Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 28


The streets of Christmas were filled with a joyful atmosphere. The festive atmosphere completely dissipated the fear brought by the recent virus infection caused by the terrorist in the New Federation of China. 

Walking down the streets, Lucius wasn’t surprised to discover that the inhabitants of the New Federation of China were injected with sedative drugs. It was probably a good thing for them. By then, if one day the city suffered an air raid, as long as the sedative effect was triggered, the civilians would obediently walk into underground tunnels to take refuge, just like ants returning to their nest. To the rulers, the civilian lives were nothing more than worker ants. Besides, the country lacked everything, but not people. 

Lucius followed the memory in his head, silently searching for his target. The professor who could develop an antivirus to the Black Light virus to suppress it, Ye Fusheng! The place where he lived was in an elite manor, away from the heart of the city, in the wealthy district.

Arthas was following behind Lucius with a cloak on her body, hiding her shaking ears. She couldn’t understand Lucius’ outfit this time. Master…why are you dressed like this?

Instead of wearing a Santa Claus suit, Lucius was wearing a blue uniform with the words “Home Delivery” written on its back. He wore a cap to hide his eyes. For some reason, he couldn’t wear the disguise glasses after Lucius awakened the Dead River. Just like the glasses had no effect on the Lich King, Arthas. Is it possible that now he was on the same level as the Lich King?

Lucius had no answer to that question. He straightened his outfit, pulling the cap on his forehead so that it hides most of his face.

“Ar…” The Lich King’s name was too long, so he shortened it to a single syllable. 

“Master?” Arthas, who was wondering why Lucius wore that outfit, was startled. Her cat ears stood up.

“Catch this.”

A giant package appeared out of thin air in his hand. Lucius tossed it to Arthas.

“This is…”

“A Christmas gift. You’ll stay here, for now, you might need it later.” After waving to Arthas, Lucius walked towards the elite manor two streets away from where they stood.

“Understood…” and Arthas just watched as Lucius’s back gradually walked towards the manor. Arthas stood guard outside the manor.


When Lucius reached the entrance of the manor…

“Wait, you’re not from here, are you?” When the security guard saw Lucius’s outfit, he immediately stopped Lucius. Probably because he looked suspicious, and half of his face was hidden under the cap’s shadow.

“I’m a courier…”

“Express delivery? Just put the delivery here with me, I’ll send it over for you.” The guard was ironically not going to let Lucius in, the people living here could be important people. If anything goes wrong, he could be dead by morning.

“It’s okay…” Lucius lifted his head and gazed at the young security guard.

“What do you mean by okay? It’s… better to.. leave it with me…” The guard’s angry tone suddenly slowed down as he locked eyes with Lucius’ blood-like eyes under the cap’s shadow.

“It’s okay.” With irresistibly soft tones, the words slowly escaped Lucius’ mouth. Vampires were a species that tempted humans to fall. Now that he had awakened, he could completely change an ordinary person’s mind.

“No problem…” The guard’s expression was blank.

“That’s right. I’m just a courier. I won’t cause any problem.” 

Lucius gradually acquired the security guard’s remaining consciousness. Finally, a fanaticism appeared on his face. This human would commit suicide the moment Lucius ordered him to!

“Yeah… it’s okay…” the security guard opened the gate, moving like a zombie.

“Just forget everything and have a nice Christmas.”

After Lucius snapped his fingers, the security guard suddenly snapped awake, but there was no one in front of him.

“What just happened?” He covered his forehead, unable to recall anything.


On the other side, Lucius stepped into the manor and followed the road deeper.

“Is this… the smell of smoke?”

Lucius sniffed a smell that was different from the festive atmosphere. Was someone on guard, hidden in the shadows? After perceiving it, Lucius did feel seven or eight scents with killing intent. 

After all, the man was the one who held the weight of the world, how could he let his guard down…


The weight of the world…

Lucius’ eyes widened. Suddenly recognized something. He was the New Federation of China’s top person. As someone important that could save the nation’s fate, why would he be on vacation? Even if he did, wouldn’t there be more guards? At least some B-ranked Espers or something. The New Federation of China surely could spare a few of them to guard this man, right?

“Arthas.” Lucius lowered his head as he walked deeper into the manor while talking to Arthas through his soul.


“Remember the Christmas gift I gave you?”

The Christmas gift? On the street outside the manor, Arthas opened the huge package that Lucius had given her. If it wasn’t for her strong body as the Lich King, she probably wouldn’t be able to hold it. She lowered her head to look at its content. A large amount of black metal wrapped in the box. The smell of gunpowder spreading from it.

“Do you know how to use it?”

“Yes… “Arthas knew how to use the technology of this era.

“Alright. Bury them underground. As the Lich King who led the Scourge to bloodshed the human world, you already know how they should be buried, right?”


Arthas didn’t hesitate to respond to Lucius’ order. She pulled out her Frostmourne and stabbed into the ground without anyone noticing. She summoned Nerubian, a spider-like underworld creature. A large number of giant spider-like monsters appeared from underground. One of them digging into the ground beneath Arthas’s feet and taking away the giant package, diving to the ground under the manor at Arthas’s command.


On Lucius’ side.

“There’s a chance I’m just overthinking it. But better be safe than sorry.”

Lucius stood in front of the door at the giant manor. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

Lucius looked at the symbols on the door sign, which said “Ye” and reached out his hands to knock on the door. 

Not long after, a voice came from behind the door.

“Who is it?” At the same time, the owner of the voice looked through the window in the door. But Lucius’ face was hidden by the cap.

“I’ve come to deliver a…no…” and Lucius pulled his cap again, a smile cracked from the corners of his mouth. “I’m here to check the water meter…”

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