Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 78


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Unfathomable Doomsday chapter 78, An Irreparable Mistake.

Lucius asked himself. A few years ago, he was incapable of hiding his features as a vampire. Let alone hiding the fact that he was a vampire in front of the experts in vampire hunting. However, the vampire hunter found Lucius and his sister, but he didn’t kill the young vampires. Instead, he helped them. Or… acted like a father figure to the children. 

At first, Lucius was repulsive as he had never liked humans. But the man was patient and stayed with the two, always lending a helping hand at critical times. Lucius also gradually accepted the scruffy man who liked smoking, drinking, and big boobs with a terrible personality. For a few years, Lucius didn’t know his identity. He took Lucius and his sister on trips around the world. It was a hard time, this guy had no job, and loved to gamble everywhere he went. He even took Lucius to pay off his debts a few times when he was chased by debt collectors. 

The casino was a place where all sorts of services were available. When he was young, Lucius’ appearance was seducing and destructive to both women and men. So men and women with peculiar taste would rent him. At that time, Lucius wanted to suck their blood so badly. But every time, at the critical moment, the men came to the rescue, and they escaped. 

So he traveled the world. That time, living and sleeping on the streets or dark alleys were easier for Lucius. Compared to being forced to live in the shadows. It seems like the man had the ability to hide the two young vampires’ identity. 

And after learning that Lucius wanted to have the power to protect his sister, he even taught Lucius how to use a gun and how to fire missiles and fly tanks and planes. It’s true, Lucius had practiced it himself! While they traveled to the war-wracked countries, at night, he actually took Lucius to sneak into military barracks to teach Lucius how to operate tanks and some heavy vehicles. 

The crazy adventure lasted until the day where Lucius’ sister’s vampire bloodline awakened. 

That day… was a day Lucius would never forget. 

The Church’s Exorcists abducted her and brought her to that city. Of course, Lucius wanted to save Ji’er, but he had no power. At that moment, Lucius found out the man’s identity.

An Exorcist…

He took Lucius to the torture chamber, the place where the vampires that were about to send to the stakes were held. Lucius wanted to rush out at that time, but he held Lucius. At that time, he didn’t have the strength to resist. So he could only watch as his sister was burned to ashes by the scorching sun.

On that day, everything was distant to him. Lucius fell into a coma and wakes up to find himself here. Holding a locket containing his sister’s ashes. Lucius knew who had given it to him. 

He had given up on life at that time, but now…

“I should thank you for making me remember these hatreds.” The Yamato Blade on Lucius’ hand reflected the man’s face. “I don’t think you came here just to see me, right? Your Excellency, Van Helsing.”

Vampires and the Church were arch enemies. Even until now, Lucius couldn’t figure out why a vampire hunter would raise two vampire children, even taught them to raise the gun and pull the trigger to kill humans. This man taught him everything. 

“That’s right. I must say, you disappointed me, Junior.” Van Helsing inhaled an unknown brand of cheap cigarettes. The smoke lingered around the room, his eyes under the hat brim locked gaze with Lucius. 

Disappointed? Because what I’ve done? 

Lucius was now mankind’s greatest enemy. The man whom all humans cursed and loathed, the man they wanted to kill, the man who had plunged the world into living hell. 

As an Exorcist whose job was to maintain order and dispel evil, what Lucius had done over the years must have made him regretful. After all, no one but him taught a human how to kill. 

Of course, he must be regretting it. 

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what I did.” Lucius’s hand tightened its grip on the blade. Maintaining an act of vigilance, facing this man, Lucius felt a tremendous pressure in his heart.

“No! It’s wrong! Big mistake! Are you still not sorry for what you did, Junior?!” Van Helsing’s speaking tone gradually became charged with an inexplicable oppressive force.

“Hahahaha. I’m sorry, Your Excellency Van Helsing. I’m so sorry, I’m no longer that little kid who you can bully freely.” 

Lucius still remembered when this man sold him in the casino to settle his debts. It was Lucius’ worst memory, something that was buried inside his mind and absolutely he won’t talk about. 

“You’re handsome now that you’ve grown. But you were cuter when you were a teenager. But Junior, you still hadn’t repented the mistakes you made when you were kid, right?”

Mistakes he made as a kid? Lucius was stunned. Maybe he hated humans when he was younger, but he didn’t remember to reach that level of hatred. Even he was afraid of humans. So…what was this ‘mistake’ about? 

“Your taste in women! Women!” Van Helsing’s originally oppressive tone suddenly became somewhat frivolous. He looked at Lucius with an incredulous look. “It’s fine if you’re into flat lolis when you’re younger. But this? What’s with the nekomimi maid? Even her chest is completely flat!” 

“……. “Lucius suddenly realized that this man hadn’t changed a bit. A high priest and praised Archbishop, was gesturing with his hand on top of his chest like a perverted uncle. 

“For God’s sake. How many years have I taught you that women need to be full forward and backward to be considered women? Women with big breasts are the best! After all these years, you haven’t felt the charm of a mature woman yet?” An inappropriate smirk appeared on Van Helsing’s face. “Real men like big boobs! The ones that can grasp with your hand! There’s no good in liking flat boobs! Your lolicon fetish is wrong! Junior, if you want to become a real man, you have to know a mature woman’s charm!” 


The luster on Yamato Blade flashed again, cutting off the cigarette butt on Van Helsing’s mouth again. His rambling rampant came to an abrupt end. 

“Your Excellency Van Helsing, if you’re here to fill my head with your trashy view of life that was so twisted you can’t even tell what’s right or wrong, please stop.” He was the only human Lucius had no choice but bear himself to talk with. “Tell me, on what purpose did the Church send you? Tell me quickly before I lose my patience and kill you, Monsignor Van Helsing.” 

Van Helsing threw the cigarette in his mouth to the ground. After a moment of silence, his trench coat fluttered. Took a silver-plated revolver in his hand, he aimed at Lucius. 

“Of course, it’s to kill the vampire Lucius F. Alucard who bears the sins of the world!” 

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