Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 80


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Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 80, Vatican.

The division between the light and darkness became blurred after Judgement Day. The world was stained gray ever since, no longer black and white.

The only place that remained untouched with gray was probably the believer’s sanctuary. A country called the Vatican. The neighboring countries of Italy were all affected by the nuclear bomb. But this city hadn’t suffered any damage. As if a mysterious force sheltered the city.

Radiation and viruses were humans’ enemies.  As if human’s lives on Earth escalated from easy to ‘nightmare’ mode. But none of this was seen in the Vatican. So the believers went crazy for a pilgrimage. They called it to pilgrimage, but frankly, they’re just going for refuge.

But the city’s size was small. It couldn’t accommodate every survivor from Italy, not to mention the whole world. So the faithless atheist was excluded, so was the Church of England’s Puritans and Orthodox in Russia. Only those who believed in God’s Glory and presented themselves, body and soul, were allowed to enter the holy city.

But this nonsense ends today. Van Helsing adjusted the brim of his hat and walked on the dusty streets. Although he was the Church’s Archbishop,

“I won’t admit a child as a God.” Putting back the cross inside his collar, “If it’s a pretty woman with 36D size, maybe I’ll reconsider. But she has to be pretty so I’d fall for her. But that’s not going to happen, is it?”

The street eventually came to an end. An iron gate appeared in front of him. This was a war outpost built by Italy and the Vatican. Many rotting corpses piled up near the gate, giving the gray world a scarlet hue. In front of the gate was a gathering area of the inhabitants as well as the residence of the so-called civilians unrecognized by Gods. Inside the gate was the Vatican City. Before entering the city, one must go through an inspection.

“Who is it?” Perhaps it’s been too long since the soldier had seen a living person standing in this iron gate doorway. Yet, he looked a little nervous at the figure standing below.

“Hello, brother.” Van Helsing raised the brim of his hat to look at the soldier above him with a gun pointed at him, his cigarette unlit and shaking, “Can I borrow a lighter?”

“Archbishop…Archbishop Van Helsing?!” Obviously, the soldier was well aware of this chieftain-level figure in the Church.

“Open the door!”

The iron gate opened slowly with a decaying creak. Van Helsing once again moved forward inside while his eyes scanned the streets around him. Some ragged, shaggy figures shifted in shades of gray. Van Helsing couldn’t even see the fear in their eyes, but more of numbness or despair. Being tormented by fear and hunger for a long time had made them lose their mind.

This world was too depressing, and a few soldiers were disposing of some dead bodies that looked like they had committed suicide. It’s probably better off to die than living in a world that was like hell. Way too much to do, Junior.

Van Helsing lowered the brim of his hand and quickened his pace, making the cross hung around his neck rattled. Then the nauseating dull air suddenly changed. The gray sky turned into clear azure. There seemed to be some flicker of light somewhere in the sky.


It was the town square, the surrounding area feels like it was from the last century. Figures of monks and nuns donned in black uniform passing by. None of them stopped and lingered. After all, this was no ordinary time. If they stopped, it was mostly in front of the tall Obelisk standing in the center of the square. Some people wore unmatching clothing with the ambiance kneeling in front of it, praying.

“Thank God…”

They were civilians sheltered by the Church. The life inside the city was far different from the outside world.

“Thank God…” Van Helsing stopped and drew his cross. It was something every clergyman had to do upon returning here. It was said that God created this monument, it was from here that the Holy Light spread from the city. And this is the Vatican City.

“His Excellency Van Helsing…”

After Van Helsing had finished his prayer, a monk came quickly to the side.

“Please take a trip to the cathedral, the council has already begun, and you’re already ten minutes late.” He lowered his own head, not daring to look directly at Van Helsing as the Church was a hierarchical organization.

“Ahahahahaha… I just went out for a walk, sorry, sorry… I’ll be right there.”

Van Helsing completely lacked the character that a clergyman should have. He smoked, drank, gambled, and got on with girls. His entertainment every night was worse than any rich playboy. As a clergyman who took the precepts as his code of action, Van Helsing was not qualified at all. Yet, he was appointed an archbishop. It was not about faith. The gods recognized him as an archbishop, so he became one.

After Van Helsing dismissed the monk, he circled around the monument. He crossed his fingers…before looking at the azure sky. “This false scenery… will come to an end.”

Making a pistol gesture with his fingers, Van Helsing ‘shot’ at the Obelisk before rushing towards the most magnificent building in the entire Vatican City, the Cathedral.

Van Helsing stretched out his hand to push open the door. At the moment he pushed it open, he heard the angry roar of a man.

“What did you say? The sealed casket has been taken! Damn it!”

“My apologies, Archbishop! My apologies!”

In the hall, the statue of an angel was the most conspicuous thing. The other more conspicuous thing was probably a white-haired middle-aged man in a red papal robe grabbing a man in a monk’s robe and roaring.

“Archbishop Belial. As a clergyman, please treat people more gently.” Van Helsing walked into the Church and took off his hat…and looked derisively at the middle-aged man who was ranting about something.

“Van Helsing…” he let go of the already frightened monk and angrily looked at Van Helsing, “I shouldn’t have believed you in the first place! Damn private mercenary escort for secrecy! How do I explain this to the Pope now?!”

“How do you explain it?” After thinking about it, Van Helsing suddenly made a very gentleman aristocratic salute, like the best playwright. He said in a loud voice, “How about explaining it this way…”

“Let’s just say… the energy of the Darkness-Defying Wall is nearing exhaustion, and the spare energy is being snatched by unknown evil men. And after three days, the Vatican’s holy light will be eroded by the filth of the outside world, and darkness will envelop the light! But don’t worry, Your Holiness, our brave Archbishop Belial will risk his life to protect you from falling into darkness! Everything will be back to normal…”

“How could it return to normal?! Why didn’t God notice your foolishness and make you Archbishop?! Damn it! It’s all your fault!!” Belial badly wanted to smack this guy. “And don’t treat our Lord Pope like a child!”

“It’s a shame, His Eminence Belial.” Van Helsing wore his cowboy hat back on his head, “Our Lord Pope has only just turned eleven this year, and is indeed a child who has yet to reach adulthood.”

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