Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 244


Prison life did not last long.

In just one day, Lucius was exempted from prison for serving as a gods hunter.

The influential power of this force once again gave Lucius a deep insight.

After he was released from prison, the first letter that Lucius found was about Laisser Mille, something about saving him as soon as he could.

Had Lucius been held for a longer time, Laisser Mille himself will single-handedly go to the Federal Prison to rescue him.

Fortunately, Lucius is now on the jump ship returning to Earth.

The weightlessness of the leap was a bit unbearable, but its speed was baffling. A few leaps from the edge of the galaxy reached the Earth in just a moment.

After a short wait, the jump ship arrived on the Earth’s spaceport.

Among the crowded spaceport, the first thing Lucius saw was not Laisser Mille, but… Jeslyn Nacht.

After receiving the message of Lucius’s release from prison, the young lady seemed to have been waiting for a long time. The look in Lucius’s eyes was a horror.

“What’s wrong? Miss Nacht?” Lucius greeted the bride, who fled from her groom as if nothing had happened.


Although Jeslyn didn’t know how many words he wanted to ask Lucius, after seeing him walking out of the ship’s and greeted her plainly, all of her words were choked in his stomach.

“Why…?” Of course Lucius knew what Jeslyn was the one who asked. Although this woman was a little stupid and very easy to use. But she has no value anymore for him. If she was killed, as the eldest lady of the Nacht family, it would definitely be as troublesome as stabbing a hornet’s nest. Not to mention the Gods Hunter might get involved. No one could save him.

Unless Lucius chooses to secede from the Federation and give up everything he has tried so far.

Now is not the time to leave the Union.

“Because. I already have someone I like.”

Sure enough, it’s best to use this reason to refuse. Lucius didn’t make any grand speech or something like that, a simple word like that should suffice and directly pointed out the most important problem.

The person you like? Jeslyn was slightly startled. Who? Is it really Laisser Mille? This… If it were him, then Jeslyn would have been completely defeated just by appearance.

“It’s a girl.” Lucius looked at Jeslyn whose expression had become so confused and startled. He immediately understood that this girl must be thinking about something weird. So he clarified with him about his sexual preference.

Girl…? If it’s a girl, then…

Self-confidence appeared on her face once more. As long as it wasn’t for Laisser Mille, she believed that she was the most beautiful person in the entire Federation.

Jeslyn Nacht, who owns several planetary fan groups, was no joke! If she came here without bodyguards blocking the crowd, then the entire planet would be full of her fans.

“Who is that? Tell me her name.” Jeslyn stared straight at Lucius, unwilling to admit defeat.

How childish…

“Just give up.” Lucius waved his hand to Jeslyn, and turned to leave

“In my mind, that girl is a hundred times better than you!”

“You… are not letting me to meet her?” Jeslyn tried her best to fight and prove that she was better than whoever he like.


After Lucius thought about it for a moment, he wanted to resolve it once and for all, and he dialed some number on his Sky Phone.


Mooring not far from the Earth, Naiya, who was buying ice cream with Arthas on the moon, startled by the rings on her Sky Phone and realized that Lucius was the one who calls her.

“What’s wrong, you have something for me to do?” Naiya asked.

“There is indeed a troublesome task. Sorry, can you pick me up at the interstellar port on Earth?”

His tone was very polite, unlike his usual tone.

Pick him up? Could it be that he was lost?

“Is that master Lucius?”

Arthas, who was licking the ice cream, asked Naiya curiously.

The two cat ears on her forehead twitched, and she obviously heard the conversation between Lucius and Naiya.

“Could it be that you want my main body to pick you up?” Naiya caressed Arthas’s soft hair indulgently.

Naiya and Arthas obtained the identity of the Federation through special means, but Naiya’s main body was that of a battlecruiser, a Celestial.

“You just need to come.”


“This is an order, Naiya.” Lucius lowered his voice and said these words. Naiya didn’t dare to ask any more questions.

“Ar, you go back to the beach to bask in the sun, I’ll be there soon.” Naiya handed the ice cream to Arthas, and then she nodded.

After silently waving his hand to watch Naiya leave, Arthas looked at the two ice creams in her hand and tilted her head. Finally, one ice cream was drooped upside down on top of the other, making it a double cone, and then licking it happily.

Then, above the interstellar port on the other side of the Earth.

Jeslyn thought that what Lucius said about someone he already liked was an excuse to withdraw himself from her.

But from the conversation that she heard, the one he likes had a high resident level since you need to be at least level five to enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

There is no way that a girl better than her fell in love with him, right?

After a while, another jump ship was moored at the interstellar port. Among the crowd, Jeslyn saw an extremely conspicuous young girl.

Her aura felt different from ordinary people, almost like an unsheathed sword.

Naiya saw Lucius waving to her at first glance. When she walked to Lucius’s side, she just wanted to ask him what happened to him, but suddenly…

Lucius held down Naiya’s shoulder and said to the person in front of him.

“This girl is the one I like! For me, she is the best girl I have ever met in my life!”

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