easily kill me if you want so I had no choice, right?”

Naiya looked at the Yamato Blade in Lucius’s hand…its sharpness was definitely capable of killing her with ease.

“It seems that you have become somewhat aware, then the first thing I asked you to do….”

Lucius pondered for a moment before speaking out.

“Take off your clothes.”

“You!” Naiya stared at Lucius furiously after hearing those words.

What the hell was wrong with this man? This is terrible!!! This feeling of being teased irritated Naiya……

But she knew that Lucius didn’t even need to say so much to herself. She had no power of resistance in front of Lucius.

Powerlessly, Naiya bit her lips and gradually unbuttoned her clothes. After revealing her shoulders, the black nun’s clothes fell to the ground… Under the glow of fluorite, the young girl’s budding body line was perfectly displayed.

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