Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 68


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 68 The Man Resurrected from Death

The azure luster of Yamato Blade in Lucius’s hands easily cut off the human bodies in a flash. Tokisaki Kurumi’s clones that were surrounding Lucius were no match for his speed and strength. Only death awaited when the blade easily sliced her clones as if he was slicing through the paper.

Kill… I should kill every last one of them!

It had been so long since Lucius enjoyed the delight of slaughter. His clothes were stained with blood, not Kurumi’s, but his own blood.

‘Why doesn’t this guy dodge my attack? ‘

The original body of Kurumi kept retreating, dodging the advance of Lucius’s blade. The guns in her clone’s hands weren’t a fake gun. One-shot should’ve been able to kill someone as her old pellet gun was more powerful than a normal pistol. Even, it had an extra burst effect.

Lucius was carelessly slaughtering her clones. They stood in front of him and died with a single strike. Death by decapacitation, death by abdomen wounds, death by a stab through the heart, death by the dismemberment of limbs, death by fatal blow through the brain. This monster knows no mercy and kills for fun. Because Lucius had the ability to get through the clone blockade and rush towards Tokisaki Kurumi. But he didn’t do it!

He fully understood creating a clone consumes a part of her lifetime. Killing them means he would get her lifetime gradually depleting. Kurumi felt her lifetime diminish as she watched her clones fall at Lucius’ feet, dead. But she wasn’t in a hurry because this man’s injured!

“How long are you going to play hero?!” Tokisaki Kurumi pointed her gun at the bloodied Lucius.

At such a close range, Lucius couldn’t dodge the bullets at all. His body was filled with bullet holes. Kurumi shot his knee, blood splattered all over the ground, temporarily stunning Lucius’ movement. Now that his knee was hit, he was now half-kneeling on the ground. Relying on the Yamato Blade to support himself from falling down.

Seeing his state, Kurumi was sure that she had the advantage!

“How long before I’m going to stop?” Lucius tightened his grip on the Yamato Blade. “Of course…”

As Lucius spoke, the atmosphere began to change. An uneasy feeling of danger emerged from Kurumi’s consciousness. But she wasn’t in a hurry. She was waiting to see what he would do in that state. Turned out that monsters didn’t give up a single moment to rip apart their prey!”

“At the moment I’ve killed you!”

The scabbard of the Yamato Blade in Lucius’s hand disappeared. Lucius’s body rushed towards Kurumi in the center with speed several times faster than earlier! The blade of this sword was capable of cutting off Kurumi’s head in the next moment. Just like her clones.

But Kurumi showed no fear. Instead, a suspicious smile spread on her face.

“Sorry, Mr. Lucius. But I’m the winner of this game!”

Her gun was pointed at the rushing Lucius as she spoke out the name of her bullet at the moment before the blade struck her.


The bullet hit Lucius right in his abdomen, but it didn’t leave any wounds. Instead, the moment it hit, the colors around Lucius suddenly turned gray as if he was separated from the real world, the world stopped moving. He still maintained the same posture, holding the Yamato Blade to behead Kurumi. His eyes still radiated excitement as if he was expecting he would see blood splashed out in the next second.

But now, his body was frozen because Kurumi stopped Lucius’ time. She started chuckling softly as she saw his stopped movement, but soon that chuckles turned into frantic laughter.

“What a mess. But this is the end for you!”

About a dozen clones appeared, surrounding Lucius. As he was frozen, this time, they were no longer shooting at a moving target.

“I know you will taste delicious, Mr. Lucius…” Kurumi looked up at the pile of ‘her’ corpses, “But I understand I have to be alive to eat you. I’m sorry~” 

This time, she showed no mercy. Kurumi pulled the trigger on Lucius’ forehead and all her clones aimed at the vital parts of his body. More than twenty bullets flew towards Lucius. The moment he started moving, those bullets would penetrate his body, especially the one aimed at his forehead.

“Let us begin. Let me hear you scream…” Kurumi snapped her fingers and glared at Lucius. Once again, time began to slowly move. He would look like a puppet being torn apart by bullets. Lucius’ body, which was maintaining the striking pose, was completely penetrated by bullets. Blood and flesh splattered from his torn body before he fell backward. Particularly, the blood blossom on his forehead looked dazzling.

He’s dead…

This is a real death sentence!

“What if I died?”

He’s still okay even when his heart was pierced through, but what about his brain?! Kurumi couldn’t believe her eyes.

Lucius was still smiling as if he was excited about something. His laughter echoed inside Kurumi’s head.

  “How is that even possible?!” Tokisaki Kurumi picked up her gun and pointed it at the fallen Lucius and began pouring out ammunition without restraint, “At this state…this state… He should definitely…”


His corpse was severely deformed from the rain bullets, his human-like appearance was no longer visible. But Lucius’ voice was heard from a pool of bloody flesh objects.

“You…what the hell are you?!” Kurumi gazed at the pool of blood, and she gritted her teeth as she stared at the presence that was gradually writhing to form a human-like form once more.

All those years as a spirit, she had never seen such a creature. Never.

He still could live when his brain was pierced, his heart was stabbed, and the body was crushed to be a bloody mess of flesh. So vigilant…

“As you can see, Miss Kurumi…” The silhouette formed of blood stripped away, and Lucius’s figure emerged unscathed in front of her, spreading his hands, “I’m a vampire who will devour you.”

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