Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 79


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 79, Vampire Hunter.

Wait… So that means…

The moment Van Helsing raised his gun and pointed it at Lucius, he stretched his hand and rhythmically moved his fingers. A pungent smell of blood filled the ground beneath Van Helsing.

Skill… Blood Plague!

The boiling blood engulfed Van Helsing like a fierce beast. It wasn’t over yet… Lucius controlled the blood rhythm trajectory, his hand moved slightly upwards, like a conductor of a classical music concert. The blood began to move with Lucius’s will. The blood engulfing Van Helsing suddenly grew into millions of sharp spikes, fiercely stabbed Van Helsing inside it.

Finally, Lucius clenched his hands into a fist, and the blood tide burst open, staining the windows with blood. After drenched in the blood, a strange force corroded them. The metal sizzled and evaporated, filling the air with a dreary, sickening stench.

But even with all the damage caused by Lucius, the man was unharmed. Because right now, he had aimed the gun against Lucius’ forehead.

When? Lucius couldn’t capture his movement. Just now, he saw Van Helsing was being swallowed by Blood Plague. But it seemed like he had dodged the blood spikes.

How troublesome! The blade of Yamato Blade in Lucius’ hand slashed towards Van Helsing’s waist.

“Stop moving…” Van Helsing stretched out one of his arms and actually used it to block the attack.


Lucius had lost count on how many times he had a gun pointed to his head. Ordinary guns can’t kill him. Lucius’ hand holding the hilt changed its trajectory, changing from a swinging slash to a smooth slash. But…

“The gun pointing at you right now was loaded with Zero Bullets. Junior, I told you about this bullet, right?”

Lucius froze. Cold aura from the muzzle of the gun touched his forehead. It wasn’t from the metal, but a deeper existence. Only now did Lucius get a good look at the silver-plated revolver. From the outside, it looked like an ordinary Magnum Revolver. But the light gray mark was engraved on its surface. Van Helsing loaded the gun, the cylinder spin as the bullets were reloaded.

What made Lucius hesitate was the loaded bullets inside the revolver. Van Helsing had told Lucius once. These bullets were specially made for killing vampires. Lucius had no idea about the man’s past. But he must have some sort of connection with the vampire who had the same power as him, the one that bears the name of Alucard. Or, in other words, an immortal being who also had the Dead River ability. Van Helsing must have known this man! That’s why he had a weapon to deal with him—the only five bullets left in the world. No more, no less, just enough to fully reload a revolver.

The ‘Zero Bullets’ was a bullet that can’t kill any life. But for the life that it’s hit, it was more terrifying than death. Just like its name, it brings everything to zero. Wiping out an existence. It was the bullet’s specialty. After being shot with this bullet, the being’s existence would completely disappear from this world. If his existence was going to be erased, even a thousand lives couldn’t save him. As far as he knows, the man only had 2 remaining bullets. He had no idea about the rest of the three.


A flesh cutting sound was heard. Lucius’ scarlet eyes were emotionless as he cut off Van Helsing’s hand, holding the revolver against his head with Yamato Blade after sharpening it with the power of infused blood.

“Sorry, Sir Van Helsing. Even if it’s real, I wouldn’t believe it.”

“Ouch, ouch ouch! It hurts! You really did it! Did it!!” Van Helsing stepped backward, holding his bloody arms. After which, he seemed to have noticed something, “Whatever. It seems today is a bad time to fight!” Van Helsing gestured to Lucius with his other intact hand.

“Junior, the next time we met, I will actually kill you. So, don’t disappoint me!”

Afterward, Van Helsing’s black trench coat blended into the night, the golden cross hanging from his chest glimmered as he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

After Van Helsing disappeared, the door behind Lucius was suddenly blown open!

“Master!” Arthas ran in with Frostmourne, looking at the devastated room…

“It’s nothing.” Lucius had no intention of going after Van Helsing. He sheathed the Yamato Blade. “Tell the others that we’re moving to a different temporary residence…”

“Understood… “Arthas left silently after seeing that Lucius was unharmed.

Compared to that perverted uncle who did everything he pleased, he had to say that this kind of servant saved Lucius’s mind from worries.

“The ‘Zero Bullet??” Lucius half crouched down and looked at the revolver held in Van Helsing’s severed arm. After picking up the revolver, he took out its content. There was only one bullet, but it wasn’t a bullet, but a strange object.

Lucius pondered the item hidden inside the revolver. It was golden, having the outline of a key.

What a familiar shape. Lucius glanced at the table. Van Helsing didn’t even take the stone that emitted an azure glow! Doesn’t the church need this? Of course not. But why didn’t he, as the Archbishop, brought this along with him? With his ability, snatching this stone would be easy.

Not only did he bring it along with him, but he also sent a key that could unlock it.

What the hell are you trying to do?

Lucius picked up the stone on the table, compared the notches, and found that they were exactly the same…

This meant that Lucius was able to awaken the powerful creature sleeping in it.

This would only make Lucius stronger…


“Be stronger a little bit more.” Van Helsing walked amidst the ruined buildings. The cold wind blew up his black trench coat, revealing a new arm had grown out from the cut. Van Helsing used the newly grown arm to hold his hat up against the brim. Looking up at the gray clouds covering the sky.

“So that you’re worthy of the name Alucard. Lucius F. Alucard.”

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