Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 36


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Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 36 – Morning Rising

It really was a battle that left people powerless.

Or rather, a slaughter. A one-sided slaughter.

Lucius had completely lost interest at the thought of evading bullets. He let them shoot through his body, whether it hit his brain, limbs, heart, anywhere… Lucius had forgotten how many times he had died and resurrected again.

Even Lucius himself didn’t remember fear was spreading among the soldiers who still stubbornly fired Lucius with their guns. They forgot that the bullets had no effect on Lucius at all.

On top of that, blood gathered below Lucius’ feet also gradually increased along with the fallen soldier’s corpses. The corpses were mutilated, body parts scattered everywhere on the warehouse floor. But their blood would wound up and gather around Lucius.

“Don’t fret! Hurry and attack!” Ye Fusheng commanded the remaining Black Watch soldiers who fought valiantly. They were about to raise their gun when they found their arms turned into scarlet liquid.

An endless stream of blood started to surround Lucius’s body. The blood became bigger and bigger, as the blood started to grow bigger. Now it was almost grown into the size of a thumb. This also meant that Lucius’s River of Death almost gathered around two hundred people. This meant that it would take 200 times to kill Lucius before he finally died.

But that was impossible.

These troops had lost their will to fight in front of Lucius. It was impossible for a human that didn’t even have a will to fight to kill a vampire.

“Destroy him!”

Being the two strongest soldiers in the entire base, the two nano-armored soldiers rushed out. One of them didn’t hold a gun. Instead, he held a tactical knife in his hand. It wasn’t an ordinary tactical knife, the blade radiated. This knife’s technology wasn’t much worse than the nano-armor they were wearing.

He swung his blade as he approached Lucius, easily cut off one of Lucius’s arms.

“Quick! Disable him!” Ye Fusheng had an expectation after he looked at the two nano-armored soldiers. But he didn’t dare to stay in such a dangerous situation.

“I have to report this information to the base…”

Ye Fusheng wanted to leave that place, He escaped towards the back door. It was fear. He could finally understand what Harkein worried about. This was no longer a battle! It’s hell on earth! Even if they couldn’t kill the monster, the two New Federation of China elite soldiers should be able to stop the monster!

Ye Fusheng ran up to the elevator, pressed the button to the highest floor. Ye Fusheng felt relieved as the elevator door closed, he suddenly felt safe. He looked forward to arriving on the top floor.

Of course, Lucius knew that the selfish scientist had runoff. But he didn’t stop him, there was no way that he could chase him now as the two nano-armored soldiers completely blocked Lucius’s path.

The tactical knife came at Lucius’s neck again, but this time, he didn’t give him the chance to swing it.

“I have a question…” Lucius reached out his hand and grabbed the soldier’s head with speed several times faster than the nano-armored soldier, slamming his opponent’s body to the ground. The other nano-armored soldier tried to aid his companion, but…


At the back of the warehouse where Lucius came in, a horde of zombies suddenly rushed in. They finally broke through the iron gate as they tried relentlessly to hit it. Several level-2 infected zombies rushed towards the nano-armored soldiers, cornered him!

“What’s your rank?”

Lucius looked at the soldier he was slamming him to the ground.

“C rank? B rank?”

“!” He couldn’t reply as his body was entirely under Lucius’s control. This power…how could he be this strong?

A few hours ago, this creature couldn’t match their speed! But now, he completely overpowered him. What the hell was going on? How did this happen? An incomprehensible thing happened, he actually felt his own blood flowing out from his body towards Lucius’s hand.

“So that’s how it is. You’re just a C rank.”

Lucius tightly squeezed the helmet of the nano-armor. As he squeezed tighter, a dull sound of exploding flesh was heard inside the armor.

C rank beings. To Lucius, they were nothing more than baits.

“Next is…” Lucius released the dead nano-armored soldier and looked at the other soldier who was surrounded by a horde of zombies. Then he looked up to the top floor, “dinner time.”


There was only one person.

The only one who survived was Ye Fusheng. This kind of creature shouldn’t exist in the world, and Ye Fusheng’s brain was still thinking that.

No matter what, he had to survive this hell. The exit door to leave the base was right in front of him. Ye Fusheng walked to the gate and was entering the command to open the door on the console. But… it seemed like another elevator had reached the top floor.

Who was that? Ye Fusheng turned around to the elevator door in fear. His heart palpitated. He didn’t dare to blink, he focused his gaze on the elevator door.

The door opened, revealing a tall, jet-black figure inside. The jet-black armor and its crimson goggles were covered in blood.

“Haaah… it’s the Lieutenant.” Ye Fusheng was deeply relieved when he found out the one abroad the elevator was one of his men. “He’s really worth being a lieutenant. Did he come back after killing the vampire?”

