Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 71


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 71, What Are You Fighting For?

How strong is this Su Wuye man?

Probably it’s something only those who have truly experienced his power could completely understand. He was so strong to the point he could make other people tremble in fear and feel powerless. The fear that he would take their lives away just from one glance at the man.

Su Lei endured the pain from his last usable arm being turned into steel. The wind blowing on his cheek made him realize how fast he was falling. He looked at the figure standing by the window, that had been turned into a molten glass at the building above, a hundred stories high. That figure fearlessly jumped down.


Su Lei tried to adjust his form mid-air, but the figure approaching fast, very fast. In a blink of an eye, the figure stepped on Su Lei’s abdomen. He kicked Su Lei’s body mid-air, knocking him.

Both of them fell to the ground. Sending cracks and tremors on the ground, they had stepped in.

“Cough…” Su Lei’s body fell to the ground. The pain on his abdomen made it almost impossible for him to breathe properly. If he wasn’t an Esper, that kick alone would send him to the afterlife, and the fall would immediately crush all the bones in his body.

Su Lei struggled to get up. He couldn’t feel one of his arms that had turned into silvery-white metal. He struggled to support his body to stand up. He gazed at the man standing nearby with a blurred vision.

The tall figure was wearing a uniform that represented the First Marshal of the New Federation of China. The expression shown on his majestic face was always solemn to the point of being meticulous.

Su Wuye… the ruler of the New Federation of China. Which meant he was the strongest man in the entire country, he ruled with a mind of steel and a body of steel.

“Su Lei…” He held a silvery-white medal in his hand. A winged eagle soaring in the sky represented the New Federation of China named Su Lei.

“I thought you just lost your human body!” The ground which Su Wuye stepped on gradually turned into metal. He looked at Su Lei’s arm, which had been infected by the Black Light virus.

“But!” Su Wuye crushed the medallion that recorded Su Lei’s countless glories, “I’ve never thought you’d actually give up your heart as a human! And now, you’re on the same side as those monsters?!”

Human mind? Have I ever had such a thing? From the first time you created me, I was nothing more than a ruthless killing machine under your command. A tool to do your bidding and carry out your orders! He couldn’t express his inner thoughts. He’s always been a man of actions, just like the man in front of him. Su Lei braced his broken body and stood up, trembling. He took a deep breath.

“What are you fighting for now! Su Lei!” Su Wuye walked towards Sule, step by step. Turning everything on his path into silvery-white metal. Rust filled the air as Su Wuye looked at the broken and beaten Su Lei.

“You were once a major in the New Federation of China! A soldier of the New Federation of China! You have a duty to protect the people… so you fight for it! But now that you’ve become a monster just like those guys, you’re no longer human. What are you fighting for? What is it that gives you the courage to face me?!”

What am I… fighting for? Su Lei shakily held up his infected arm, he had lost his sense of the other arm. He used hand gestures to bring up his Esper power. But if he used the infected arms, the infection would spread faster.

In the last few days of possessing a human body, he understood. Soon, his human consciousness would disappear as well. The Black Light virus would devour him whole, turning him into a mindless monster just like Su Wuye had said.

Su Lei hesitated, but…

What was he fighting for?

He just wanted to return the favor!

Su Lei’s infected arms burned with scorching flames, enveloping the body and the ground beneath Su Wuye. At this moment, he was ready to explode with the leftover strength he still had. The small flames under Su Wuye’s body started to riot. The ground that had been turned into steel melted into liquid metal. Like a bonfire, the light illuminates the dark knight, as if a second sun had appeared in the sky. The ground melted into hot magma that was spreading fast to the open space below the building. This was the true terrifying part of human evolution!

The temperature of the flames burning right now was almost the same as the surface of the sun! And Su Wuye was caught in the middle of it!

But Su Lei understood this flame cannot do any real harm to Su Wuye.

Sure enough, amidst the scorching fire, Su Wuye, whose upper clothes were burned to ashes, slowly walked out of the scorching heat. His skin lost its original human-like appearance, right now, it was bright red, like molten steel after being burned in flames. Su Wuye still kept his cold expression. He looked at Su Lei, who looked pale.

“Sorry, Major Su Lei. I won’t be able to fight alongside you again!” Su Wuye had almost killed Su Lei. But something that didn’t belong to this world had emerged from the molten ground.

A skeletal arm, white and pale, suddenly emerged from the earth. The arm tried to grab Su Wuye’s feet. But before it could reach him, the arm froze into steel.

Vaguely, Su Lei recalled that he wasn’t alone! There’s that young girl!

The silver-haired girl who looked like a teenager abruptly appeared behind Su Lei. With her cold, expressionless face, she drew out the Frostmourne in her hand!

The wrath of the Lich King shall bore the whole world into frost!

This was what had been going inside Arthas’ mind.

After the scorching heat, a frost so cold it could pierce the soul began to spread, froze the molten ground into ice. An ice-blue frost blew around Su Wuye’s body.

Like a curse, the frost descended on Su Wuye, freezing both his body and soul.

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