Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 247


Federation, Earth.

Recently, the Federation has been in a state of alert and emergency. Their archenemy, the Celestials, appear under the nose of the Federation undetected and now has entered a period of full alert against the Celestials that might lurk around them.

Not to mention the large-scale screening, whether or not there’s Celestial amongst the citizen, the Federal Spaceport was closed to prevent any Celestials from getting out of this mass search.

Laisser Mille’s House, bathroom.

White vapour enveloped the room, and the sound of rattling water echoed in the bathroom.

A white arm closed the water valve…

The long grey hair of Hope had become wet, draped with a bath towel, and walked to a mirror. She stared at the mirror that was blurred by the white mist looking at her own figure in which could not be seen clearly.

“Sirion, exclude this bathroom from your system.” Shi Yu suddenly spoke up.

After finding that there was no response from the electronic housekeeper of this house, Hope could finally be sure that nobody monitored this part of the house.

Hope pursed her lips as if she had made up her mind.

She removed the bath towel worn on her body, revealing ceramic-coloured pale skin and her developing body.

But compared to the average person of the same age, her breast was quite small. She often thought that her breast might be the reason his brother didn’t like her.


There was a white gauze wrapped around her breast.

Even when she took a shower, she didn’t take off her breast wrap.

“It’s not small.”

But she never showed her body to anyone else, not even her brother.

“There are no secret between siblings.”

She recalled her brother once said that, and that word felt like a needle on her chest.

Her brother trusts her unconditionally, and she feels like she has betrayed his trust.

With the long gauze that wrap around her breast gets unrolled one by one, Hope’s heart also became heavy, and she finally gathered enough courage to wipe her hands in front of the mirror. When the mirror became clear, her own body showed in front of her eyes.

“This is a human body, Hope, You are human….”

“…. But, why…” Hope covered her breast as if to hide something in her chest area.

A blue prismatic crystal inlaid on the chest of Hope, the crystal emits a little blue starlight glow and millions of white dots, forming a small galaxy inside of it.

A year ago, this crystal appeared on her chest. She certainly understood what race in this world had a crystal on the chest.

The race that the entire Federation considers an enemy, the race that will definitely bring trouble to his brother.

She feather stroked the tiny scar next to her chest.

 She had tried various ways to remove the crystal on her chest.

But it was never an accessory but a part of her body.

She was a human being, but why did this kind of thing appear? The hand of the Hope trembled and gently stroked the crystal, which represents calamity. She understands that if others know about this, then not only her but her brother might be dragged into a big crisis.

The public enemy of mankind, no matter who you are, if you had this thing on the chest, you are the public enemy of mankind, the enemy of the entire Federation…..

So she chose to hide it, hide all of this, she did not even dare to tell her brother, betraying her brother’s trust, she was afraid that her brother might hate her for it, her brother had been focusing his attention on Celestials and participate in the Gods Hunter force. No matter how you look at it, he must hate Celestials so much.

And when he realized that her sister was one of them… what would he think?

Hope once again picked up a new piece of gauze, wrapped her breast with it, and covering the crystal that represents calamity.

“That’s right ……  I don’t want to become his burden.”



“A feline has invaded this residence, do I need to evict it?”

At the same time that Hope heard a cat cry, she also heard an alert from the residence’s electronic housekeeper, Sirion.

A cat? Hope wiped his long wet hair and dressed after.

“Location: Under the living room couch.”

The residence’s electronic housekeeper dutifully told Hope the exact location of the cat.

It was a beautiful-looking little black cat with a bell around its neck, someone’s pet perhaps.

After looking around, she saw her favourite fish crackers on the table, squatted down, and took a fish cracker to tempt the black cat.

The black cat’s pupils were blindingly scarlet, and she felt a weird feeling of fear when she looked at the cat.

The cat seems to be attracted by the scent of fish crackers. The black cat slowly crawled out from under the sofa.

I want to touch it.

The black cat’s forehead was just about to be stroked, but the cat leapt sensitively and stepped on the living room table in a graceful arc in the air.

The news that was broadcast on the huge flying projection in front of her suddenly caught the attention of Hope after her failed attempt to stroke the cat.

Not news, but from some video, the black cat elegantly sitting on the table, waiting for the human’s reaction.

It was a “battlefield diary,” in which the cameraman used his vision as the main point of view to record his own experiences during his military days.


She recognized the two people showcased in the projection.

Laisser Mille and Lucius came off the landing ship in their black uniforms. They were shaking hands with the cameraman of the video.

The movie about her brother joining this unit and his daily life… Hope looked at the black cat sitting on the table, elegantly grooming his fur with his tongue.

The image changed to the endless yellow sand planet. A gathering of 270 or so people… The most powerful people in the Federation, the Gods Hunters.

Hope did not care about this; her gaze locked dead into her brother.

The battle has begun! The creatures that gave Hope the creeps, the insects! The entire planet was almost an ocean of insects, but the Federation’s elite didn’t seem to be something that these little insects could tackle.

The Goods Hunters unleashed a lopsided massacre!

Until the sudden appearance of a young girl, this world where only white sands exist made the girl’s appearance out of this place, vermilion pupils, wielded a magic sword in one of her hands, took away the eyes of Hope as well as the cameraman.

A large number of monsters made of lava suddenly emerged from the ground, scorched the entire planet with a volcanic eruption.

This, what is going on? Hope’s shock was no less than this cameraman.

The Nacht family? No… Celestial? Who is that girl ……?

As more volcanic monsters joined the fray, casualties on the Gods Hunter’s side started to pile up.

Until… the appearance of that man!

“Let me show you what magic is all about!”

The blue glow covered the earthly planet, and lightning exploded around every one of them!

Power comparable to the Four Marshals!


 Xi Yu tightly gripped her leg, looking at the chaotic scene in the projection, hoping to find his brother’s figure from it.

Finally, the hunters chose to retreat.

When Hope saw clearly the figure of his brother on the evacuation ship, she breathed a sigh of relief.

The cameraman had his jaw dropped as he looked through the window at the sphere in the middle of the universe again, but a horrible scene happened!


Hope was also stunned by the view on the screen and could not move.

Life, this is not a planet at all, but a living being! The planet blossomed, blossomed gloriously in the middle of the universe, and then… swallowed everything around it with its giant mouth.

The moment the video went into darkness, Hope could no longer remain calm.


She stood up to go out but found that the door was locked.

“Cannot grant permission to unlock, the master has issued a request that you are not allowed to go out for a day if …….”

Hope’s pathetic small arms and her weak strength could not shake the door in the slightest.

“Sirion! Let me out! That’s an order!”

But the electronic housekeeper did not answer.

Just when all hopes were lost.

“Meow…” The black cat came up behind Hope at some point, and the black cat’s bell rang, along with the sound of the door rattling.

“The door…opened?”

Hope looked at the door and took another dumbfounded look at the black cat narrowing its eyes and licking its paws.

‘What are you?’

No matter what ……


Hope put on his shoes and ran towards the spaceport.

And the black cat watched the young girl’s fleeing figure. Narrowed scarlet pupils flashed a trace of ominous aura.

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