Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 243


In the middle of the interrogation room, a federal prison used to hold felons.

“Why are young people nowadays so impulsive.” The Inspector, with a face full of stubble, wearing a somewhat retro trench coat and smoking a cigarette in his mouth, looked at Lucius, who was sitting in front of him with his hands handcuffed to the table.

“Do you know how many people you’ve pissed off? Just because of such a small thing, your future is now in jeopardy.”

The Inspector lamented in a serious tone about Lucius, a misguided teenager in the prime of his life.

“What is the punishment?” Lucius’s looked at the Inspector in front of him with a smile

“What is the punishment that the Federation will give me?”

“This newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger ……?”

Looking at Lucius’s smile, the Inspector didn’t know why this word suddenly came to mind.

“You will be sentenced to ten years in prison, it’s not a death sentence but……” said the detective after inhaling cigarette smoke for a while

“This prison is located in the outermost galaxy and countless criminals are missing every day.”

“Experiment…right?” A strange hue flashed under Lucius’s scarlet eyes.

“Kid, what are you talking about?” The detective gave a lurch.

“A despicable things, of course… It looks like this prison is the Federation’s guinea pig laboratorium, so, Inspector, can you please let me become an experiment?”

Lucius wanted to see what exactly happened beyond this experiment.

“No problem.” Surprisingly, the Inspector agreed very naturally.

“Then, finally can I trouble you to put out the smoke? I hate the smell.”

“……” after the Inspector silently extinguished the cigarette he was holding inside his mouth, he continued to talk to Lucius in a casual tone.


The Federal Institute, this might only be the external name.

The mission of this institution was to find a way to annihilate the Celestials at any cost.

The research on this subject had actually come to light a few years ago, and recently there had been a new breakthrough and progress.

“Ah, it’s surprising that it’s not human research, which makes me slightly disappointed.”

Lucius came to this institute as a felon, and there was no mad scientist doing human research or anything like that in his imagination.

In fact, that kind of research was abandoned hundreds of years ago. Research to develop a total potential of psionic energy on humans. Human research was classified as a heinous project by the Federation.

After entering this prison, Lucius’s charm pupil was fully opened. He used his vampiric lure to make people unknowingly follow his word, so there was no need to worry about being detected and so on.

“Have you heard? The top person in charge of this institute, Dr. Harker. Has researched the method that can detain the celestials forever.”

“It seems to be called something like the Eternal Seat project, and now he is planning to report to the upper echelons of the Federation.”

Lucius listened sideways to the discussion of a few passing researchers, and a dark red glow flickered among the arms bound by photonic handcuffs.

After that, without anyone noticing, a round, black, Slime creature screamed and disappeared into the floor of the deck.

“Hey! Prisoner 023 hurry up and follow! Otherwise, there will be no dinner for you tonight!”

There is no such thing as human rights in this place, huh?

After Lucius agreed, he quickly followed the group.

And on the other side of the cell.

Leaning on crutches, the elder who has reached his sixtieth year visually looks at the data displayed on the holographic projection.

 Silently pushed his glasses.

“This time the assault on the Flower Planet is a reminder for us! The Celestials have the ability to evade our detection network. The ability to enter directly within our defenses, at this rate, although I don’t want to admit it, the Celestials will win this war.”

The border of the Federation were all made up of mechanical warships. It was full of future technology… even if only one Celestial descends on top of these warships, then the destruction of the Federation was ensured.

“Do not worry, the race of Celestials has become a thing of the past.” The old man pushed his glasses, his wrinkled face was filled with smiles: “The project of the Seat of Eternity has been completed. The Celestials will no longer pose any threat to the Federation!”

“Is that so? Doctor, the so-called Seat of Eternity is completed?”

“Of course, now the celestials will be bound forever inside of their tomb.” The old man turned slightly sideways to let the people on the holographic projection see clearly what was behind him, a huge coffin-like object like a towering spire

“The Celestials have the power to assimilate machinery into a part of their own body and manipulate it freely, which is their most terrifying aspect. But these machines will also turn into coffins to bury them! The Seat of Eternity!”

The old man raised his cane high and pressed his tone to recount this historic moment.

“This spire is made of a special memory metal, once the Celestials step into its capture range. The ability of the machinery assimilated by the Celestial will bury them, and the Seat of Eternity will devour the Celestial and bind it forever, after capturing the Celestial, we will destroy this thing, and the immortal Celestials will be no more.”

