Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 27


This time, Lucius spent 10 million Despair Points without upgrading his bloodlines or skills. He was freeing himself from the shackle that held his true bloodline. After liberating his bloodline, he didn’t get any increase in physical strength. His strength was still about five times an ordinary human, and his vampire skill didn’t increase much either. There were no skills that abruptly increased his strength. 

But this liberation changed Lucius’ nature! He became a True Vampire! 

Back then, blood was nothing more than food for him, nothing more. But for True Vampires, they can strengthen their body and push it beyond limit from drinking blood. This was the original vampire’s power, a True Vampire. The creature that used blood for strength. As long as they had blood, they were practically immortal. Now, Lucius had turned into this creature.

“Dead River…?” Lucius sat on the couch, looking at the six-pointed star mark on the back of his hand as he kept repeating the name of the skill he had acquired in his mind.

Dead River…

Storing the lives of the devoured person in his body. Instead of just treating it as food and discard it after digestion. When the vampire was fatally wounded, these devoured beings would die instead of the vampire. As long as he increases the number of lives he devoured, theoretically, Lucius won’t die! As long as there is blood, endless blood is constantly filling… Lucius can swallow the lives of others from it, and transform it for his own survival.

True Vampires would never die. Even when burned to ashes, even if their hearts were pierced by wooden pegs, they would still survive. It seemed like his sister didn’t inherit this power. Or else, her story won’t end that way. 

But, the Dead River’s power was more than that! The beings devoured by him didn’t just disappear. They still exist inside him! When needed, he could unleash these devoured beings. Transforming them, just like the Scourge Legion under the Lich King! As long as he devoured enough blood, these beings would gather like a river and trample everything. 

However, the existence of these beings inside him means that Lucius would have their memories. Lucius will no longer be a ‘him’, but ‘them’!

“My blood is my own, my soul is mine alone…” How could Lucius let other souls share his body!

“Definitely, I won’t allow anyone to invade me!” Lucius must keep his own body to him alone, even if he had gone mad! 

“System! Is there any way to get the souls in Dead River stores outside my body, but it won’t affect its abilities?” 

[The host can spend 4 million Despair Points to split the souls and restore it outside the host’s body. The devoured souls remain linked to the host, and it could be considered a vessel to store the host’s abilities.]

In other words, it would allow the souls to be stored outside his body?

“Do it.”

Lucius had nothing to fear from splitting his soul apart! But that would mean he used almost all of his Despair Points. There was a very subtle feeling when his soul split. This small portion of the soul didn’t carry his consciousness or emotions.

A few seconds later, a small scarlet droplet of blood gradually emerged from the back of his hand. The droplet suspended mid-air and kept shaking. Its color was glimmering and translucent. This was Lucius’ soul, made of fresh blood. 

“How much despair value do I have left?”


“How many points are needed to upgrade the Blood Manipulation skill into Blood Transformation?”

[Requires 100.000 Despair Points to upgrade the Blood Transformation. Instantly suck blood within a 10-meter radius, whether inside or outside, a living life form into your body to heal yourself. Currently, usable on Level 3 Life Forms or below, can be upgraded.]

Just like Heart Squeeze, the skill also had limitations. But it didn’t matter, it saved Lucius from the trouble of sucking other’s blood with his mouth. He wasn’t a zombie and was very picky in blood taste. He worried he would suffer from indigestion if he used his mouth to suck the blood. 

In the end, after learning the Blood Transformation skill, Lucius closed his connection with the System. Now, it’s time to deal with the organization that seemed to be able to develop antivirus for the Black Light virus. 

Lucius picked up the blood-stained epaulettes from the table. It was soaked in blood. Suppose this unit was designed to destroy the Black Light virus and had an agent that could suppress it. In that case, it means they were somehow related to the organization that developed the agent. 

Now, this blood became the clue. There were many things contained in the blood that the vampire could detect, but humans can’t, like reading the person’s living memories from their blood! The owner of the blood’s memory was playing inside of Lucius’ mind, just like a movie. 

‘You should feel honored to be chosen to join this unit! From now on, you no longer have human rights, you will become the New Federation of China’s lackeys! From now one, you shall have no name! Your code name will be your name, 137!’

‘137! Even if you received an order from the New Federation of China to shoot a civilian, pull the trigger! Shoot!’

‘This mission’s priority is to secure the city. In case a virus infection spreads in the city, your primary target should be Professor Ye Fusheng. He’s in charge of the research and development of the new virus vaccine. If he dies, the New Federation of China is finished as the virus would wipe us! Do you understand?! ‘

‘Yo, your blood looks delicious.’

His last memory ended in a pair of scarlet eyes.

Through the fresh blood, Lucius could feel the fear of the owner of this blood in his last moment. Those eyes were Lucius’, the person that killed this man. 

“Ye Fusheng?” Lucius tossed the epaulettes, which were no longer stained with blood onto the table. His mind kept conjuring up the appearance of a middle-aged man with rimless glasses who looked very calm in a white lab coat. “I don’t just have his name, but also his address and the fact that he was home on vacation because of Christmas?” 

That went surprisingly well. The developer of the Black Light virus suppression agent is in this city? Lucius looked out of the window. And it wasn’t far from here. 

“Home for Christmas vacation…” Lucius got up from the sofa and headed out the door, “Surely a Christmas won’t be a Christmas without some Christmas presents.”

“Master?” Arthas, who was leaning against the wall outside the door, watched Lucius walk out and instinctively called out to him.

“Arthas, let’s make a guest appearance as Santa.” With a malicious smile on his lips, Lucius said, “A gift called Despair for the Doctor~” 

The snow fell slowly. Surely, this Christmas would be more festive than before.

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