Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 69


Unfathomable Chapter 69 That’s A Lot

No way…

“Zayin!” Undeterred, Tokisaki Kurumi once again used her ability to shoot Lucius. Once again, she freezes Lucius’ time and everything around him.

An immortal man can’t exist. It’s impossible! Kurumi fired hundreds of bullets at Lucius’ intimidating smiling face.

Brain! Aim at his brain!!

Lucius’ time once again started ticking.


The sound of bullets tearing through the flesh. Lucius’ head was torn apart by the dense stream of bullets in an oozing pool of blood and tissues. But that blood once again gradually formed Lucius’ body.

Tired of playing along, Lucius drew the Yamato Blade and took a step towards Kurumi. Except for that clock behind her that could control time, she was weaker than Lucius had imagined. In terms of speed of strength, she wasn’t particularly strong. And her attack methods were easy to figure out. Now Lucius felt it was about time to end this battle for good.

Looking at the blood-covered Lucius coming at her with the Yamato Blade at full speed, Kurumi tried to freeze his time again. Shooting him with Zain that could stop her opponent’s time.


Kurumi fired Zain and rained bullets from her gun towards Lucius. But it wasn’t effective. No matter how heavily he was wounded, he always managed to come back alive to his original body.

Lucius’ approach caused Kurumi to retreat backward. All her clones disappeared due to her depleting lifetime.

Should I run away? Kurumi pondered how she should escape. But she accidentally locked eyes with Lucius’ scarlet blood-thirst eyes. An inexplicable sense of fear instantly enveloped her heart!

I should run… Kurumi kept retreating backward. But her back bumps with barbed wire. She realized the rooftop had barbed wire around it. She was cornered with no way out!

“Told you…” Lucius gripped the hilt of the Yamato Blade with both hands and raised the blade high. He could feel Tokisaki Kurumi’s shoulders trembling… “I’ll leave you all alone. Cornered and trembling…”

In front of a vampire’s eyes, the slightest hint of wavering or fear in the prey’s eyes will be magnified higher! The eyes that entice depravity and pull people into hell. Never locked eyes with a vampire. That’s the most important rule.

The rising fear within Kurumi was amplified by Lucius without limit, which was why the spirit’s hands and feet were huddled in a corner, trembling.

“This is the end…”

The blade in Lucius’ hand severed Kurumi’s body with a smooth slash, including the barbed wire behind her. There was no mercy. The giant clock disappeared as well. Kurumi’s fear was frozen on her face as her body turned into dust that drifted away in the wind and disappeared. But her City of Devouring Time barrier did not dissipate, meaning that she didn’t truly die.

“Is this your past too? There are no limits to the past and future. But is there also no limit of your lifetime, Miss Kurumi?”

Lucius turned his head and looked at Tokisaki Kurumi, who was standing in the distance, speechless.

She had an unlimited number of existences. Her past, future… they were literally countless existences stacked on top of each other. She wasn’t stupid. She knew she would consume her lifetime fighting with Lucius, so she had been hunting down the humans in the chaotic city below since the beginning to replenish her time. But she didn’t expect there was someone in this world who was just like her. No matter how many times they die, they won’t disappear.

“Depends on how you see it. I’d love to have an immortal life if I can.” Kurumi swept away the corpses lying on the roof, ‘her’ corpses. “But cheers for you, Mr. Lucius, for taking care of me.”

What a merciless killer! What kind of existence does this guy have? She had been trying to figure it out for a while now.

It was because of her Angel that could manipulate time, the clock, that she could summon her past self to replace her in death. But what about the man in front of her? The blade in his hand did have the ability to cut through space, but it was completely no match for her Angel… Why? When did vampires evolve to the point where they couldn’t even die from a stake through their hearts? It’s not a vampire at all anymore, but an immortal monster, right?

“It doesn’t look like I can kill you now…”

Lucius also looked at the corpses that had fallen to the ground. They were all once living existences, not dummies or clones. If Kurumi devoured enough humans,  then her ‘pasts’ would be infinite. Which was no different than his Dead River. With this at the thought, he couldn’t really think a way to kill her. So Lucius withdrew his blade to its sheath.

It was impossible for Tokisaki Mania to continue to help the humans, so there’s no need to dispose of her. Lucius did love to see those humans howled and despaired as they succumbed to their death. But now was not the time. The battle in the capital city of the New Federation of China had already begun. His goal wasn’t the spirit in front of him.

Lucius wasn’t sure that Su Lei and Arthas could defeat Su Wuye with just the two of them, so he somehow had to help them. Sometimes it’s better to deal with things with your own hands.

“Are you going to leave just like that?” It’s not as if Tokisaki Kurumi didn’t want to acknowledge this battle.

“If you don’t want to have you ‘present’ crouched in a corner shivering like you ‘past’ again.” Lucius looked back at Kurumi, “Because just now, your ‘past’ was crying in fear…”

“You!” Kurumi was annoyed.

“Not ‘you’…” Lucius replied as he leaped off the building, “It’s ‘you guys’…”

You guys? Kurumi still pondered what he meant by that, but she found that Lucius had already disappeared.

Is that how it is? The person he killed was still alive, living in his body. That’s why she should not use ‘him’ to describe Lucius, but ‘they’. 

“Surely, he’s interesting. But very dangerous.” Kurumi flicked her hair on her neck, revealing her delicate neck, “Hmm? Fresh blood?”

She looked down at the city below that had been turned to hell on earth.

“This guy… he interests me more than those boring humans. And he said my blood is delicious, right?”

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