Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 77


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Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 77, Late Night Virus.

After Judgment Day, the transition between night and day became blurred because the sun was blocked by a thick cloud. Now, it was ten minutes past midnight. 

In a study room within the manor, Lucius sat on a chair. Carefully examining the stone in his hand emitting an azure glow. After they knew their ultimate goal, everyone took action. 

For the Final Battle. 

If they win, then humanity would be eradicated from the Earth’s surface. 

If they lost, they would return to zero. Accepting the final fate, death… 

Death was too far away for Lucius, but it does exist. In this world, people that could kill him really exist. Lucius knew about it and understood that he should be worried about it. 

“System.” Lucius called the system. It’s time to do something long overdue. 

[The current level of world destruction had reached 90%. Accumulated a total of 6.958 billion Despair Points. 6.301 billion Level 1 infected life forms, 1.6 billion Level 2 infected life forms, 76.52 Level 3 infected life forms, 120.000 Level 4 infected life forms, 2 Level 5 infected life forms, 870.000 Mother Nests, a Virus Matrix, and a Virus Prototype.] 

[Host Profile

Race: 4th Generation Vampire, Dark Creature.

Total Ability Points: 233

Weapon: Yamato Blade…]

A straightforward overview. Lucius had removed the skills introduction. Otherwise, it would be 2.000 words of introductions. 

Even since Judgement Day began, he rarely exchanged skills from the system. The power carried by his bloodline made him feel skill exchange was unnecessary. As long as he could kill his enemies, it’s enough. Most human Esper ability points hovered around 170 to 200. 

Although there were a lot of things that could be exchanged for something that could destroy this world in one go with his current Despair Points. The reason why Lucius had plunged the entire world in darkness wasn’t to make himself stronger.

Lucius leaned back in his chair and took out a pendant from his chest. The starry dust inside danced in the darkness. Right now, he was a 4th generation vampire, also known as True Vampire. Not the simpletons that fear garlic and crosses and sunlight. But what about his sister? She’s stronger than him, but couldn’t walk freely in the sunlight. 

…right? Lucius was puzzled. His past was hazy. He also had no memories of his parents. But what he wanted isn’t the past, but the future. Everything he did only had one purpose. He was 3 billion lives away from 10 billion.

“Just wait for a bit.” After returning the pendant around his neck again, suddenly, a knock was heard on the study room’s door.

“Come in.” Lucius sensed who was standing in the doorway.

“……. ” 

The door was opened, and Arthas stood expressionlessly in the doorway, holding a tray in hand and walked to the table in front of Lucius. Lucius was stunned for a moment after seeing Arthas.

After setting the tray of teacups filled with scarlet liquid on the table, Arthas continued to stare at Lucius.

“You… what’s this outfit?” Lucius glanced at the contents of the teacup, not blood, but a drink called black tea.

At this time, Arthas wore a black and white maid outfit. This outfit looked like it had been specially selected. Paired with her expression, her look wearing the maid outfit had a stunning feeling. 

Her silvery-white long hair was topped nekomimi, and the burgundy eyes were gazing at Lucius emotionless. As if she were waiting for something.

If he was an ordinary human male, he would have been amazed by Arthas’s outfit. His eyes would definitely be locked with something between those slender legs wrapped in black stockings.

Unfortunately, Lucius was a vampire. The only thing he could be interested in from a living being was the taste of their blood, not the beauty of their appearance. Vampires were creatures obsessed with blood.

“Um…” Arthas’ cat ears were limp as if she was speechless.

“Is it Kurumi?” Lucius guessed the main culprit.

“Un…” Arthas nodded.


It’s that girl again, did she get bored or something? Lucius sighed and looked at Arthas, who was being awkward.

“Ar… You’re the Lich King, the commander of the Scourge, not a maid. I need the Lich King that could turn the world upside down, wreaking havoc and calamity on heaven and Earth, not a timid nekomimi maid. Instead of doing this useless thing, why don’t you prepare your sword, talk to your army, or rest for the upcoming battle?”

“But… Miss Tokisaki said this would make the Master happy… I’m sorry…”

Lately, Arthas felt as if Lucius was preoccupied and a bit distracted with everything he was doing. And when she had just returned, Arthas also found Lucius staring out the window. Doing unnecessary things again.

“……. “

As if Lucius felt something, he suddenly stood up and stretched out his hand and placed it on Arthas’s forehead, stroking on Arthas’s long, soft hair, “Go. Have a good rest, and don’t trust any of that spirit’s words.”

“Un.” The wag of her tail behind Arthas’ back indicated her inner mood. Knowing that staying here would disturb Lucius, she took her tray and walked out the door. Closing the door behind her.

Lucius drew his Yamato Blare to the silent room.

“What brings you to visit me late at night?”

There’s another person in this room!

At the window, a figure stood. Blocking the dim light.

“Jeez, it hurts me to see you use such a cold tone when we just meet again for the first time after years, Junior.”

It was a man in a jet-black trench coat, wearing a cowboy hat that had become popular in the United States in the last century. The shadow of the brim obscuring the man’s eyes, only his bearded chin and lips holding a lit cigarette was visible. Only the golden cross swinging on his chest revealed his identity.


The azure glow of the Yamato Blade flickered, and the cigarette fell to the ground.

“Smoking is…forbidden here.” Lucius looked at the man, his hand holding the handle of the Yamato Blade trembling.

“Still hate the smell of smoke this much, Junior?” He held one finger up to the brim of his hat, his left eye was covered by a black eyepatch, and the other one was in a pure azure blue.

“The only thing that I hate is just you, Sir Van Helsing.” Lucius spoke the man’s name and addressed the man with the honorific title of Your Excellency.

“It’s rude to hate your mentor so much, especially after you’ve grown up and understood manners, Junior. After all that I’ve taught you, don’t you have something to say when we meet again? A thank you would be nice.” A flame appeared in his index finger. After lighting up his extinguished cigarette, he looked at the scarlet eyes, Lucius was holding the Yamato Blade.

He was one of the only two humans Lucius recognized. One was the nun, and the other one was this bastard! They were all Lucius’ ‘parents’.

It’s ironic how he was raised by a nun, but the man in front of him taught him how to survive in this world. Taught him how to use a gun.

He was a member of the Church! At the highest level! One of the three strongest existences in the world. One of the Church’s Archbishops. Born from a vampire hunter family, Van Helsing!

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