Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 246


On a remote planet.

There was nothing but desert on this planet…

“It’s really rare that you ask me to come out. Let’s talk, what’s the matter, Laisser Grant.”

Although his face was densely wrinkled, his stance was very firm and strong. He was wearing a black military uniform that represented a gods hunter. His short grey hair was covered under his military cap.

Garnette, the scorching inferno, the commander of Gods Hunter.

“I… saw the future.” Beside him was Laisser Grant, a man with rimless glasses on the bridge of his nose and a fox smile on his face.

“The future? You made me come all the way here just for that?” Garnette’s voice holds so much charisma, making weak-willed people unable to lift their heads.

“The future of the Federation is dark.” Laisser Grant suddenly took out a pair of dark leather gloves from his jacket and put them on slowly.

“Don’t be obsessed with those superstitious prophecies anymore, the Federation is guarded by us, and the future will never be dark! I have no interest of this thing.”

Garnette walked away…

“Yes, I don’t care about the future of the Federation, but my child’s future is also dark.”

Laisser Grant’s fingers moved rhythmically, and the ground in front of Garnette collapsed instantly.

“What do you… mean?” Garnette turned his head and stared at Laisser Grant with an ominous look.

“Have you experienced this feeling? I have watched my beloved one die in front of my home countless times, no matter how hard I try. The result is still the same! My wife only left me with two children, and that was the only thing she left for me, I must protect them. It doesn’t matter what the future of the Federation becomes! I only care about the future of my children.” Laisser Grant opened his pupils slightly.

There seemed to be a number of sparks that came out of his pupils.

“Have you gone mad?”

“Yes! I’ve been crazy long ago, watching her die in front of me time and time again, I’ve long since run out of this thing called sanity, so. Garnette! This is an act made by a lunatic. In the future, if you are still alive, there is no future for my children!”

“And if I die,Then the future of the Federation is dark, right? “Garnette asked Laisser Grant loudly.

“Yes. But it doesn’t matter. Because as long as my children is safe…..”

“Then try it! Laisser Grant. I’ll teach you how to respect your elder. This is the third time I have beaten you down and brought you back.”

“Heh…” Laisser Grant chuckled and opened his pupils wide. Among the scarlet pupils, a large amount of data stream of 010101 flashed by

“Little guy, you cannot use appearance to measure someone’s age,you know? Because… Celestials are immortals.”

“The Celestial… You?!” Garnette looked at Laisser Grant in shock.

“I know, it’s too late.” Laisser Grant waved his hand, and Garnette suddenly fell to his knees.

His old face gradually became younger, and his grey hair became black and beautiful.

“How does it feel to be rejuvenated by everyone’s dream? Marshal Garnette.”

“You…you…” Garnette couldn’t say anything at all.

“But young, it represents the weak! Human strength comes with age, indeed, It’s true that I can’t defeat Garnette in his days as a Scorching Flame Military God, but what about Garnette when he was the chief student of the First Academy of the Federation? What if you are still a young Garnette sitting at home and fantasizing about the future and swimming in the stars? What if you became a baby?”

Laisser Grant looked at Garnette, whose body was gradually shrinking.

“Weak! Weak, even the huge pressure of this planet can crush you, so disappear.”

“Laisser Grant!” Garnette finally squeezed out a few words from his throat

“You said…you are a Celestial! Then your child…”

“Ah…” Laisser Grant smiled wickedly

“The best combination of heaven and Earth, human beings and Celestials, there is no match in the entire universe. Once any of my child gets serious, even I can’t beat them.”

“Once hatred envelops your descendants, that will be a catastrophe for the entire universe.” After Garnette finally uttered this sentence with a roar, the young Garnette finally couldn’t bear the planet’s gravity, and the huge pressure crushed him into minced meat.

“I don’t care about that.” Laisser Grant took off the leather gloves he wore on his hands

“Since there is no way to resurrect anyone in the reversal of time, I can only take good care of the present and the future of my children.”



Lucius sat on the military airship and suddenly sneezed.

“You good? But that should be impossible? If it wasn’t for Hope’s poor physique, I would have forgotten this word.”

Laisser Mille, who was sitting next to Lucius, suddenly felt a little horrified when he watched him sneezing.

After reaching a certain level of life, you could perfectly control your own body, and it was almost impossible for diseases such as viruses to invade.

“I don’t even know.” Lucius rubbed his nose. As a vampire, he was even less likely to sneeze. He hadn’t sneezed since he was born. It was the first time I sneezed.

Is that an illusion? Laisser Mille watched the giant octopus-like behemoth on the side of the huge earthy yellow planet that the military ships were gradually approaching.

Hunter’s Fortress.

A fortress dedicated to the gods hunters.

The interior was large enough to be the size of Earth, and each tentacle comes with a meteor cannon. If it were to unleash all of its weapons, the planet besides it would crumble instantly.

However, only Lucius knew…

The earth-like yellow round sphere with a halo around it was not a planet.

It’s a creature!

After the terrifying black light virus absorbed the Insects gene, it turned the mother of the insect, a planet, into a huge abomination!

It breathes, it excretes, and it needs to eat.

Those insects were like fleas on it, and this was Lucius’s insurance against the Federation.

This star eater could swallow a small planet whole.

Among the missions Lucius learned about, his mission was s to land on this planet and find the lonely celestial beings to capture it.

They should have detected the weak and poor native inhabitants on this planet.

But they couldn’t detect that they were preparing to wake up from hibernation and swallow all the star-eaters around them.

It is two hours before the Star Eater wakes up.

After this, the destiny that the god hunter will meet is… annihilation.

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