Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 96




In a trance, Lucius reached out his hand to hold something. But in the darkness, everything was in complete disarray!

[The host has successfully moved to the second world. The system detected that this world is two levels higher than the previous one, so an extermination scheme has been updated. Please choose a suitable time to open it.]

A cold machine voice emerged from the darkness.

An illusion?

However, he was already in another world. Although he had no concept of world levels in his head, two levels ahead meant this world’s top battle power was much higher than the previous one. Lucius never underestimated an enemy, never.

After processing the system’s notification, Lucius slowly opened his eyes. The moment his eyesight returned, he was greeted by a pair of violet eyes.


“Uwaaa!!!” Along with the squeak, the violet eyes backed away.

Just now, Lucius could feel the breath of the starry eyes’ owner. Which means they were close! Too close! After they locked their gaze, it was Lucius who was frozen now.

“You’re awake now?” Calming her emotion, she was foolishly looking at Lucius’ sleeping face. His appearance was lethal to Naiya, who had been isolated in such a small village. No, in fact, to any female.

“……” Lucius kept silent and gazing at her.

“Hey, why don’t you say something?”

Naiya was feeling uncomfortable with Lucius’s direct gaze. But she didn’t let her guard down in front of the man falling from the sky.

Because if he hadn’t fallen down from an airship crash, then the only possibility was he was someone from the ‘Council.’

Judging from the man’s excellent regenerative healing speed, it’s likely he was a subordinate of the ‘Council.’ After all, it was an organization that affected the entire world, a place where the Saints gathered.

Was this man…also a Saint?

“Sorry…” Lucius covered his forehead, looked down at the soft cotton blanket wrapped around him. He was saved by someone? He still felt dizzy.

The effect of traveling through time and space was too uncomfortable. Lucius glanced at the girl with long jet-black hair, which reminded him of his dead sister. He used to stroke his sister’s hair while she slept.

“You’re an Awakened, right? Where do you come from? Which Order of the Empire did you belong to?”

Looking at Lucius’ confused look, Naiya was sure that he wasn’t someone from the ‘Council.’ He behaved differently from the Saints above, who would never say ‘sorry’ like the humans on the ground.

Then it meant he was an Awakened like themselves. Otherwise, his body would be crushed the moment he hit the ground.

An Awakened One? Empire? What kind of world had he come into?

But it didn’t matter. He came here to collect Despair Points. Nothing else mattered. So to collect despair points, Lucius’ golden eyes flickered. Once again, he locked eyes with the girl.

“Tell me… where is this place?” Lucius spoke in a beautiful rhythm. As a vampire, his specialty was seducing humans.

Now, he had the ability to possess a human’s soul just from eye contact. Temporarily controlling them the way he wants. This was the ‘Magic Eye.’

“Sorry, I can’t tell you the truth right now. But if you drink this, we’ll send you to a safe city.” Naiya became uncomfortable again after Lucius’ gaze, especially with his aggressive look.  She took out a glass bottle with a purple liquid inside and shook it.

Is it ineffective?

What kind of world was this?

As a vampire, Lucius was able to detect a human by their appearance alone. And whether he could enjoy their blood slowly, or as trash that he should quickly dispose of. This also allowed Lucius to see the power of any life form at a glance.

Without a doubt, if the young girl in front of him was a human, her blood would definitely be a treasure that was so delicious that he needed to collect it. That was on the premise if she was a human.

Indeed, Naiya possessed a portion of human blood. But the problem was that her blood wasn’t pure and mixed with many impurities, just like a witch’s crucible. It was chaotic.

A chaotic bloodline!

“What if I refuse?” Lucius stepped out of bed, not about to accept the stranger’s strange potion.

“Even if you’re a knight of the Empire. Don’t even think of stepping half a step out of here!” Naiya looked at Lucius’s somewhat tattered exorcist clothing, wondering when it had become brand new.

She was confused, but that didn’t avert her attention. Lucius was taller than Naiya. She stood up and stopped him.

“Don’t take half a step? You mean, you want to kill me? An ignorant traveler who just woke up? The customs of this place sure is something.”

Ignorant traveler?

Do you think I’m a kid?! Falling from such height unscathed?!

Naiya noticed the sarcasm from Lucius.

“I’m sorry, I had to confirm certain things… And if you refuse…” One of her hands was holding a small dagger.

Since the girl had drawn her weapon, there was no reason for Lucius to remain silent. Although it was squeaky clean, Lucius could smell blood on the blade.

For someone sensitive to blood, the scent of a dead man’s blood was too noticeable. This small dagger had killed more than a human!

“You’re going to kill me?” Lucius spoke out Naiya’s thoughts.

This world sure is cruel.

Gripping the blade that had protected her life, Naiya looked at the strange man. Wasn’t he afraid? Is he just bluffing? …or, did he have the power to fight back?

She suddenly regretted having saved Lucius. If he resisted, she could just knock him unconscious again and then throw him outside after using this potion to make his memories disappear.

The killing was forbidden since she met that stupid woman!

