Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 70


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 70, Night of Transformation

The New Federation of China.

More than 80 years ago, an angry mob overthrew the communist government. From the beginning of this world’s development, people with special abilities have been walking on the Earth. Leading and guiding mankind. They had been called with different names in different eras and regions.

In ancient times, the people of the New Federation of China called them Taoist priests, Zen masters, immortals… In Japan, they were called Yin and Yang masters. In Europe, they were called sorcerers, magicians, demons, and such.

Back then, humans feared those who had extraordinary powers. The fact that witches were sent to be burned at stakes wasn’t just a legend, but a fact recorded by history books. And now, these people are referred by humans and given a new name, the Espers.

The New Federation of China is a nation ruled by Espers. The President was the pillar of that foundation, the undefeated God of War. Right now, he was sitting in the capital city of the New Federation of China.

Even though the virus had brought horrors in every corner of the nation, the city still showed off its prosperity to its fullest tonight. Except for the extra soldiers armed with guns stationed at the streets along with a few tanks on the side of the road, this was a pretty normal night for the city.


In the city’s most bustling square, the frontline battle against the virus had been broadcasted all over the news. Su Wuye’s solemn and majestic face repeatedly appeared on the scenes.

“Is this a form of self-hypnosis?” Lucius stood alone in the corner of the square, looking up at what was being broadcasted above.

Su Wuye’s general speech war declaration against Lucius was repeated almost every day. Making it a trending topic that could be heard from the crowds. After that, the screen switched to the reporter lady reporting with a sweet smile on her face.

‘The virus suppression is under control. The infected have been given a complete quarantine. Citizens, please rest assured. The virus will no longer bring harm.’

Hearing the reports seemed to become the citizen’s routine. A reminder that the President was still alive and well, and the New Federation of China won’t crumble. It was their comfort, spiritual comfort. For the busy crowd, today was just another ordinary day. Nothing would change.

Along with the crowds, Lucius turned his head from the screen.

The night was so busy in the big city. Not a single star could be seen, even the moon was obscured. Indeed, the moon was obscured by a skyscraper building.

It was the Presidential Palace, the place where the President lived on the top floor. It was as if the sole purpose of building the mansion so high was to overlook the entire nation, or rather, the whole world. But it was just his speculation. There’s no way he would have found out the truth.

Lucius walked towards the building. Right at this moment, the civilians’ peaceful night was officially over.

“What is that?!”

Ear-piercing glass explosions could be heard throughout the city. The building in the center of the city suddenly erupted with hot flames coming out of the building’s windows. The red flames dimly illuminated the bright night sky in the city. But the people below were all panicked, they raised their heads to look at the building.

That building was the Presidential Palace. Just now, it seemed a terrorist attack just occurred. Then vaguely, it appeared that a figure had fallen down from the windows.

“Someone has fallen.” Among the crowd, someone with a sharp eye exclaimed.

Panic spread in their hearts, the Presidential Palace was the most secure place in the entire nation. But now…

“It’s too early.” With Lucius’ superb eyesight, he could clearly see the figure that had fallen from the windows. It was Su Lei, a heavily wounded Su Lei whose entire arm had turned into silvery-white metal. “But the end is near…”

Lucius took out two things from the pockets of his clothes. One of them was the crimson Black Light virus in a vial that Lucius had used countless times. The other was an iron nail.

The iron nail was decayed, and it almost looked frail. One might think it would shatter with a single touch. Mottled dark blood marks were all over it.

The source of this nail was likely related to the Church’s existence. But the nails had been stabbed in Lucius’ heart for over a decade! Sealing his True Vampire power. It transformed Lucius from an immortal monster to a fragile existence. That was the nail’s power.

Now, this nail was the only thing Lucius could imagine that could penetrate that man’s heart. Even Yamato Blade couldn’t shatter his defense.

“This is the final song…”

Lucius disappeared after throwing the Black Light Virus, high into the sky.

The civilians who were watching the Presidential Palace didn’t notice what fell to the ground and shattered into pieces. The black light virus spread bit by bit, and in this dense crowd, the first infected person appeared.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Are you all right?”

“Call an ambulance!”

The fainted person fallen to the ground drew the crowd’s attention. As the citizens of the capital, they held a high standard. Of course, they would lend a hand when they saw their kind fainting. But right now, this person no longer belonged to ‘humans’, but to them…

“Grrrrr!” The fainted person suddenly hissed and grabbed the arm of the nearest person.

“What…what are you doing?!” Panic spread and drew everyone’s attention to the scene.

“Grrr!!!” The zombie that had lost its kind opened its mouth and bit on the tender and juicy human flesh. The cry of pain snapped the crowd’s back to their senses.

“It’s…. Zombie…” Someone recognized the creature’s name. “It’s a zombie! Quick! Run!!!”

The crowd began to panic. The humans on the square began to flee for dear life. The unaware humans immediately became the zombies’ feed…

The Black Light virus creates zombies that are faster and more powerful than humans. One infected body can become two in a second! Two infected bodies are immediately capable of becoming four and continue to spread wider without any restraint! By the time the army was alerted, they had discovered the number of zombies had grown close to a hundred!

“Don’t cower! Shoot all the infected! Don’t let the infection spread!”

The soldiers stationed in the capital had no experience in confronting infected lifeforms. Their blockade was breached in a matter of seconds.

The zombies began to hunt indiscriminately amidst the chaos. Gnawing on every human they passed by, blood flowing down this street.

The screams of the humans were drowned by another sound, by the broadcast being shown on the giant screen above the square.

‘The virus suppression is under control. The infected have been given a complete quarantine. Citizens, please rest assured. The virus will no longer bring harm.’

The reporter lady repeated the phrase as shrieks of fleeing humans mixed with zombies’ growls. The broadcast still continued as if mocking the current situation. Breaking the capital city’s peaceful night.

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