Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 245


I am…the one you like?!

Naiya was utterly shocked by Lucius’s straightforward and undisguised confession!

“Now, can you let me go?”

Lucius looked at Jeslyn, who showed a timid expression.

“She… is indeed an excellent girl, then… Then I will not bother you anymore!”

Lucius had an absolute confidence in Naiya’s excellence. After all, she is the first girl in his life to make his heartbeat.

Jeslyn hurriedly left after the last few words of conversation.

This also made Naiya realized that Lucius only did that to escape from that woman…

“But… even if it is a lie… I’m so happy…” Naiya whispered softly.

Naiya clutched her throbbing chest and glanced at Lucius, who was playing with his Sky Phone.

“What’s the matter?” Lu Qiu glanced at her, and Naiya only blushed and lowered his head. Lucius was clueless about what happened to her.

“I really like you tho.” Lucius whispered in Naiya’s ear.

“It’s true, it’s not a lie this time.”

“Huh?!” Naiya raised her head and found that Lucius was nowhere to be found.

Why… did he emphasize that it is not a lie? Could that man really love anyone?

However, this should be regarded as a kind of comfort, and she felt really lucky to be able to hear him said that.


“Lucius, what are you going to do now?” Laisser Mille’s voice reached Lucius’s ear through Sky Phone.

“What do you mean?” Lucius walked at the transit station of the spaceport and glanced at the platform.

“Assessment!” Laisser Mille heard Lucius’s leisurely tone and couldn’t bear it

“That young girl is notoriously difficult to beat in the Federation. And you have to fight her on this assessment.”

“…Damn right I am!!”

An arrogant voice suddenly penetrated into Lucius’s conversation with Mille, and the figure of Ekaterina appeared next to Mille and Lucius’s Sky Phone.

Did she just forcibly intervene the conversation of others? The power of the Gods Hunter is a bit too much.

Seeing the appearance of Ekaterina, Mille suddenly fell silent. He seemed very afraid of this girl, and it seemed that his sister was of this type.

What a nuisance.

“Hey, boy, first of all you have to thank me for saving you from that prison! But you seem to be a restless man!” Ekaterina stared at Lucius through Sky Phone.

Every single member of the Gods Hunter is a weirdo, but this girl in particular was famous of doing whatever she wants.

“Your skill was very dangerous during that fight, if you were to hold the title of the Gods Hunter, the stability of the Federation might be in danger.”

She was the one who caused the most problem in the Federation, not me.

 Lucius leisurely ordered a cup of hot tomato soup at the vending machine in the spaceport, biting into the unhappy expression of the young girl and Mille’s horrible expression.

“Vice-chief of Gods Hunter… Xia-” Laisser Mille couldn’t help but speak.

“Don’t call me Xiao Ai! Call me Ekaterina, your superior!”

“Then, Ms. Ekaterina, Vice Chief. How can Lucius enter the Gods Hunter army?” Laisser Mille asked her for the sake of his best friend.

“Um… Well, it must be assessed by the head of the army himself! The price of tickets to enter our regiment is very high.”

Lucius looked at the self-satisfied young girl in the picture. After finishing his tomato soup, he took out a paper ticket that was very rare in this era.

“So, is this ticket enough?”

“Huh? Don’t think that you can just take any tickets for the children’s playground…” When the red-haired young girl saw what was written on the ticket in Lucius’s hand, her body suddenly froze there.

“Why… do you have this thing?” She looked surprised.

“I have already mailed it. Please check your inbox, Vice-chief, Ekaterina.” Lucius mailed it to the planet where the young girl was.

For a moment, in the picture of this young girl, there was a scene of her rushing to her doorstep when she got the ticket.

“Very smart! Lucius! Very well, as the vice-chief of the Gods Hunter I will allow you to join our regiment!”

“The time is tomorrow, please enjoy it, vice-chief.” Lucius said to the young girl with a professional smile.

“Understood!” The young girl hung up the Sky Phone happily.

Laisser Mille was the only one who didn’t understand what actually happened.

“What the hell did you give her?” Laisser Mille asked.

“The first ranked tourist planet in the Federation, a VVIP all-inclusive travel ticket.” Lucius took out the same one. “If you want to go, I can give you one. The most famous tourist planet in the Federation.”

“Isn’t it just a ticket to the children’s playground?” Laisser Mille seems to be more confused than before.

“Exactly.” Lucius once again showed the smile that made Luo Qianhuan’s chills

“A child is still a child after all. As a qualified adult, I will never lose to a child.”

“What an unreliable Vice-chief.”

Whoever faced the Gods Hunter’s vice-chief must have thought that she was just a child and the Gods Hunter was just a kindergarten, right?

“Although the Vice-chief is not reliable. But her strength is beyond doubt.”

Lucius’s sky phone has shown that he has entered the Gods Hunter and became an official hunter.

And Lucius’s rating was… not in the top ten.

Lucius inquired about Laisser Mille and found out that he was in the top ten.

A person like him couldn’t even get to the top ten?

Compared to the Federation’s Four Marshals with the highest level of eight, this regiment’s level ratio was somewhat terrifying.

“But we can finally fight on the same field. This is the most important thing.”

“Mille…” Lucius suddenly lowered his voice

“If. I said if, I was not released from prison by the gods hunter on bail, what would you… do?”

“Of course I will save you, no matter what.”

“Did you not consider the consequences?” Lucius was a little surprised at his answer.

“Ah… of course there are considerations, so it would take more time. After Hope is absolutely safe, even if it would make me wanted by the Federation, I will definitely rescue you.”

“That.. is very reassuring.”

Wanted by the Federation, this was a huge deal!

As long as his sister is safe, he didn’t care about himself, huh?

He has a little resemblance to me.

“So… let’s start our first mission, Mille, a rare mission involving all members of the gods hunter.”

Lucius’s Sky Phone has already revealed that the new recruits, Lucius and Laisser Mille, must participate in the double S-level mission.

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