Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 95


The forest was so large that it had no edges.

In the middle of the forest, a huge creature was emitting a dangerous low roar.

The creature’s jet-black shell reflects the sunlight, and its huge size made it look like a heavily armed moving fortress.

But against the towering trees that surrounded it made it appear tiny. The one standing in front of the creature was even smaller. 

“Get out of the way, don’t you hear me?” With long black hair flowing in the wind, a pair of violet eyes showing annoyed expression. A 15-years old girl stood in front of this behemoth. Capable of devouring her in a single bite.

“Roar…” The behemoth was overwhelmingly fearless, probably because the young girl’s appearance in front of it was too unintimidating.

She looked at the behemoth’s resolute refusal to back down and softly sighed…..

“That stupid woman told me no violence was allowed…” she rubbed her hands as if she had become serious. Her eyes brightened, “But there’s no one else around here, so there’s nothing wrong with playing with you.”


The behemoth seemed to understand human language as it roared once more. 

The girl seemed to have sensed something and lunged at the beast. The behemoth lay on all fours and maintained its attacking stance, but the strength of the girl in front of it was too much!

She kicked the beast hard in the face, knocking its massive body to the side!

“Ho!” The giant beast roared with rage, but ……

“Get down!” Her lazy voice suddenly became oppressive. The behemoth also felt the danger. Lying down, her hands covering her head.

The densely packed leaves suddenly scattered down, and the sunlight that came into the forest through the leaves canopy suddenly brightened.

At the same time, there was an explosion, shaking the ground. Dirt splashed everywhere. After that, the forest returned to its former quiet state. 

After sensing there’s no more movement, the young girl crouching down the ground in a defensive state opened her eyes.

Her violet eyes scanned the surroundings. Finally, she saw a smoking hole right in front of her. 

“Uuuu…..” The behemoth let out a fearful whimper. 

“Why don’t you run if you’re that scared?” At the maiden’s warning, the behemoth ran straight into the depth of the forest. 

Her curiosity drove her to the edge of the hole and peeked to see what was inside. 

Man… human?! Her eyes widened as she leaped off from the edge, landing lightly on the bottom of the hole.

Calming her breath, she placed her fingers on the man’s nose. After feeling his faint breath, she easily lifted off the grown man’s body and leaped off the hole. 

Where did this man come from? She looked at the gaping hole revealed between the tree canopy, bright sunlight scattered down the canopy, with an azure sky emerging behind. 

Did he fall from the sky?

A human in the sky? 

Could it be he was someone from the ‘Council’? 

She hesitated. They were the reason why she and that stupid woman hide here. They were running away from them.

But if this man was a member of the ‘Council’… She shook her head, scared of the possibilities. 

But he’s hurt, if she left him here, he’d certainly perish, right? She was aware that this man was hurt.

Taking another look at the man, she was stunned. The man’s blood made her violet eyes turn red. Covering her mouth, she didn’t have time to think about it anymore! 

Picking up the tall man in her arms, she headed towards the depth of the forest. Even when carrying someone taller than her, she could smoothly move through the forest. 

That stupid woman would know what to do with him anyway! 


There was a cave on the outskirts of the forest. After crossing the forest, man-made farmland and orchard were visible. 

It was a small voyage, the pedestrians on the road greeted her when they saw her, but she didn’t respond. 

At the edge of the village, there was a church-like building carved with winged flying dragons. Inside, there was a faint piano sound. 

“Oi!!” She banged the door violently. 

The soft piano tones and singing voice suddenly stopped. 

“What’s wrong, Naiya? Did something bad happen? You don’t look good.” 

The soft voice was like singing a lullaby. Inside the church, a woman in a silver gown was sitting in front of the piano. Surrounded by young children who were terrified at the figure who had stormed into the building. 

Naiya was the girl’s name. 

“Muccia! Someone is wounded!” She held up the unconscious man in her arms.

Realizing the situation, the woman stood up and dispatched the small children next to her. “You kids go and play outside! Be back before dinner, okay?”


The children all obeyed the woman’s instruction and stormed out of the room. Leaving the two of them alone. 

“Well, well, as expected from my Naiya. I told you to find something amazing, and you came back this early.” 

The woman named Muccia seemed to be the church owner, but she didn’t have a nun’s dull and boring appearance.

What’s impressive from her was the size of her breast that would make any woman envious. 

“The last time you told me to go to the forest to collect the medicine! This time, it’s a living human!”

“There’s… no difference, I guess.” 

No… difference? Naiya’s eyebrow furrowed. After looking at the older woman’s naive expression, she remained silent. 

That’s right, in this stupid woman’s eyes, all life was equal. 

“Well, this gentleman’s injury is rather serious. Go to my room. I can’t heal him here.” 

She had no sense of urgency or reliability. 

Naiya was used to her goofy style and silently obeyed. Then, she remembered something.

“Wait, it’s only noon, right?” 

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s not even lunch… yet. But you told those adopted kids to wait for dinner.” Naiya felt the urge to tease her adoptive mother. 

“Ah… I forgot!” She only realized. Quickening her pace towards the kitchen, “I have to make lunch first. The children will starve.”

“Don’t you have someone to save over here? Here’s dying!” 

The anger rising in Naiya’s heart dissipated upon seeing Muccia’s ‘innocent’ smile. There’s no point in getting angry at a stupid person, no matter what. 

“There’s no need for that.” Muccia turned around and walked in the opposite direction. And also instructed Naiya, “His wounds are all healed.” 

All…healed? Are you kidding? He was on the verge of death when I found him! 

Looking down at the man in her arms….

Is it really…healing? Although she couldn’t believe it, it was the truth. All of his wounds were healed, replaced by the skin so pale he looked sick. 

How could that happen?! 

“Well, Naiya, you’ve picked something powerful today. Hmm.. let him sleep in my room first. And Naiya, will you keep an eye on him for me?” Right now, Muccia’s innocent smile disappeared. Instead, a palpitating aura came from within the woman. She wasn’t as simple as she looked on the surface. 

“If he turns out to be someone from the ‘Council’… Naiya, you know what to do!” 

The voice filled with murderous intent lasted for a few seconds. 

“Whoops..” It turned into a soft sigh. 

Naiya used her free hand to cover her eyes while looking at the fool who fell to the ground. 

Don’t walk backward if your reflexes are dull! How many times did I tell you?! Can’t you learn something by now?! 

“I’ll head to your room first then.”

“Okay, just go…” Said dizzied Muccia. 

Naiya hugged the cold body in her arms and walked towards the room at the end of the corridor. 

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