Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 81


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 81, Crusade On The Demon Lord.

“Hey! Watch your language!”

Belial was a man who had held the Archbishop position for so long. He had dedicated his body and mind to it. He never became a frivolous man like Van Helsing.

“We should be discussing what we should do after the Darkness-Defying Wall’s effects fade in three days, right?”

Van Helsing didn’t want to argue about decency with this strict man.

“What else can we do? The backup energy was snatched by that little devil who tarnished God’s Glory! We only have to lead an expedition force to purify that vampire!”

“Snatched?” Van Helsing showed a surprised expression. “By that little devil?”

“He’s just a puny little vampire!”

“A puny little vampire? But Your Excellency Belial, did you forget? This puny little vampire was the one who drove humans to almost extinction.”

“That’s the stupidity of humans!” Belial finally spoke his innermost thoughts, “Those rebels! Faithless! Humans who had no faith, who only knew how to fight against their own kind, Who was eventually exploited by that vampire and broken down one by one! God has no mercy on them, and now they’ve tasted that pain, so…it’s time to make that vampire pay! Now is the time for a crusade…”

As soon as Belial’s voice trailed off, the door was pushed open again. “I agree with His Excellency Belial!” A young man appeared from the doorway, wearing a black military uniform with a slightly childish look. The military uniform he was wearing belonged to the collapsed country of the New Federation of China.

This was the new president of that country, Su Mingye.

“That vampire must be sanctioned!” From his name, one could tell what his relationship was with the last president. “This is what we have come to the Vatican for! Crush that vampire and send him to the stake!”

The New Federation of China only has two A ranked Espers left. This young man, and the other one…

He was going for revenge for his father’s sake.

“This is our only chance!”

Behind the door, people in different clothing suddenly entered. Most of them are wearing military uniforms. The Vatican made an exception for these diplomats from the remaining country who had come here for a long-planned event.

They didn’t believe in God. Most of them were Espers from hostile countries. The hatred circled around the nations made them turn a blind eye to others’ destruction. It wasn’t until they realized that the calamity had spread to the border of their own countries, getting out of control, that they realized they were wrong!

Now, there was no more reason for them to continue fighting. Survival is their top priority.

Van Helsing sensed around a dozen of Espers, all of which A-ranked, had gathered here from various countries worldwide. They sought only one thing.


To take revenge on their fallen comrades, to the vampire who had claimed billions of human lives!

This was a Crusade! A holy war to decide mankind’s fate!

Van Helsing walked out of the church door and saw that suddenly thousands of soldiers stood outside the door. Wearing medieval knight’s armor, swords in their hands, and helmets emblemed with a cross.

The Crusade Army…

The Church’s exclusive army, they were one of the world’s strongest armies in ancient times. And now, they remain the same. Their iron hooves had trod over half of Europe, fighting evil wherever they went. For the sake of their beliefs, they bravely used their flesh and blood to resist the enemy’s blade and live for war!

“A crusade…war?” After that, Van Helsing muttered, “While I don’t object to your opinion…”

Van Helsing glanced at the terrified civilians behind the murderous Crusade Army.

“If we leave the Vatican to wage a crusade against the vampire, this place will be turned into a sea of blood in case the enemy gets in.”

“Enemy?” Belial came out of the Church, “Do you mean those filths who had fallen into darkness?! That’s what you meant? It’s impossible to break into this city!”

As if retorting Belial’s words, a dragon’s roar was heard.

The people who had experienced Frozen Hell knew what this meant.

She’s coming!!

Everyone raised their head to look at the sky. The sky looked as if it was about to break apart. A huge skeleton dragon whose flesh and blood decayed circled in the sky.

The crowd was panicked. As the dragon roared furiously, it spat out an icy blue breath from its mouth. The coldness of the dragon’s breath could be felt by everyone on the ground. But… the dragon’s breath didn’t freeze the square below.

A golden translucent barrier appeared in the sky, melting away the dragon’s breath. Annoyed, the skeleton tore the barrier with its sharp claws, but the barrier was unscathed.

The panicked crowds were relieved as the skeleton dragon now looks like a silly clown. Roaring and stroke the barrier with its claws. But without avail.

Darkness was repelled by the wall…

The crowds saw there’s hope and fell to their knees to thank God.

“Do you see that?” Belial spoke in front of the people, “This is God’s power! No filthy creature of darkness could break through the wall! Now is the last chance to defeat the demon! Unleash your hatred upon that creature!”

Maybe the representatives of the countries were enemies, but they had a common purpose. That is, to destroy Lucius! The man that destroyed their homeland!

“Van Helsing! You’re the one who can really kill that vampire!” Belial stared at Van Helsing, who seemed a little bit distracted, “This is not a joke! The world’s fate is at stake.”

“Then what are you going to do? There are some tough guys around that little vampire, aren’t there?”

“I’ll draw them away to isolate that vampire! And then you can kill him!”

Isolate …?

Van Helsing heard the term and suddenly remembered the Demon Lord RPG game he used to play. The protagonist’s team will first defeat the Demon Lord’s subordinate. After all hardship, they would go to the Demon Lord’s castle to defeat the Demon Lord sitting on the throne, alone.

What a perfect scenario.

But in reality, will it really be like the game?

Surely it would. After all, Van Helsing knew Lucius’ character. He’s like a Demon Lord ordering his men to destroy the last human cities!

The Crusade has begun!

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