But wait… Ye Fusheng almost bit his tongue at the thought…


Killing what?

How could you kill him!

Then what?

He stared intently at the figure in the nano-armor. It quickly fell to the ground as if it had no soul! The helmet fell off instantly, revealing the face of a frightened adult male.

“Help me… Professor…” The soldier reached out his hand, begging.

“Damn it…damn it…” Ye Fusheng tried to retreat, “Did you…become like that too? Become those monsters?!”

The soldier’s lower half body disappeared. As he fell, something else inside the elevator rushed out.

The zombies rushed out, not interested in the professor. Instead, they rushed towards the soldier. Because flesh and blood of a C rank Esper was tastier than an ordinary person anyway.

Right in front of Ye Fusheng, the man who once was his right-hand man was eaten bit by bit by a herd of zombies.

“Hello again, professor.” Lucius walked out of the elevator and confronted Ye Fusheng.


Ye Fusheng shot Lucius in the brain with his pistol with high accuracy, which caused Lucius to step back and temporarily stunned him.

“You can’t catch me!”

The door to the outside world opened, Ye Fusheng ran out and closed the gate as soon as he could.

It was already dawn outside. The sun was slowly rising, the glorious morning sun illuminated the metal tunnel.

The sunlight! Ye Fusheng frantically ran towards the exit, but the gate stopped him. I can escape! Hope emerged inside his heart.

But when he reached the exit, he noticed something wrong.


Azure ice crystal sealed the entire exit of the tunnel! It was a dead-end! The ice crystal brilliantly gleamed against the morning sun.

“Damn it! Fuck!!” Ye Fusheng banged his hand against the ice wall. Even if he broke his hands from it, he didn’t care.

What’s with this ice wall? Just when he thought he could escape…

Ye Fusheng drew his pistol and struggled, pulling the trigger and firing a full clip of bullets into the wall of ice that blocked his way out. But it was useless. It didn’t work as the bullets couldn’t do any damage at all.

If I didn’t hurry… If i didn’t hurry up… Ye Fusheng raised his head abruptly and the sudden realization. He looked back in horror…

Blood dripped from the demon standing on the gate.

“Merry Christmas, Professor Ye…”

Lucius stood in the tunnel, face to face with Ye Fusheng.

Ye Fusheng fell to the ground. Half leaning against the wall of ice at his back, his hand trembled as he held his pistol and pointing it at Lucius.

This pistol was the only thing he could rely on as all the 500 Black Watch troops had been eradicated. He killed every last one of them! The three nano-armored soldiers were also dead under the monster’s hand. And now, he had nothing left to rely on!

It’s impossible! 

“I could have escaped! I could have escaped!” Ye Fusheng felt the cold sensation behind him.

Why did the ice wall appear? Why?!

“How do you want to be eaten?” Lucius stood in front of Ye Fusheng and held up both of his hands. His index finger and thumb united together, forming a shape that resembled a pair of eyes. Lucius’s scarlet eyes looked at Ye Fusheng through the gaps.

“Eaten from the head first? Or feet? No… no… just swallow it, one bite at a time.”

Ye Fusheng saw a crimson gap cracked open behind Lucius. Within the gap, thousands of pairs of scarlet eyes sharply staring at Ye Fusheng.

What was that? Hell?

“Uhhhh…” the muffled sounds of the dead began to ring out, one arm after another, reaching out from the crimson gap. Ye Fusheng immediately recognized them. Those were his own men! The soldiers who were killed by Lucius!


At this time, logic collapsed from his thought. Ye Fusnheng finally understood the meaning of Hakein’s sentence. Sometimes, dying from a bullet through the brain was such a luxury.

Ye Fusheng raised his pistol against his head. Trying to pull the trigger, only to found that it was empty. He didn’t have any single bullet left inside the pistol, and now, even suicide was a luxury he couldn’t afford.


The soldiers who had turned into the army of living dead drowned Ye Fusheng.


Countless zombies bit him pieces by pieces. After a few minutes, nothing but blood was left on the floor.

“Arrogance… is a good emotion then.”

An exquisite emotion.

Arrogance…for a human.

Lucius whispered.

Everything had calmed down. No one survived in the base.

At this moment, the ice wall crumbled down, dissipating into brilliant ice crystal that slowly disappeared in front of Lucius.

Lucius stood under the sunlight. The morning sun basked his pale skin tainted with blood.

“Master…” Arthas stood tall without her cloak, her long silver hair reflected the golden morning sun. Her cat ears shivered, indicating her emotions. Right now, Arthas looked like a pure, innocent ice crystal. Waiting to be tainted.

“Welcome back…”


A gentle smile bloomed across Lucius’s blood-stained face. His blood-stained hand reached out and gently touched Arthas’s forehead.

“Well… I’m back.”  

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