“Perfect! That’s perfect! Doctor, the resources given to you by the Federation have really not been wasted, what an amazing insight!”

“But this is only in theory, I need something practical, some proof that this device of mine is able to detain a Celestial, I need an experimental body, a real celestial being! Can the Federation do that?”

“This ……” The man in the picture paused for a moment.

“Doctor, you understand that the Gods Hunter forces responsible for fighting the frontline Celestials are not directly under the Federation, but only obey Marshal Garnette.”

“The Gods Hunter… this powerful private armed army, the Federation really has no power over them? Is it hard to believe that the Federation can really tolerate Garnette raising a powerful private army under their noses?” The old man seems to know the situation in the Federation very well

“I heard, the reserve members of the Gods Hunter seem to have caused a big problem again, right, it’s hard to say that this time they will be released without any punishment? The power of the hunters seems to be a little too great in the Federation.”

The person in the picture was a bit speechless.

The Gods Hunters were originally established to fight the celestial beings, gathered the best elite among humans, but the army was not as open and honest as it seems, there was a lot of infighting, but still, they fought together in unity with a great bond between their ranks, maybe a bond between geniuses? Nobody knows.

So the Federation has recently been giving the most dangerous and difficult tasks to the Gods Hunters, while offering generous conditions for some of their members to leave the force, but apart from a few, the other Gods Hunter members simply do not give a damn about the Federation.

The Federation could do nothing about it. In this era of power above all else, the authority of the Gods Hunter army chief, one of the four marshals, Garnette the scorching inferno, was above their control.

The good thing was that Garnette is loyal to the Federation and is an excellent general, so the Gods Hunters are such a special team by the Federation by default.

“Hey, hey, hey! Old man!”

Before the two people could finish speaking, an extremely strong voice emerged from inside this encrypted channel!

This was a meeting between two high-level leaders of the Federation, and it was very rude to insert such an unreasonable gesture into the conversation between the two. The old man just wanted to get angry, but he shut his mouth.

On top of the holographic projection, a red-haired young girl appeared in.

The adjutant of the army chief of the Gods Hunter, Ekaterina!

“I heard that you have a kid named Lucius locked up inside your detention center, isn’t it?” Said the girl crudely.

The old man clutched his cane, his face still smiling, but the veins beside his eyes popped out as if he tried to hold back his anger.

“I won’t pay attention to the names of those inferior prisoners.”

“Tch! That’s the kid! Don’t play dumb.” The red-haired girl took out a photo, and it was none other than Lucius’s graduation photo.

“Indeed… he look similar.” Now the old man just wanted to hurry up and send this little girl away.

“Let go of him! You have one hour to release him, I regarded that kid as one of our Gods Hunter member! Release him immediately!”

“…Understood.” The old man gritted his teeth and agreed to her request.

Finally, the red-haired young girl disappeared from the holographic projection.

The old man’s hand was clutching his cane, on the verge of an outburst!

The other man in the picture was also silent for a moment without speaking.

The Gods Hunters have been rampaging through the Federation like this for not a day or two. They are always nice to the civilians but carry disdain for the top of the Federation, the most representative of which was the elven red-haired young girl. This one was a terrifying existence that once hung more than thirty high-ranking sons and daughters of the Federation on the city gate of an outer planet.

Her great power was second only to the four marshals.

Just as the old man was trying to vent his anger, a black, round thing cut through space and burrowed into the old man’s back.

The next second, the old man’s angry expression suddenly froze and once again took on that false smile.

“Since the hunters are so powerful, is it possible to entrust them with a task in the name of the Federation?”

“The hunters will take on whatever mission, as long as it’s about the Celestials, but the price paid by the Federation is also huge.”

“No… it’s not that difficult a task.” The pupils under the old man’s glasses took on a slight scarlet hue. “There is a planet at the edge of the Milky Way, where I detected traces of celestials the other day, maybe it’s a single celestial who has fallen, so let them go ahead and explore a little.”

“So, Doctor, what do you think of the level of this mission?”

“The highest double S-class mission, once they complete it, they will have three qualifications to enter the Federation Council.”

“This…this will give the Divine Hunters complete control of the Federation!”

“Believe me, Councilor Roy, I, as the oldest qualified councilor head of the Federation, will never make a choice that is detrimental to the Federation.”

The old man spoke out with great certainty.

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