There was a time where she had to kill someone to survive. But Naiya’s body remembers the feeling. Once again,… that feeling has been triggered!

“Come and try, then.” Lucius spread his hands, exposing the most vulnerable part of him, his heart, “Come. Kill me. It must be hard because you haven’t been drinking blood for a long time, right?”


Naiya fiercely sniffed the scent of blood. Her hands holding the dagger trembled.

A strange fear was rising in her heart after she saw Lucius’ golden eyes dissolve into scarlet!

“Are you scared?” Lucius found that Naiya’s purple eyes had shifted into scarlet!

It’s the instinctive reaction of a monster that feeds on blood and catches a scent of it! She’s thirsty! Hot blood is something she needs to ease her thirst!

“I’m not afraid!” Naiya gritted her teeth, trying to control her senses to answer Lucius.

“Why are you shivering?”

It seemed Lucius had found an interesting toy. Looking at her body, she began to tremble. It appeared he had triggered something within her.

If he could just push her a little further… interesting things would surely happen.

Don’t bloodthirsty monsters hide among the crowd so they could devour more humans? What’s with this shivering like a mortal being?

“Don’t make me…”

Lucius’ scent made Naiya’s blood boil. Looking at Lucius furiously, sometimes, her sharp fangs were visible when she talked.

“Aren’t you going to acknowledge your fear?” Lucius gazed at the trembling dagger. Show me your instincts! Your shivering looked ugly!

“I’m not afraid of anything! I… I will kill you for real.”

The long-lost agitation rose in Naiya’s mind, her violet eyes having been completely taken over by an abnormal scarlet color. It was clear that her monster’s side was gradually eating away at her human sanity. She was afraid…resisting the power she possessed.

“Holding a fearful dagger, but you can’t kill anyone half-heartedly!”

Lucius sensed a homunculus scent in her. She wasn’t pure human! She was half-vampire, half-human. That’s why he thought she would be an interesting toy.

Vampires and humans couldn’t coexist by nature. Vampires were born to devour human blood to keep survive.

The vampire that had committed a forbidden act of intercourse with a human was nothing more than a defective monster!

The half-vampire species shouldn’t exist, but their interesting bloodline in which a predator and prey existence was mixed, allowing them to harmoniously coexist in one body. That was the reason why Lucius thought her bloodline was a complete mess!

For a long time, it seemed that her human side had the upper hand. But in front of a True Ancestor of the Vampire, Lucius, no doubt that her vampire blood was triggered.

The bloodstains on her dagger was from her time as a vampire, right?

“It feels wonderful to kill a life, right? It feels good to have power, doesn’t it? Why would you give up your powerful side?” Lucius’ hand pressed on his chest. “Come and kill me, just like what you did before. Plunge your dagger through the heart of a fragile human body, drink their blood! Think again, to the day when you were finally free.”

Kill him…

Naiya’s breathing suddenly became heavy.

Once upon a time, she had chosen to take the lives of others in order to survive in this world… but it wasn’t until the end that she realized it was merely for the pleasure of killing.

The pleasure of tearing flesh apart, the sweetness of the blood flowing on her tongue turned her on, and how pleasant the sounds of despair and pain that accompanied it were.


Naiya’s vision was dominated by Lucius’s scarlet eyes. Blood began to flow from the ground and the cracks in the walls.

He was tearing his body apart, licking his blood! She could barely contain the rage and excitement in her body. Almost made herself give up on her instinct.

But suddenly…

“Ara, Naiya, didn’t I tell you? Absolutely no violence. That was very rude to this gentleman.”

The soft, gentle voice shattered the bloody scene in Naiya’s head. Everything returned to normal!

Naiya gasped in reaction, sucking in the fresh air to make her head cooler.

Was it just a hallucination? What’s happening to me?

Naiya’s dagger clattered to the ground. A large amount of cold sweat dripped from her forehead as she gazed at Lucius, who was standing nearby, wearing a mysterious smile on his face.

Who the hell was this man?

What a shame, I was so close to meet my own kind.

“Mu..ccia… I…” Naiya helplessly lumped on the ground, sitting. Her eyes turned violet again.

“Rest, Naiya. Can you give her a moment to rest? You can ask me instead.”

Lucius gazed at the adult woman standing in the doorway with an innocent smile.

“Then it will be a problem,” Lucius answered the woman named Muccia with the same smile. He had detected a vague sense of threat from her.

This sense of threat… after possessing the Dead River, the only person who could give him such a sense was Van Helsing. The one that nearly killed him.

Now, Van Helsing had long disappeared from his memory, but this sense of threat triggered his memories within him.

Underneath the woman’s gentle smile, there’s a hidden thing that Lucius couldn’t figure it out. Looking at the half-vampire that got over her monster side and became human, she was definitely an existence he shouldn’t ignore.

The power level of this world seemed to be quite stronger than Earth…

Let’s check it out a little.

Lucius’ hatred for humans had long disappeared since Van Helsing’s death. All he needed now was Despair Points. Instead of torturing humans for revenge, he would torture humans for Depsair Points!

It’s impossible to plunge this world into destruction without understanding it first.

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